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Massdrop Username is "ItsMeHere".   Would like to see a Rhapsodio Massdrop, they have some really nice products.
price dropped
FS: Fischer Audio DBA-02 MKII IEMs in a great condition. The price is $105 USD, and it includes tracked shipping worldwide. The IEMs will come with all of the original accessories, which are: a hard-shell case, 9 pairs of ear tips and a pair of ear-gudies.  Payment is through PayPal only, the buyer adds 5% to the purchase for the fees or pays as a gift. For any questions, please feel free to PM me.
Thanks, I'll have more review out in about a month or so, after I'm done with my finals.
Check out my review of the Pandora Hope VI headphones:
I've just posted my review of the Pandora Hope VI, check it out here:
 Here's how an artwork looks on mine, the screen's resolution isn't quite high so it doesn't look that good IMO.I've noticed that you have to use an artwork file which is around 100kb or less, otherwise it didn't display it. 
Would be interested. I've reviewed many headphones & earphones in the past, here you can find a few reviews for example:
    Here's some info about the new product: It's called "Rockets" and there's going to be a kickstarter campaign launching in a week from now leading to its release.
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