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I should note that I'm having pretty bad fitment issues with my left ear. The JVC 850 tips minimize it, but it's still present. Guess I've never noticed it before...
Tips have made a huge amount of difference so far. I even used my 850 tips! I'm constantly tweaking looking for that Goldilocks zone.
So... initial impressions. It's only been an hour or so of listening, so take my opinion with a grain of salt.   The ASG2.5 is a superior IEM to the FX850. That much is pretty obvious at first listen. But nothing in audio is that simple. There are far too many variables. For instance: I do not immediately feel like these are $699 'good'. On the other hand, there is a lot of factors that have contributed to that initial insertion. They appear to lack a 'sparkle' in the...
I'm going to plead the fifth.   Cost is relative, but it was by far the most expensive component in my system (aside from the 70" TV). It was far more expensive than any of my headphones, but more rewarding. I've moved all my 'forum activity' over to AVSforum under the same handle. PM me with any questions. We'll try to keep this thread about IEMs
Too late tonight, but will check it out tomorrow. I'm actually having another one built soon because... room nulls and evening out frequency response... yeah, that's it. Totally necessary   ASG2.5's show up tomorrow and I'll put them through a workout and report initial impressions vs the 850 and FXZ200. I promised myself I'd stay out of the headphone game after going with speakers... oh well. This place is an incurable addiction.
So Hawaii, just put on 'On My Level' in my theater room... You aren't kidding. I have a custom 18" home theater sub w/ 4000rms watt amp, built in DSP, 70lbs driver, 150lbs total of brutal, tactile bass. It'll dig into the single digits (8Hz) and ~110dB @ 20Hz. Great test track! Here's a pic so I don't have to GTFO
OK just making sure I didn't steal the last pair as Amazon said there was only one left!
Where'd you order your 2.5's from? Mine should be here tomorrow from Amazon, ordered last night.
ASG2.5 ordered thru Amazon Prime so they're going back after a couple weeks of testing vs 850 if I don't love them.
I actually never came around to the sound sig of the 850, regardless of how many times I heard to let it break in (I'm at HUNDREDS of hours easily).   Think I might pull the trigger on the 2.5 ...
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