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Thanks for the fast reply - I'll hopefully manage to try them with the T-400s on tomorrow. BTW, I'm too very excited for the H-200s and I hope that I'll get to review them when they're released (from what I heard, it should happen in this month's end - early next month).
Appreciate all of your comments - it's always nice to get some compliments for my reviews! I'll try these with Comply tips and will report back with my impressions. I have some T-400s in my possession, does anyone know if they'll fit?
Thanks to all of you commenters, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Introduction   SWP (or in its full name, SWP-Shinwoo-Tech) is a South Korean earphones, speakers and microphones manufacturer founded in 1986. Until recently, the company has been solely an OEM manufacturer for some of the leading cellular-phone companies, such as Samsung, LG and Motorola, manufacturing some of their audio components. Recently, the company has moved out of "the backstage" and introduced their own IEMs brand, called "T-PEOS" (an acronym of "The...
FS: Fischer Audio Tandem IEMs in an "as new" condition, the price includes free tracked shipping worldwide. All of the accessories are included and it'll be shipped inside its box.   Payment through PayPal only - Buyer pays as a gift or adds 5%.   For any questions, please feel free to PM me.
I'm going to get a review unit of the X15s soon, I'll post here a link to my review when it'll be ready (it might take some time cause I have a few more products to review before the X15s). I also found an online-store based in Korea which ships world-wide and sells these for $112, so some of you might want to check it out:
I have a small update: VSonic is going to manufacture the "Golden Sample" this month, and if all of their testings on it go well, they'll start the mass production early next year. Nothing on the pricing yet though.
I think that VSonic's CEO only said that because he was angry because of the Astrotec "clone", I don't think he really meant it, but let's see.
I got the H-100KRs today and I'm very impressed! I'll post my review of them in a few weeks and put here the link.
VSonic GR07, Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII or TDK BA200.
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