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Thanks, that would be great!
 How would you describe the treble of the SE846 in terms of clarity, details and extension, now that you've put more hours into it? As some consider the SE535 lacking in these areas, I was hoping the SE846 might have improved a bit here. I listen to a lot of classical music, specifically piano and string ensembles. My ears are very sensitive to sibilance and treble peaks, so I'm looking for a non-fatiguing treble response while still retaining as much clarity, details and...
I completely agree. I also went from HD800 to HE60 and quickly ditched the HEV70 in favor of the STAX SRM-007tII, which brought a little more bite/texture to the sound compared to the SRM-717. I haven't heard any of the more expensive amps, but I'm satisfied with what I have.
Due to an upcoming speaker purchase I'm now selling my HybridAmp. It's a DIY electrostat SS/tube hybrid amp built by rille according to the schematics from It has formerly belonged to the head-fi users cosmopragma and eddie78 (original sales thread by eddie78 here). It has four headphone connectors with according BIAS voltage: Stax normal (260V) Stax pro (580V) HE60 (Baby Orpheus, 540V, Stax-pinout) HEAudio Jade (600V, 5-pin DIN-connector) I have...
If it's any consolation I'm still out $10000.
I no longer own the Weiss DAC1-MK2 ($6,700). Instead, I now own a beautiful black Wadia 781i ($14,950). The Wadia sits in my livingroom setup, because the STAX SRM-007tII / Sennheiser HE60 combo isn't able to fully realise the power of the Wadia. The Stello DA220 MK2 is sufficient for my daily headphone usage.
I sold my pair of balanced L3000s to Henk. Communication was friendly and straightforward and payment was very fast. I would highly recommend him to anyone here!
Price dropped to SOLD due to changing currency exchange rates.
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