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Quote: Well, I'm not 100% sure it's a special USA version, the packaging is in english, and I assumed that the ones for the Asian markets has got chinese packaging,etc.. Sorry for confusing you.    
 I mean that the packaging may be different, though, I doubt the product itself differs. I got mine through Imation USA, so that's why I call it the "American Version".
I can confirm that the Y-Split IS an impedance stabilizer, as it's written on the box that the BA200 comes in. BTW, I have the american version, so I don't know, maybe it isn't written on the boxes of the other versions. Also, I've found the Bi-Flanged Earsonics tips to fit them great, and they offer better comfort than the stock silicone tips. They also make the sound signature darker and more bassy.
A new picture of the A161P and of the S6:!/photo.php?fbid=10150627527899386&set=a.388992029385.166200.285967124385&type=1&theater
As requested by various members, the thread title is now changed and this will be the Popo Reviews thread. Everyone that had got the Popo through the reviewing actvity, post your reviews here.
The pictures in the stroes which I linked to may be of the older batch, but I believe that now, only the new batch is sold. Yeah, the 89$ deal is really good!
Quote:  They're yet to be released - I read somwhere that they'll be released in March.
  Prior to the review, I would like to thank Mr. Jack Fu for the review sample.   Hisoundaudio is a Chinese DAP (Digital Audio Player), IEMs and earbuds manufacturer, highly praised by audiophile communities all over the world for their Studio V and Rocoo DAPs. In 2011, Hisound has begun to push their earphones and earbuds more and more into the international market. Now, they get recognized not just for their DAP offerings, but also for their high end "Golden...
Well, that's a bit of a problem Sometimes it can take two weeks, sometimes even more than a month. There's also this one:   It's more expensive, but it looks more functional to me.  
 You can buy cases via some chinese sites, for example: I've also seen a lot of chinese eBay sellers who sell some nice and and cheap cases.
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