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Thanks mate, I appreciate your warm feedback. As for the cable, it is indeed not one of the thickest ones that I've seen, but it still feels quite durable and strongly-built.
Introduction LEAR (an acronym of "Listen & Learn Everything. Acoustic & Audio Revolution) is a Hong-Kong based audio-products manufacturer founded in 2008 (which has recently also opened an HQ in Japan). The company makes portable headphone amplifiers, some different types of cables and adapters and also custom-fit in-ear-monitors ("CIEMs"), but in the past, they've also made some universal IEMs too. LEAR is owned by one the most famous audio stores in Hong-Kong,...
+1 Undun is such a great album - its artwork is even my avatar ;) I love most of their other albums too, especially "Do You Want More?" and "How I Got Over".
You might want to check out the LEAR LCM-5 + LEAR's "monitor sound" adapter. This is a very neutral CIEM with the adapter.
You forgot also the changes in the shell - if I remember, the bump area is cut down quite a bit and the shell might also be a bit smaller.
They don't leak sound, but their isolation is only about average. They do benefit nicely from amping from my experience.
It seems like a quite interesting and promising product - looking forward to see it hitting the market.
Sorry, haven't heard them....
Yes, the BA200 is designed for an over-the-ear wearing while the IE800 is designed for a straight-down wearing. I haven't heard the R50s, but I've heard some other IEMs using the same TWFK driver - which I wouldn't really recommend for House & Hip-Hop due to its lack of bass in comparison to the IE800 and the BA200. Personally, I prefer the IE800 for Hip-Hop due to the more "fun" sound-signature of it, but it's a quite close match between it and the BA200 for me for...
yes, I'm using an LOD right now and I still get some sound when the volume is turned to 0.
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