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 Just wondering if anyone has a USB Gungnir they're looking to unload!
I love mine as well! Just looking to go with something balanced for a future balanced setup. Or if I like it enough with my newest (incoming amp = La Figaro 339) then I'll keep it!
Yes, it does.
Honest question: I've dropped my HPA-2 down to $225 in the FS forums and continue to not really get any interest. Is my pricing reasonable? Or is this just not a desirable amp at the moment?
One more question! How is the Gen2 USB implementation on the Gungnir compared to my MF VLink 192? Or should I just go with the non-USB version and coax to the Gungnir via the VLink? Is it a $100 different?
I really do like the Gungnir, but the big question I have now is: If wont be running it balanced (La Figaro isn't balanced), then is it still worth it over the DC-1? Yes, I will most likely go balanced in the future, but not sure when.
 Just wanted people's quick opinion: I have $1k to spend on a DAC. Pairing it with a La Figaro 339 and HE-500 (see sig for details).   Options:   Cheap: Emotiva DC-1 - tons of inputs, great reviews, great price ($400 b stock from Emotiva) Less Cheap: Schiit Gungnir - I have a Music Fidelity 24/192 USB/SPDIF converter so I wouldn't need the USB version unless it's $100 more 'worth it'. Least Cheap: Matrix X-Sabre/Yulong DA8 - top of the budget. Would highly prefer not...
Honest question: Why should I buy the Gungnir over the Emotiva DC-1? B Stock DC-1 are at $400 shipped from Emotiva. I have a USB to SPDIF convertor so I don't need the USB version of the Gungnir, but that's still a few hundred more than the Emotiva. I'd be pairing it with a La Figaro 339 and HE-500...
I'm just finishing up this thread... Starting the 6AS7G soon. Newborn + 10hr+ work days limit my time!
Are these a decent substitute for the 5998? Fair price? Be gentle, still learning...
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