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My ears are quite tiny and they didn't have any problems making my LCM-5s - you can see photos of them in my review (link in my signature).
It's a lot easier to open and to close it now, but it's still nicely secured.
Here's a picture of the ASG-1 Rev. 1.3 case:     
They aren't silicone, they have acrylic-shells, but M-Fidelity offers silicone filling inside of them for an extra fee.
I think that currently, only the Aurisonics staff could confirm this ;)
If it has the same nozzle as the ASG-1 Rev. 1.3, you should try Comply TS-400 tips, they really help the fit and the seal.
Yes, they sound good out of almost any device.
Sorry for forgetting, I've now added a picture of the front to the original post.
I got the ASG-1 Rev. 1.3. about a week ago, and I haven't had much to listen to them yet, since I'm giving them a 200-hours burn-in treatment, but from the little that I've heard, my impressions are quite positive. The sound produced by the new in-house drivers is quite smooth, yet combined with a good amount of details, and the mids are slightly forward. I like the bass amount, which gives the sound a fun feeling but doesn't shadow or over-power the other frequencies....
Thanks! All of the pictures except of the adapter ones were actually shot by a photographer friend of mine, while I gave him the direction.
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