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 Hah, the HE-6 are in storage for now. Planning to pick them up some time this month. We'll have to do a meet so you finally get to hear them.  
 Great! I feel the C5 improves the ER4 on many levels (bass being one). I have mine set to medium and its just right.
    A recent lifestyle change caused me to acquire a portable setup.   Clip Zip + C5 + ER4PT (with ER4S Conversion Cable)   Might consider a DX50 and cable upgrade down the road. use 3 myself.  I would email Kingwa as he hasn't updated his "discontinued products" page in a bit.
  I upgraded my 10.2 with the USB-32 chip and have no regrets! I had nothing but trouble with the tenor 8802 chip.     You can read about my experience here:   It was easy to install the USB-32 chip. Kingwa even included an extra firmware chip. In total the upgrade was around $40 (I sent back my tenor for a discount).   I use a dedicated mini-itx box for my...
      The travel case was the original case I received with the HE-500. It did not ship with the leather box. 
I bought the HE-500 back in August from moon-audio and only used them for four months before acquiring the HE-6. I've kept them in the travel case ever since.   Comes with the following: Warranty Card Spare pads (leather) Silver headphone cable  2 spare screw-on terminals Cloth Pouch HifiMan Travel Case   Method of Payment: Paypal (includes usps priority shipping CONUS and paypal fees)
  I was one of the few who heard the hissing. I noticed it on my HE-500s and DT770 (250ohm) with or without music playing. Oddly, I can't detect it with my HE-6s.
Grats on the purchase MrTie84. Be sure to try the velour pads. 
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