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 Alternatively, if you prefer something purer than a "Blue Velvet" ALPS pot, take a look at this passive preamp employing LDRs (light dependent resistors): Besides reviews linked from the website above, you can glean some impressions from the Tortuga Audio board if you feel so inclined.
 In that case you might want to consider the miniDSP nanoAVR HD that retails for $249. It provides 10 bands of parametric EQ per channel plus a host of other features. Note that I haven't tried the unit, so I can't vouch for it being fully transparent. I've been tempted to purchase it myself, I just haven't pulled the trigger yet. 
 I owned the DEQ2496 for years, but in the end it had to go. As you said, even on bypass it robbed the music of dynamics and soul. Now I use EqualizerAPO on my PC. It works great, and unlike the DEQ2496 it's completely transparent to my ears.
As the output impedance for the tube version is 460 Ohm, a headphone output with such a high impedance would make little sense.
 I had one major comfort issue with my LCD-X. The phone ended up resting on just the back part of the headband, which caused a painful hotspot on my head within less than 30 minutes of listening. I searched and found the leather suspension strap mentioned above, and it completely resolved my comfort issue. Best money I ever spent. Due to the elastic bands the broad leather part of the strap always ends up resting fully on my head, gently supporting the weight of the Audeze...
I also run with the FIR filter disabled on my Totaldac, as I find the slight ringing it introduces a bit fatiguing.
 As a fellow Shure SE846 owner also preferring the standard blue filter, I can certainly relate to your question. To me the answer is the Audeze LCD-X. I recommend that you employ a bit of EQ to make it audibly flat across the entire frequency spectrum. It really takes it up another notch.
 The new Audeze EL-8 (open or closed) is possibly a good match for you then. According to some reviewers they are near LCD-X/LCD-XC level in terms of audio quality, and they are 460g (open) or 480g (closed).
I emailed SPL about the Phonitor 2 maximum output power into various headphone loads and received a reply with the following data:   Phonitor 2 Max Output Power 2x 1W @  600 Ohm 2x 2W @  300 Ohm 2x 3,7W @ 120 Ohm (maximum) 2x 2,9W @  47 Ohm 2x 2,7W @  32 Ohm   The amp is not a beast by any means, but from a numbers perspective it certainly gets the job done. The Phonitor 2 is a very capable amp when it comes to delivering current into demanding low-impedance cans such...
I do the same. Works just fine.
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