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I turn the knobs all the way up and adjust volume VIA my Emotiva DC-1 DAC. I prefer it personally. But that's just through my setup where I can control volume on through the DAC and AMP.
It's tough to say after spending awhile with them. They seem less and less veiled every day, but that may be mental 'burn in'. That being said, I find myself loving them more and more by the day. Maybe a solid state amp on the brighter side would pair very well with them (Schiit Mjolnir, Bryston, etc)? I am running them through a tube amp (albeit very neutral sounding). I've never heard them through anything else.
Initial out of the box impressions: I like them. They seem to be a better, more refined version of my FXZ200. They sound good amped through the E17, but not great. A/B'ing them to my FXZ200 and CKS77, they are the clear winner (not burned in). I've already made some cable inquiries as I feel like these will be keepers until I decide to go CIEM or something like the UM Merlin/Shure SE846. Before that I'm going to go with a better portable AMP/DAC...   What do you guys...
I have enough $1k+ headphones for the time being (both my current ones are w/ sales tax/shipping)! But I definitely want some in the future. I struggle constantly with finding the right IEM so a CIEM will probably be next on my list.
This hobby is most certainly an addiction.   Going on a trip Wednesday morning, so naturally I had to overnight some new FX850 (and a FiiO E17 ). One of these days I'll reign in my audio purchases, but apparently not this week. Very excited for these as I've struggled to find a decent IEM that checked all the boxes (soundstage, COMFORT, bass, etc etc).
I'm perpetually poor! My setup right now with the HE-560 and Enigma is much better than my previous setups. I'm looking to upgrade my DAC, but that's about it. I just can't help myself, but... the LCD2.2 is nowhere near the HE-560, or HD800. If the LCD2.2 went down to $400USD, I'd get another one.   For metal, the HE-560 is amazing. Super fast, tight, etc. Just my .02
A bit smoother than stock IMO. But that could be placebo effect for sure. It's ergonomically superior though, no doubt. Norne does great stuff and if I go balanced (inevitable), I'll go back to them for it. I've mentioned a couple times in this thread, I don't get aftermarket cables for sound, but for useability/ergonomics. Trevor makes very aesthetically pleasing cables to top it off IMO too...
Where? I couldn't find it! PM if need be ;)
Hey man, it is what it is. Just throwing out what I'm listening to.   I haven't been searching for new music and these guys came up on Spotify. I haven't found anything loseless yet unfortunately. If I find it, I can PM you. Here's a link to the rest of the 'documentary' :   I'm making my way through this thread slowly, but I'm definitely enjoying it thus far.
First time in this thread... Is this a friendly thread?   My go to gym playlist includes a lot of these guys. No idea what 'subgenre' they fall into though.. they consider themselves 'Progressive Metalcore' ...       Oh yeah, this is not an 'official' video. Its a compilation of clips from multiple recording sessions.
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