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So, after Blu 2 has been released, what's next in the pipeline? The Davina or the digital amp? (and does it have a name?)
In short: Yes, no, no, yes.
I didn't find the GS-X mkII bright out of my TotalDAC.
Hmm... Maybe you haven't fully turned up the volume on your player? In that case you would need a higher volume setting on your DAVE.
 Wow, and my pictures weren't even that good. Just basic shots taken with my phone. Besides I haven't even shipped the Yggdrasil yet. In any case, I would consider asking this other seller to provide his own pictures and include a paper slip with his profile name visible. That should at least make it harder for him to spoof a picture.
No, he's from Estland.
UPDATE: Sold ---   Selling my excellent Schiit Yggdrasil DAC (230V), imported directly from Schiit USA.   One month of ownership Powered on the entire time except for two 30 second disconnects while relocating my setup Burned-in for two weeks with music playing constantly Condition exactly as received from Schiit (tiny ding on upper left edge, only visible up close, see second picture) The most accurate and detailed sound you could possibly want   I'm only...
Another way would be to disconnect one of the signal cables between DAC and amp.
 Alternatively, if you prefer something purer than a "Blue Velvet" ALPS pot, take a look at this passive preamp employing LDRs (light dependent resistors): Besides reviews linked from the website above, you can glean some impressions from the Tortuga Audio board if you feel so inclined.
 In that case you might want to consider the miniDSP nanoAVR HD that retails for $249. It provides 10 bands of parametric EQ per channel plus a host of other features. Note that I haven't tried the unit, so I can't vouch for it being fully transparent. I've been tempted to purchase it myself, I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. 
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