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Any one else out there pick up one of these bad boys recently? I'm considering getting the HD800 and am very curious how the two will pair.
I have read about their synergy... Is it really that good (in the opinion of those in this HD800 thread)? I have read through the HA200 thread before.
Hence why I recently edited my WTB ad to just include HD800's...   I am really curious how my AMP/DAC will sound with them balanced. Amp puts out plenty of power and the dual Wolfson chips are smooth as butter.
That second pic is legit!   These definitely aren't an easy sell. I just expected I'd have more time with them... A/B'ing them to Alpha Dogs wasn't even fair to the AD's. The Norne cable is light years better than a stock Audeze cable as well IMO. But hey, if anyone reads through the Enigma thread can see these things are very special.
I'm completely conflicted at the moment between the HD800, LCD-3, and HE-6.   HD800: - Had before with V200 = amazing, miss it dearly - Just missed out on insanely cheap Amazon pricing ($980 'Like New')   LCD-3 - Expensive ($1600 used) - Only heard it on TOL rigs (See sig for my current setup ) - WEIGHT (hated my LCD2.2 due to weight)   HE-6 - WEIGHT (sold my HE-500 because insufferable weight) - A/B'd with my old HE-560 (through EF-6), couldn't really decide...
Added larger pics
The pics come up small? Seriously? They look fine to me and I can provide larger pics if necessary.   I'm selling these because I'm buying a house. It is no reflection on how good these are. In fact, it may seem non-sensical, but these things isolate so well that it became a problem for my wife and I when it came to our infant (#babyproblems).
Thanks, I have seen a bunch of ads.I just edited this WTB to HD800 only. I was looking for LCD3 as well originally.
Prefer a copper cable, but willing to hear all offers. Please PM.
My concern is the criticism you faced! I just have a total mixup of CD rips, AAC files, and **** recordings/downloads (completely subpar for my gear).    Anyone have experience with Fidelify ( It's real good IMO. If I bring my laptop, I'll probably just have that up running. Most files run 16/44 320kbs and sound decent. 
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