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   That was my experience as well. Glad to know I wasn't the only one.
 So they do or don't require 150 hours of burn in? Your two posts say the complete opposite. I did let this thing burn in for about 10 or 12 hours straight (at least) and I still heard very little difference. It wasn't like I just pulled it out of the box and started testing. I kept it for a full 2 weeks and let it play all the time. Didn't seem to make that much of a difference.
 Maybe that was part of my problem. Oh well, maybe I'll get one again sometime or get the newer models when they drop. Who knows.
 I cannot get the DarkOne v4 to load with the newest version of Foobar. It gives me a crash error every time I try.
Everytime I try to load it I get a crash error message, informing me they couldn't load the profile properly. Anyone else experienced this? Am I doing something wrong? It works fine on the previous version.
I did have the Dragonfly 1.2 for about a week and determined it wasn't enough of a jump from my on-board sound card in my laptop to justify the cost. I did extensive A/Bing and while the Dragonfly was a definite improvement as far as imaging, detail, etc. it was overall pretty slight compared to what I already had. That's not a knock on the Dragonfly, I don't think....I think it's just a testament to how good my on-board sound card seems to be. I heard maybe a $75...
I've been using Musicbee recently and would like a crossfeed function for my headphones. I'm having a real issue finding a plugin that does this for Musicbee. Also, anyone have a DR meter that can be used with Musicbee as well? Thanks.
Where do you get one or something like that? What are they technically called?
ASUS K53E i3 w/ SSD laptop > stock Geek Out USB cable > Geek Out 450 DAC/Amplifier > Sennheiser HD 558s.  
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