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I am afraid your bass issue is not one I have experienced at all with my IEMs which include the PFE-232 and Westone 40. The Lyr was totally inappropriate for most IEMs due to the high gain and unregulated heaters. However the Lyr 2 changes that completely and even with the stock tubes it is quite neutral though without the full detail of higher performance glass. I would not hesitate in recommending it to anyone looking for an all-around amp that works equally well with...
I use a Grado 1/4 to 1/8 adapter cable when using my HD700's with portable devices and it works well.
I also recommend MP3Tag. Also note that png format is not supported, so stick with jpg.
There is no reason IEMs would be more forgiving or colored than OTH cans, I have Westone 40's and Phonak PFE232's and both work fine on the Lyr 2 with the proper tubes to give you the sound signature you desire. Both also sound significantly more detailed and dimensional than on the Asgard2 that I evaluated.
No it does not as I2S is designed to go between a transport and the associated DAC over short cables. Some manufacturers (ex:PSAudio) use the HDMI connector for this purpose but it is only the connector as I2S transport is not part of the HDMI standard. This begs the question as to what you are trying to a achieve versus simply using HDMI or Digital out into an external DAC? 
I quite enjoyed the combination but quite frankly it was not long enough to provide a detailed evaluation. I was trying to see if I preferred them to my IEMs (PFE232 and W40) for traveling use but preferred my W40s as the Jr makes present like a on-ear closed back model with the physical presence one would not normally get with universal IEMs..
I have had great success using my AK Jr with Beyer Dynamic DT1350s and Sennheiser HD700s and also for a shorter eval with the Oppo PM-3s. 
I would definitely take a listen to the Westone W40 as it pairs fantastically with the AK Jr. It can be found periodically on sale under 400€. If you prefer a more "V" shaped sound curve the W30's are right in your budget.  I find that the combination provides an excellent soundstage combined with a physicality to the music that I don't get with lessor DAPs.
I am running my Lyr 2 with tubes and can use my Westone W40's which are 3db more sensitive than your UE18pro's without any audible hiss and no music playing. I don't know which tubes you were using before the LISST but you should be able to achieve silence.
I can't comment on Modi vs. Bifrost however, I have bee using my HD700's with the Lyr 2 since it came out and am extremely happy with it, I am not running the stock tubes which while clean do not have the dimensionality of the VR 6n23P's that I am using. When I got the Lyr  I compared it to the Asgaard 2 and the Lyr was a definite step up though there was very low his and hum with the efficient HD700s. Switching to the Lyr 2 on low gain with regulated heater voltage...
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