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I am not surprised about your laptops adaptor. They are switching power supplies and can dump a lot of noise pollution into AC lines and audio equipment especially if they are aftermarket ones. A tube socket has its individual pin sockets designed with a wider mouth to more easily along the tube. If the pins do not get firmly seated they can work out and as I mentioned the stock ones took some force. You should not be able to wiggle them with light force of a finger on...
I am not MIA and responded to your PM about my inadvertent mistake in getting my pairs split in their boxes so that we both ended up with mis-matched pairs. I was busy with family chores and events yesterday. I don't camp out here 24/7. I also disagree that they are not 3-micas. My previous research indicated that the third mica's use was to stabilize the getter and was either 1-2mm below it or attached to it as in mine. The seller, Tubemonger, also listed them that way....
They will work fine with the e18 of course not at their full potential but I believe you will be pleased. I have a similar capability iBasso portable setup and it makes a fine portable rig but pales in comparison to using my Lyr 2.Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk HD
Hearing a noise when you tap on the amp simply means your tubes are a bit microphonic and the solution is to stop tapping on the amp or replace the tubes. I had difficulty with seating the stock tubes on my Lyr 2 that did not exist with my other tubes. If you check that the pins are straight and then rock them back an forth a bit as would occur when extracting them they will seat without undue force. Having said that even of they are fully seated they will likely still...
Does it occur without input cables and is it in both channels. If it is in only one, switch the tubes. If the noise switches replace the tube. If it doesn't contact Schiit. If it is in both try plugging it in at another location physically moving it.
It is not normal. Do you have the noise in both channels? Is it there if you disconnect the input cables? Does it remain if you go up in volume past the onset? I would try removing and reseating the tubes for a start.
It really depends on the portable device. Their efficiency makes them possible to drive if the portable device can manage their 150 ohm load. It also depends on your definition of well . As they scale very well with amp quality I would not fret about it and simply enjoy the journey.
Does the noise stop if you pause the music or don't have input cables connected?
The hum in the original units was a mechanical one that you would hear without headphones. The hum you solved with the adapter was an electrical one that is audible through the headphones and is not related.
+1 on living with the stock tubes for awhile several months at least. They do improve. Actually, the heat is not as much caused by the tubes as it is by the MOSFETs that are running Class A. You noted that your old amp would get hot at the heatsinks, well the Lyr case IS the heatsink and the MOSFETs are mounted along right side bottom so its hottest there but that is normal.
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