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Where are these pictures coming from?
Thanks for the feedback, I'm glad that you've enjoyed it. I'll also write a review about them (hopefully I'll finish it before the month's end). What's even more impressive is the additional clarity with the "Monitor Sound Adapter" - LEAR did a great job with this adapter too.
I got my LCM-5s a bit more than a week ago and I'm very happy with them - they're very impressive; their clarity and detailing levels are something very special, I've never experienced such a high level of both of them. Here's my unboxing video of the LCM-5s:  
    Just saw it too - WTF?! Closing of webshop Dear friends of Audéo PFE Four years ago Phonak, as a manufacturer of hearing solutions, ventured into developing, producing and distributing the In-Ear Audéo Perfect Fit Earphones. With success, as the numerous awards and the positive press coverage about the excellent sound quality and wearing comfort prove. However, the decision has recently been taken to terminate production and international...
I've started my own channel a few days ago, check it out: There are only 2 videos so far but I've got some more coming very soon.
I'm in love with both the IE800 and the BA200; I just love TDK's sound-signature and both's technical abilities!
+1 They sell the parts quite cheaply too. I once bought from them A700 pads for about $10. Their e-mail address is:  
A great review, enjoyed reading it, thanks! The RE-400 is indeed one of the best IEMs for under $100 (if not the best).
Here's my unboxing video of the RE-400s. A note: I've been told that the packaging isn't the final one. Please bear with me as English isn't my native-language lol  
Yes, they're different enough to justify buying them next to the BA200s. I didn't experinece a treble fatigue with these - the treble is energetic, but not to a level where it becomes fatiguing. They sound quite decent with a low volume too, there's not a big difference between low volume listening to high volume listening.
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