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I didn't contact you within 24hrs and that constitutes as no contact? Ok... Thanks for looking.
Just throwing out a feeler for my somewhat recently purchased STA-9. It's a great solid state amp that has a hint of tube sound to its sonic signature. I currently use it with my Philharmonic BMRs and it handles them effortlessly. I'm just looking to move on to a different speaker set up with high efficiency drivers and a low watt tube amp. Black chassis Purchased from Amazon on 10/28/16 Specs: Single End Class A + D amplifier design Bridgeable allowing switch between...
Just seeing whats currently available. Must be price less than a factory refurbed $330/shipped Oppodirect option. I'm not picky about color.
This is an interest check for my HE-6's which have had some major mods done to them (and look like it accordingly). Like anything used, there's good and bad.    Bad:  I sent these to a well known modifier here on HF to have him perform dampening mods and re-paint the cups. Unfortunately he had a ton of issues with the painting and the color I requested wasn't a viable option, so I settled on black. I've seen his other work and it has been great, but the cups leave a lot...
Looking for a spare pair for my HE-6. Let me know if you have anything available.
I'm moving on to the land of vinyl and no longer use the Atlantis. Instead of packing it up and sitting on it for awhile, I figure it's more valuable to someone else. Originally purchased from member @LuckBad, it comes with fitted with a GE Triple Mica (5 star white) and the stock tube. Also comes with stock power cable and USB cord. It's still in perfect condition with no scuffs or signs of use. NO TRADES Not willing to ship outside US unless buyer agrees to cover all...
Yeah I have zero issues running them from my Emotiva XPA-2 (w/ MHdt Labs Atlantis & Schiit SYS).
Very interesting.   
I have the Audeze vegan pads and they help, but not enough.Piano black? I don't follow. That's not the color of the cups. Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're referring to? They have a purple tint
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