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Looking to sell my AudioGD 10.33. If you're not familiar with it: Condition: 9/10 - no scratches or dents, like new - will come with factory box, manuals, etc If you bought it new it'd cost ~$680 and shipped from China. I'll cover ground shipment to the U.S. PayPal gift or add 3% PM me with any questions
Buying a house and bought speakers so I need to replenish some funds. Here are the details: S/N 26xxx Have used them for less than 20hrs 9/10 condition. No chips, etc. look perfect Norne Draug2 4pin INCOMING/never used/unopened ($200, $250+ new) Pics when it arrives - 5ft - 4pin Balanced - red/clear, no splitter PayPal gift or add 3% I can cover shipping ground, lower 48.
Very bummed I had to miss this. Something came up this morning that couldn't be avoided/ignored... I'll be on the lookout for other meets in the area though.
Yes! Great combo. I'm now using my 10.33 with my HD800. Waiting on a balanced cable. The amp really wakes up in balanced mode.
Oh I definitely need to visit your table! I'm desperate to hear my/the HD800 with the Taurus. Its on my short list of amps (Taurus, Ragnorak, Master 9)
Finally back in the HD800 world. I originally had the HD800 with PS Audio DLIII + V200 and I thought that was amazing. Had to sell it, blah blah. Got back into the game with a lot of other HP's, ie LCD2.2, HE-500, HE-560, LFF Enigmas, Sig Pro, etc etc. Many different amps and DACs...    Now I'm running a AudioGD 10.33 (dual WM1874) single ended into my new HD800 and they sound better than ever. Norne Draug2 on order which will allow me to run the amp section balanced...
Not sure how I missed that... Regardless, the Rag/Yggy seem like the setup I'll end up with. Continuing to hear great things about them both. Any potential pricing updates on the Yggy? I'm still catching up on the Rag/Yggy thread.
Does anyone wish to comment on the WM8741 chip? I never really here about it (probably for a reason), but I've loved the dual set in my AGD 10.33 so far... I just picked up the HD800 and it sounds pretty good so far, waiting on my balanced Draug2 to really comment though.
Up for sale is yet another one of my Norne Audio cables. I used this with my Enigma (which they were perfect with).   6 ft. Vanquish - 4x24awg (7-core) - Litz occ multi-core fusion (28 total dampening cores) Audeze LCD-2/3/X/XC headphone cable options: - Oyaide P285T 1/4" - Splitter option:  None - Sleeving:  Red Highborne Textile   Paypal only. Paypal gift or add 3.5% I can cover shipping.
It's funny... I get many PM's about the 10.33, but I can't get a thread going! I bought it for it's dual Wolfson chips and seemingly powerful, balanced amp. We'll see if there's any synergy, if not, the Rag seems up to the challenge.
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