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Boy. this thread has picked up lately!  Turns out I have both VR's (78 SS) and a could of MPs of 60's 3-Mica Lorenz Stuttgart PCC88 Gray Shields that I have used in both the Lyr and Lyr 2. The PCC88's work very well in either and with my HD700 provide a very neutral synergy and tame any treble peakiness that some find troublesome.  They provide the same type of dimensionality to the instruments that the VRs do over the stock tubes.  You really hear the difference that...
Besides the outright errors in the specs ( I found 2 with the XM6 and HD700s I own) the calculation does not take into account the power supply capability. So if a manufacturer has not specified ratings at or above the 70 ohms of the LCD-2s the calculation may be significantly off. Overall it is a useful resource.
Not familiar with the ATH but the se535 is bigger than the W series and for me they would not meet your laying down requirement.
I am using Westone W40's that meet your requirements and can be found for around $400. There are also the W30's as well that are cheaper but the W40's have a better bottom end. They come with two cables (iDevice and straight) and totally fit within my ears. 
You will get the lowest noise and greatest battery life with the lowest gain setting that gives you sufficient volume. With 102db sensitivity I would use low gain.
Sounds more like your amp to me. Even when new my HD700's never sounded dull.
Those will work fine. I used Lorenz 6922's in my Lyr for quite some time without problems.
There are quite a few out there that are suitable but have different "flavors". I am a fan of the 6N23P Voskhod Rockets which are available in a variety of years from US Audio Mart. I also have some Lorenez 6922 which are also excellent but a bit more rolled off than the Rockets. I know this thread is a bit daunting but there are many informed opinions that are worth checking out. Enjoy the journey! 
I would not choose the E288CC's for your Lyr as they are spec'd for a significantly higher filament current than the ECC88's or equivalent (475ma vs 300ma). They will not work at all in the Lyr 2 and will work but not well according to Jason who should know.
I have found that they are easy to drive and reflect the quality of the amp as one moves up. Have you tried both the low and high impedance outputs as the HD700's have the efficiency of a low impedance headphone but a relatively high impedance? What are the differences you hear? How many hours are on them?
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