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I know they're have been meets in the past in Boston, not sure where or who organized them ( never made it to them). We can definitely make it happen. The only thing is to get a room large enough to have a meet with enough power. So we could either have the room donated or raise some money. Depends on how this all will happen. It would be awesome to get the owner of the Audio Lab behind this, that would make it really easier and awesomer overall....  
Feel like my setup is pretty standard. Wish my desk was a little better but hey , what can you do....                   These just make the room :)     
anyone try these at CanJam ? looking forward to some specs, possible price point . Hope they stay the same style. Damn there sexy!
This album is sick, I've only heard "Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue" before this Hay bale Session video and thought they were a one hit wonder. Post vid I now understand that Portugal. The Man is filled with a bunch of talented individuals that love what they do and aren't in it for the money. They have anew fan for life, i cant wait till there around Boston so i can see them live. 
+1 to that
couldn't say it better myself...
sorry I meant the DT770 Pro , and I've never tried the SRH-840's. I know of Shure and used their IEM's before in my brief stunt of audio production and was nothing but impressed. So at least some of the has to translate to the SRH-840. Another one that came to mind was the k240's. i don't thing they get the credit they deserve. they are pretty well balanced and have a great sound for the price tag....
The SR80i's are great fro the price. They are also a DIYers or not dream . Plenty of documentation on how to do existing mods and such.  The ATH-M50's are pretty overrated IMO. there are just better headphones you can get in the price bracket, like DT770's or LP2's.
2nded .... ,anyone got any tshirt designs ?
Overated: gotta agree , 650's are pretty overrated. there alot of great phones in that price range. To be honest though , I've never been a fan of seinheisers , so i may be biased slightly...., also i hate beats .... just needed to get that out .   underated:  a couple off the top of my head: k701's , DT770's , HE-400's.
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