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  Oh, the stories I could tell you about this guy and his dislikes. Also, anything made in China = automatically bad, not allowed in his audio systems. Anything made anywhere else = acceptable to amazing.
 I think he means V-Moda hype is to the Head-Fi crowd as Beats hype is to "person on the street".
I wouldn't knock V-Moda as being part of Best Buy or the Beats audience. At least in mine, they're next to Sennheisers and B&W and other high-ish fi brands in the Magnolia section. The ones out on the floor are the JBL, Beats, and Bose, etc. I don't know if this is part of some plan by V-Moda/Best Buy or if Best Buy just sticks it back there because of the lack of "display" vs the others. They'd probably sell more of them if they were out on the floor, especially since...
Had a chance to relisten to them. Comfort is amazing (but not as good as Bose or Beats). Vocals handled much better than the B&W P5 s2 or P7. Portability beats both as well. Not as balanced as the B&W but overall, I was not offended by their sound signature at all. I would not be opposed to owning a pair at some point (I own the XS now).
My Nuforce u-DAC 2 literally just crapped out today (right channel went out) so I just ordered the Nuforce u-DAC 3 on sale at Amazon. I was a big fan of the 2 so I'm glad to read good things about the Nuforce 3.   It was so weird. Left channel went out, but the headphone output worked fine. Then the left part corrected itself, and the right went out. This (kind of?) sucks as I just got some new Mackie MR5 mk3 monitors that I was planning on using. Oh well, I guess.
. fixed.
Question: If I plug a TRRS balanced plug into a TRS adapter and stick it into a non-balanced output, will that affect/destroy anything or will it work normally out of both channels with no adverse effects? The reason being is I have Senn 600 headphones with a balanced cable going into a 3.5 mm TRRS plug (HiFi Man style), and I'd like to put that into a 1/4 stereo plug adapter so I can put it into my equipment (instead of switching headphone cables every time I switch...
Are these no longer in production? The only site I can find that sells them is this:
Ah, that could be it. I'd like to compare them again to some other closed back models.
Got this for 8 bucks on Amazon, on sale from $40. Ouch. 8 bucks, I cannot complain, it works great! (middle pic is mine) I got this one instead of The Anchor because this appeared easier to put on/take off the rack (without the lip that The Anchor provides). Thinking about getting another one just to wrap extra cables around.  
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