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Rhapsodio now has a 12 BA CIEM/IEM (available in both forms)  :
That's a great deal! Hope you'll like them as much as I do!
A very enjoyable read, thank you for such a detailed review!
  Fanmusic is a distributor and a brand of Chinese audio-equipment which also has an eBay store. I was contacted by Tony, their manager a while ago and he informed me that they were working on an IEM (under their brand as far as I know), with a dual-dynamic setup in a metal housing with a user replaceable cable, simply named "MS-E1011". Tony offered to send me a pre-production/prototype to review it and the MS-E1011 is going to be the subject of this review....
Sorry for the bump, but I got a word from Fanmusic that these are going to be sold at $99 - which makes them an incredible value in my opinion. Nothing about the release date yet though. I'm currently working on my own review of these, should be ready within a few days hopefully.
Very curious about this IEM, interested to hear what the stainless-stell plates do to the sound.
Thanks, your compliment is well appreciated!
My ears are quite tiny and they didn't have any problems making my LCM-5s - you can see photos of them in my review (link in my signature).
It's a lot easier to open and to close it now, but it's still nicely secured.
Here's a picture of the ASG-1 Rev. 1.3 case:     
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