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Welcome to head-fi! First, could you please let us know the price that you're looking to pay for your new earphones? That should help us recommend you some worth-buying products at that price. Also, what genres would you be listening to with them? What kind of sound are you looking for? (bassy, balanced, etc.)
I really hope that it's true! After hearing the RE-400 and being so impressed from them for their $99 price-tag, I can't wait to hear what Fang will bring for $399.
I have a set of T1s being made for me, and I should get it quite soon (hopefully till next week). I'm very excited! Interested to see how well they'll perform against my LEAR LCM-5s.
As far as I've heard from their PR, the date isn't set yet.
I have posted my full review of the RE-400s today, here is the link to it:
Thanks! The photos were actually not shot by myself, they were shot by a friend of mine which is a professional photgrapher (however, I did "direct" the photoshoot, e.g. I told him how to photograph it and I've positioned the IEMs, etc..).
Sorry, but I've never heard the RE-0 or any of HiFiMan's previous products... It does have some microphonics, but they're present at a smaller than avergae level, they do not bother me personally.
Thanks a lot, it's very appreciated!  
  Introduction   HiFiMan is a very well regarded Chinese Headphones, Earphones and Portable Players manufacturer that was founded in 2007 by Dr. Fang Bian. Their IEMs line is known to give a very good value for the money; from the RE0 & the RE-ZERO to the RE262 & the RE272, all are known for that. Lately, the company has announced two new models, which are going to replace their whole lineup (which has been discontinued following that announcement). The new...
Hopefully I will get these. If I will, be sure that I'll compare them both.
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