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Yes, they're out of production. HifiMan has a new line: The RE-400 (which was released a few days ago) that costs $99, and the RE-600 which is to be released in a few months with an expected price of $399.
I have an RE-400 review unit on the way. It'll be my first HifiMan IEM and I have quite high expectations from it after reading the last few pages of this thread, and hopefully, it arrives fastly; but with China/HK post you never know . I ordered a product from which was sent via China post, and it has arrived 2 days, ago after "only" 52 days of waiting since it was shipped .
So I finally had some time to try the H-100s  with the T-400s on. I was very impressed with the several improvements, mainly in the midrange, which IMO became a bit more forward, and also the sound-stage, which became noticeably wider and felt to me a bit more "3D". Thanks for recommending me to do this, I'll now use it with Complys instead of with the stock tips, as I find the sound to be quite a bit better.
Looks like a quite interesting IEM honestly. Waiting to hear some more info about it.
Great news - looking forward to read some reviews of these.
Yes, February 25th it is.
FS: DUNU's flagship, the DN-19 "Tai-Chi" IEMs in an "as new" condition. The price includes free tracked shipping worldwide. All of the accessories are included and it'll be shipped inside its original box. Payment through PayPal only - Buyer pays as a gift or adds 5%. For any questions, please feel free to PM me.
Thanks for the fast reply - I'll hopefully manage to try them with the T-400s on tomorrow. BTW, I'm too very excited for the H-200s and I hope that I'll get to review them when they're released (from what I heard, it should happen in this month's end - early next month).
Appreciate all of your comments - it's always nice to get some compliments for my reviews! I'll try these with Comply tips and will report back with my impressions. I have some T-400s in my possession, does anyone know if they'll fit?
Thanks to all of you commenters, I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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