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A bit too late. Just got the v-Moda LP 2 with a FiiO e6 amp. I can't lie, after owning a pair of kicker headphones and borrowing my neighbors beats studios for past 2 weeks...    This combo is orgasmic.    The only slight disappointment is the leakage. I guess the vents are set up like that to allow the deeper soundstage cause when you cover them up, the deep was of the bass dissappears. Te only treason I care about the leakage is I will be wearing them quite a...
Listen to mostly electronic/dubstep and some rap. Listen on an iPhone mainly. Looking for big cans   Good Idea? Discuss
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Oh did I forget to mention the comfort on those headphones are horrible as well. The clamping is very tight as it is already closed from start and the slightest stretch nearly over stretches the headphone
I would highly suggest otherwise. Those mono prices look to be the EXACT same build/headband/everything as the kicker hp541 and hp541tj. But yet kicker is much more expensive and the driver is much better.    But the quality and durability of the actual headphones is COMPLETE crap. The cheap (I mean really cheap) build of the headband is absolutely horrible. For as thick as the headband looks, you would think they would take time to use some decent plastic.  The...
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Alright, kind of a noob here. Have been reading a lot here and such for past week or so. TL:DR version at bottom!!!!!!!   Basically, im looking for a good pair of headphones <200$.    I recieved some Kicker HP541TJ headphones for Christmas, the sound quality is wonderful, (at least to my noob ears (first pair of upper end headphones)) the bass could be a bit better. But the main issue is the size and build quality is seriously lacking.      What I am...
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