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FS: Sunrise SW-Dragon II Earbuds. These earbuds have been used for only a several hours, so they're basically like new. The price is $OLD, and it includes tracked shipping worldwide.   The earbuds will come with all of the original accessories, which are: a hard-shell case, a shirt clip and 3 pairs of foam rings (one is already pre-installed on the earbuds).   Payment is through PayPal only, I'll cover the fees myself, so no need to add anything to the...
FS: Meelectronics A161P IEMs. These are brand new and unused warranty replacements. The price is $OLD, and it includes tracked shipping worldwide. The IEMs will come with the case that is seen in the picture, the two adapter cables that come with the A161P (cellphone adapter and PC adapter for the microphone), a pair of black ear-guides, a shirt clip and 4 pairs of tips (S/M/L single flanges, Large sized triple-flanges).   Payment through PayPal only, no need to...
I'm glad to hear that the review helped you, and I hope that you'll like the IEMs.
Rhapsodio now has a 12 BA CIEM/IEM (available in both forms)  : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=394603923983004&set=a.256304727812925.50624.254838767959521&type=1&theater
That's a great deal! Hope you'll like them as much as I do!
A very enjoyable read, thank you for such a detailed review!
  Fanmusic is a distributor and a brand of Chinese audio-equipment which also has an eBay store. I was contacted by Tony, their manager a while ago and he informed me that they were working on an IEM (under their brand as far as I know), with a dual-dynamic setup in a metal housing with a user replaceable cable, simply named "MS-E1011". Tony offered to send me a pre-production/prototype to review it and the MS-E1011 is going to be the subject of this review....
Sorry for the bump, but I got a word from Fanmusic that these are going to be sold at $99 - which makes them an incredible value in my opinion. Nothing about the release date yet though. I'm currently working on my own review of these, should be ready within a few days hopefully.
Very curious about this IEM, interested to hear what the stainless-stell plates do to the sound.
Thanks, your compliment is well appreciated!
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