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I am running my Lyr 2 with tubes and can use my Westone W40's which are 3db more sensitive than your UE18pro's without any audible hiss and no music playing. I don't know which tubes you were using before the LISST but you should be able to achieve silence.
I can't comment on Modi vs. Bifrost however, I have bee using my HD700's with the Lyr 2 since it came out and am extremely happy with it, I am not running the stock tubes which while clean do not have the dimensionality of the VR 6n23P's that I am using. When I got the Lyr  I compared it to the Asgaard 2 and the Lyr was a definite step up though there was very low his and hum with the efficient HD700s. Switching to the Lyr 2 on low gain with regulated heater voltage...
Set an alert at camelcamelcamel.com as it drops for short times down to $399. That is what I paid.
I use my PFE232's and W40s all the time without and amp and they sound excellent. It would me an unusual IEM that would cause an issue principally ones with impedance below 20 ohms which quite frankly will cause issues with a lot of players.
You will definitely hear frequency extreme on both sides due to the low impedance of the 846's. I would suggest you initially try adjusting the equalizer to compensate as the Jr has more than sufficient output to drive them.
I have 1975 Voskhod Rockets 6n23p tubes currently running.
I tried the Asgaard 2 and now have used my AK Jr and both were are very good with the HD700. Now I will admit that my Lyr 2 with upgraded tubes is better but all are enjoyable.
No more difficult than a PC. Current issues are not connectivity it is the lack of flexibility in the firmware when it comes to recognizing tags.
Not sure what you mean. I've used my Lyr 2 and HD700's just fine. It's a great combo!
Thanks will check it out.
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