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I'm putting up for sale my like new HE400s with both the pleather and velour pads. I was the original owner and bought them from moon audio. 
the sound signature just isn't for me and I'm currently unemployed so I could use some extra cash, they do sound very good though. 
I'm trying to sell my heir 4.ais with buck-eye burl. These are like new and have all of the accessories included except a few tips. I bought these on head-fi a few months ago and have been on the fence about them but decided they aren't really what I'm looking for. Pictures will be taken upon request. I had been out of town for a few weeks unexpectedly and wasn't able to actually sell these.
This is the model with the buck eye burl finish but it did not come with the magnus cable when i purchased it. These are in great condition, I bought them from another head-fier about a month ago and I will include most of the tips(I believe the set is missing one pair of tips). I'm selling these because their sound signature does not suit me well.    -Only interested in trades for similar IEMs or partial trades or cash   -The IEM does come with the standard heir...
still available?
Hey, I hope I'm not too late but If the meet is small enough we can have it at my apartment, I already have two tables and have a nice open living room.
What kind of a place are you looking for in gainesville? I've never been  to a meet so I don't know how these things usually go.
Nice, I'm looking forward to the meet then. I've also seen a bunch of M50s and an sr325i or two around so I'm sure there are at least a couple of head-fiers or friends of head-fiers around. 
I'm also in Gainesville and l'm interested in meeting up. I don't have a  lot of stuff but i'd love to try out some of the things you guys have posted.   Full-sized: -Hifiman he400 -Grado SR225   IEM: -HIfiman re-zero -JVC FXD80 -heir   Source: -Matrix M-stage with class-a biasing mod -schiit modi -sansa clip+(prob
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