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Actually it wasn't for me since it has plenty of expansion options to store locally. Saves space on my MB SSD.
I have have an XM6 with the buffers installed. It drives the HD700's just fine when using my MB Air or Mini. Its no replacement for a Lyr2 but is very clean and there is no harshness. Quite similar to my time with the Asgard 2.  I use it mostly with my DT1350's at work now and it's low end goes very deep while maintaining the highs that the 1350's do so well. Not the cheapest portable solution but keeps me happy.
It definitely is as I heard the same demo and Dan was running stock tubes. It is even better dimensionally with premium tubes as I have been enjoying in mine for the last month.
If you hear this with only your headphone and power cable plugged in then it may be the tubes or an oscillation issue. Is it both channels? A tube problem would most likely be in only one. I would also try moving it to a mother location where you can plug it directly into a wall to see if it is power interference. If it is neither of these it is time to contact Schiit. That is not a normal noise. BTW, the Lyr 2 is definitely worth it as I had the Lyr for a year.
The noise floor is significantly lower due to two changes. First the gain switch allows you to optimize for sensitivity sine the gain is after the volume control. The other is the addition of regulation to the tube supplies that reduces hum and line noise.
I have three USB DACs, from a iBasso D-zero to a Practical Devices XM6 to Oppo BDP-105. All are better than what is in a Macbook Pro from my experience. One major factor is that you cannot bypass the line out/headphone stage in the MBPro without an external DAC that supports either USB or Optical. 
While I haven't tried the While I have not heard the Mjolnir with the HD700's be advised that you would also have to factor in balanced cables for the HD700 as it does not have an unbalanced input. Schiit does provide a home trial as well.
I am not going to generalize as I have only tried a few tube sets. However, the addition of the gain switch and regulated supplies means that tubes otherwise unacceptable due to hum or noise are now an option for a wide range of cans. Now one does have to watch one's wallet if tube-rolling is an irresistible temptation.
Using the Lyr 2 I do not note a change in bass between the tubes in either quantity or quality. This may be influenced by the new regulated power supplies in the Lyr 2. Please note that I do not like emphasized bass and do not enjoy and bass overhang in either my speakers or my headphones.  I have no experience with ALO products but it seems to me that given its $649 price that unless you needed both balanced and battery support, your money could be better spent as...
See my response to you in the Lyr 2 thread here.
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