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By flat response curve I assume you are comparing it to some $1 earbuds?
Nice vid, but what's the purpose of applying wax using a brush before dipping the impression?
Thanks I guess I'll have to try doing the process with the canal pointing up.
Is there any tricks to getting a uniform coat of wax on the impression? I have tried heating the wax to different temperatures but some parts just hold the wax better and result in a thicker coat.  
Quote:Originally Posted by sanekn  Weird. Is it supposed to sound like this? Both sounds the same. Could you give me some advice?This, you can try using eartips with a small enough diameter to create a seal with the tube then you will get closer to what it should sound like.
Tip of the day: Have good ventilation when working with uv resin (and probably other types of resins) as long term exposure to its vapor can cause illness
I have finished making my first pair with ED29689 but the the right side is much quieter than the left side from 20-1khz, is it possible that I have overheated the driver? The seal is perfect so it is definitely not the seal. 
Have you guys considered tapping into the headphone market?
Thanks FiiO!
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