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I have only tried using water-based agar investments and it did get kind of watery(may be improved using different recipe?), if you leave the water in there your shell will end up missing that portion where the water stays, haven't tried wiping it since I wanted to avoid getting dust in the investment. 
I like technical terms especially those used in the industry  
I think the problem is that he is currently placing the lighter side of the cover facing the investment and is reflecting UV light to the top part of the shell, which can be fixed by taping the other side of his cover  
1) 72,784 2) 76,521 3) 75,431
By flat response curve I assume you are comparing it to some $1 earbuds?
Nice vid, but what's the purpose of applying wax using a brush before dipping the impression?
Thanks I guess I'll have to try doing the process with the canal pointing up.
Is there any tricks to getting a uniform coat of wax on the impression? I have tried heating the wax to different temperatures but some parts just hold the wax better and result in a thicker coat.  
Quote:Originally Posted by sanekn  Weird. Is it supposed to sound like this? Both sounds the same. Could you give me some advice?This, you can try using eartips with a small enough diameter to create a seal with the tube then you will get closer to what it should sound like.
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