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Purchased in July 2012 and in near mint condition and fully functioning (works in win10..see screenshot). I replaced the TE8802 chip with the USB-32 chip (provided by Kingwa).    Comes with the following: - Original Box - 10.2 DAC+AMP - Pangea Audio AC-14 Powercord - USB Cable   Unboxing and review (not by me) (part1) (part2)   Method of Payment: Paypal (includes usps priority...
Anyone have a copy of the usb32 firmware download?   Links and do not work...404   Never mind, emailed kingwa and he provided the latest firmware files.
Sorry no trades, updated listing.
Hey All, Up for sale is my DX50. It was purchased in July and used until mid August. Ended up needing more than just audio on my commutes so went with something else.   It's in Mint condition and comes with a few extras.   Here is everything that is included:   - Ibasso DX50 with original box and accessories. - 2x JDS Lab wrist bands - FiiO L8 Line Out Cable Stereo Right Angle ( Went to fiio's site and the cable checked out as being legit) - 32gb sandisk microsd...
 Hah, the HE-6 are in storage for now. Planning to pick them up some time this month. We'll have to do a meet so you finally get to hear them.  
 Great! I feel the C5 improves the ER4 on many levels (bass being one). I have mine set to medium and its just right.
    A recent lifestyle change caused me to acquire a portable setup.   Clip Zip + C5 + ER4PT (with ER4S Conversion Cable)   Might consider a DX50 and cable upgrade down the road. use 3 myself.  I would email Kingwa as he hasn't updated his "discontinued products" page in a bit.
  I upgraded my 10.2 with the USB-32 chip and have no regrets! I had nothing but trouble with the tenor 8802 chip.     You can read about my experience here:   It was easy to install the USB-32 chip. Kingwa even included an extra firmware chip. In total the upgrade was around $40 (I sent back my tenor for a discount).   I use a dedicated mini-itx box for my...
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