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Thanks, I'm glad you liked it. I hope for you that they will stock these, as I believe you'll enjoy them very much.    
    Prior to the review, I would like to thank Tren for the review sample.   TDK Life on Record is a huge well known worldwide data storage' recordable media and electronics company. In the 90s, almost every cassette and VHS Tapes was manufactured by them. In the 2000s, when the DVD had begun to be the most used media, TDK started to disappear. Fast forward to 2007, Imation, an American corporation from Oakdale, Minnesota, had purchased TDK's brand name, and...
As I thought, the MSRP will be 250$.
I remember reading it'll be 250$, but I'll ask and update.    
A small update: I've been told that they're expected to hit the U.S retail outlets in Fall 2012. Hope that helps.
Quote: I have them and I really love them.
After I'll finish my review of them, I'll try to talk to the rep that I'm in contact with and I'll explain him that lots of people in the USA want it - maybe he'll be able to do something....
Quote: Well, I'm not 100% sure it's a special USA version, the packaging is in english, and I assumed that the ones for the Asian markets has got chinese packaging,etc.. Sorry for confusing you.    
 I mean that the packaging may be different, though, I doubt the product itself differs. I got mine through Imation USA, so that's why I call it the "American Version".
I can confirm that the Y-Split IS an impedance stabilizer, as it's written on the box that the BA200 comes in. BTW, I have the american version, so I don't know, maybe it isn't written on the boxes of the other versions. Also, I've found the Bi-Flanged Earsonics tips to fit them great, and they offer better comfort than the stock silicone tips. They also make the sound signature darker and more bassy.
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