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227.3kg 462.9kg 795.4kg
thanks hifiman
Well I don't really care about sound quality as I'm going to be eq'ing them according to joe bloggs' tutorial anyway, thats why comfort comes first, but of course it would be easier to have them eq'ed if they have a flatter response.
Most people complainted that the clamping force on the wing design is too weak, I suppose the AD2K is an exception?   Thanks. I hope you can find the perfect headphone by not reading reviews   Speaking of beyers, I do remember reading about some beyers knock offs from takstar, hmm...
This is very helpful.   Do you mind comparing the clamping force of both of them briefly?    How about when the ad700 are on your head? Does it still feels like nothing is on your head? Also could the suspension on the AKG be too strong to cause uncomfort?   Sorry for so much questions all at once.   Thanks.
At the whole area where the earpads make contact with my head, the depth of the earpads is more than enough,   I have tried stretching them by putting a book between the headband, left them in the same position unless when I listen to them for a week, after that I've occasionally stretch the headband so that it is almost straight for 10 seconds each time for 5 times, hoping that it will reduce the clamping force, at first it feels like it worked, but after a while(about...
Thats the point. I feel that they are clamping too hard after 10 minutes or so.
Well I currently own the sennheiser hd555, it is comfortable when I put it on for the first 10 minute or so, then it starts to get uncomfortable, I'm not going into a shop and try each of them for an hour and see if I feel uncomfortable after wearing them for a long time am I?   What you are saying is that all the reviews online are useless?
More opinions needed
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