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I'm in my the skin of my teeth as a day later I'm off to the redwoods!
This is not normal. I would first listen to each side separately either via balance control or remove a plug to see if you hear a difference with mono material.  If you do then you have a defective pair. If both sound equally bad you may have a fake set.
I had already provided my opinion, but then you asked that I recommend selling your Asgard to buy a Lyr. That to me now becomes personal advice and that is why I answered the way I did. 
If you are referring to my response, I am not, as I don't know you, your headphones, your preferences, your financial situation not your goal. I was describing my experience only with my circumstances and preferences. Schiit has an in-home trial policy which should be taken advantage of to evaluate both. I  do advise that this only be done once you have had time to really get to know the Asgard and whether it still leaves you wanting or simply curious. I used to manage a...
I had the Lyr when I evaluated the Asgard 2, but from memory there is a bigger difference between Lyr 2 with stock versus premium tubes than between stock tubes and Asgard 2. I must stress that my review is based on my headphones and the stock tubes from 50-100 hours. I also like as neutral an amp/transducer pairing as possible. 
I faced a similar situation as I had a Lyr but was not completely happy due to its high gain, and got the Asgard 2 for an audition of about 10 days. With the stock JJs in the Lyr, it  was a tossup. However, with premium tubes in the Lyr, it had a dimensionality that the Asgard didn't even though it was not as quiet. I sent the Asgard 2 back. Now the Lyr 2 enters and wipes out all of  my previous concerns about gain, noise floor and hum. Once again I did use the stock tubes...
Hearing a low level click in your headphones is normal but it should not be loud or in anyway sufficient to damage anything. If this is not the case I would contact Schiit especially if it has significantly changed.
If you haven't run your Asgard for about 100hrs I would reserve judgement till then. Describing an amp as having "better bass" is open to too much subjective interpretation as to get any useful opinions. Providing example songs using lossless or CD resolution and describing the relative specific bass differences between the two amps gives us the opportunity to comment. 
I believe you need to provide more detail as to what it is about the Asgard 2 that you find lacking to be able to get some opinions here.
I am not surprised about your laptops adaptor. They are switching power supplies and can dump a lot of noise pollution into AC lines and audio equipment especially if they are aftermarket ones. A tube socket has its individual pin sockets designed with a wider mouth to more easily along the tube. If the pins do not get firmly seated they can work out and as I mentioned the stock ones took some force. You should not be able to wiggle them with light force of a finger on...
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