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Yeah I have zero issues running them from my Emotiva XPA-2 (w/ MHdt Labs Atlantis & Schiit SYS).
Very interesting.   
I have the Audeze vegan pads and they help, but not enough.Piano black? I don't follow. That's not the color of the cups. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're referring to? They have a purple tint
Just sent mine out to @PETEREK for hardwire and either custom painted cups or 400i cups/headband. I wish there were more examples of custom colored HE-6s as I have no real reference of what I think looks good/bad. I like the idea of the HE-6 driver in a 400i chassis though. Even with the Loab strap and stock headband, I experience continual discomfort.
Unfortunately not. Thought I closed this! Apologies.
  I don't follow? The drivers would not budge from the cups unless I unscrewed them. In your own pic below, the screws appear to have been unscrewed:   So I'm not sure why you're asking why I was using a screwdriver?
The cost really isn't an issue as much as I am curious to why these still sound like the best headphones I've ever heard... They'll definitely go out to HFM for drivers and then to PETEREK for a hardwire and custom paint. I don't plan on getting rid of these for an indefinite period of time.
So when I was doing the bluetac mod I slipped like a complete idiot and put a small puncture/perforation in one of the drivers with a small screwdriver. I guess I don't understand well enough how planars work because everything sounds EXACTLY the same as before, if not better (bluetac mod?). The puncture is near the center and very small, but certainly there. Is it worth sending them to HFM for new driver(s) @ $230? 
Upgrading my DAC and no longer need this guy. Bought directly from Schiit 2 months ago (less than 60hrs on it). Still in excellent condition w/o any scratches or paint chips. Will come in original packaging, everything included. $125 shipped in the US ONLY (Not interested in shipping overseas) PayPal gift or add 3.5% ($129.38) NO TRADES. I'm not interested in anything.
I believe it's... W*X/Y W= watts per channel X= Ohm of amp channel Y= Ohm of headphones So for 200W amp @ 8ohm, you'd be @ 32W into the HE-6 (50ohm). Someone can correct me if I'm totally wrong.
New Posts  All Forums: