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It's a matter of personal preference. The IE800 has a fun sound, while the BA200s have a more "mature" sound in my opinion. For these genres, I think that you'll prefer the BA200s, but again, it's your personal preference.
Today I've posted my review of the IE800s : http://www.head-fi.org/t/648956/review-tdk-ie800-another-winner-from-tdk Hopefully you'll like it!
  Introduction TDK Life on Record is a huge, very well known data storage, recordable media and audio manufacturer. In the 90s, almost every cassette and VHS Tape was manufactured by them. In the 2000s, when the DVD had begun to be the most used media, TDK started to slowly disappear from the market. Fast forward to 2007, Imation, an American corporation from Oakdale, Minnesota, had purchased TDK's brand name, and made a new TDK brand: TDK Performance, which...
Yes, that's true. +1 for the TDK IE800. You might also like the TDK BA200.
Yes, here's a one: http://www.head-fi.org/t/647014/review-hifiman-re-400-hifiman-produce-yet-another-winner You can also check out the thread about these two products, where you could find some more impressions.
Yes, they're out of production. HifiMan has a new line: The RE-400 (which was released a few days ago) that costs $99, and the RE-600 which is to be released in a few months with an expected price of $399.
I have an RE-400 review unit on the way. It'll be my first HifiMan IEM and I have quite high expectations from it after reading the last few pages of this thread, and hopefully, it arrives fastly; but with China/HK post you never know . I ordered a product from dx.com which was sent via China post, and it has arrived 2 days, ago after "only" 52 days of waiting since it was shipped .
So I finally had some time to try the H-100s  with the T-400s on. I was very impressed with the several improvements, mainly in the midrange, which IMO became a bit more forward, and also the sound-stage, which became noticeably wider and felt to me a bit more "3D". Thanks for recommending me to do this, I'll now use it with Complys instead of with the stock tips, as I find the sound to be quite a bit better.
Looks like a quite interesting IEM honestly. Waiting to hear some more info about it.
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