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Nice vid, but what's the purpose of applying wax using a brush before dipping the impression?
Thanks I guess I'll have to try doing the process with the canal pointing up.
Is there any tricks to getting a uniform coat of wax on the impression? I have tried heating the wax to different temperatures but some parts just hold the wax better and result in a thicker coat.  
Quote:Originally Posted by sanekn  Weird. Is it supposed to sound like this? Both sounds the same. Could you give me some advice?This, you can try using eartips with a small enough diameter to create a seal with the tube then you will get closer to what it should sound like.
Tip of the day: Have good ventilation when working with uv resin (and probably other types of resins) as long term exposure to its vapor can cause illness
I have finished making my first pair with ED29689 but the the right side is much quieter than the left side from 20-1khz, is it possible that I have overheated the driver? The seal is perfect so it is definitely not the seal. 
Have you guys considered tapping into the headphone market?
Thanks FiiO!
My (unrealistic) goal is anything between these 2 curves. Also is there any differences between soldering the cap directly on the driver like the proprietary drivers and connecting them by wires like your design? EDIT: I tried the TWFK without caps and they sound pretty decent, how does adding caps improve the sound? 
What value would be appropriate if I'm using 30017 on its own?
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