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Have you guys considered tapping into the headphone market?
Thanks FiiO!
My (unrealistic) goal is anything between these 2 curves. Also is there any differences between soldering the cap directly on the driver like the proprietary drivers and connecting them by wires like your design? EDIT: I tried the TWFK without caps and they sound pretty decent, how does adding caps improve the sound? 
What value would be appropriate if I'm using 30017 on its own?
Do I need the capacitors if I am only using the TWFK? I think a capacitor is used to connect the positive terminals on the proprietary TWFK that are used in the ue700 and dba02 but what does it do to the sound?
Massdrop username: rekeesmulysa   Sony ma900
1)100,829 2)107,274 3)101,101 
227.3kg 462.9kg 795.4kg
thanks hifiman
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