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Posts by kidchunks use 3 myself.  I would email Kingwa as he hasn't updated his "discontinued products" page in a bit.
  I upgraded my 10.2 with the USB-32 chip and have no regrets! I had nothing but trouble with the tenor 8802 chip.     You can read about my experience here:   It was easy to install the USB-32 chip. Kingwa even included an extra firmware chip. In total the upgrade was around $40 (I sent back my tenor for a discount).   I use a dedicated mini-itx box for my...
      The travel case was the original case I received with the HE-500. It did not ship with the leather box. 
I bought the HE-500 back in August from moon-audio and only used them for four months before acquiring the HE-6. I've kept them in the travel case ever since.   Comes with the following: Warranty Card Spare pads (leather) Silver headphone cable  2 spare screw-on terminals Cloth Pouch HifiMan Travel Case   Method of Payment: Paypal (includes usps priority shipping CONUS and paypal fees)
  I was one of the few who heard the hissing. I noticed it on my HE-500s and DT770 (250ohm) with or without music playing. Oddly, I can't detect it with my HE-6s.
Grats on the purchase MrTie84. Be sure to try the velour pads. 
Using the mini-x/he-6 for a month and really loving the combo.     I don't see a reason to upgrade unless I move the mini to my speaker setup.   Great performance for the price.
May have a point, I don't think changing the impedances has an effect on the sensitivity of the headphones which causes the noise.     Both, music playing and music not playing. The hiss only gets higher when you get closer to 2 o clock. Anything below and it's a steady hiss.       I have mine connected to a tripplite ISOBAR but even connected it directly to the wall produced the hiss.
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