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Hey guys just a heads up Paypal are offering a great deal £2 off most purchases from the Playstore so i just grabbed the USB Audio Pro app for £3.80 instead of the usual £5.80, which is generally regarded as the best Hi-Res app out there heres the link for you:
Question to you guys so ive read on here that using the DAC will severely affect battery life so id like to know if i have the DAC connected and just use the phone as normal (not listening to music) does this affect the battery life at all ? merely by having the DAC installed, also does battery life get affected with having the DAC installed whilst listening to music over Bluetooth say for the gym etc ? compared to not having the DAC installed.
Ok guys so without reading through 50 odd pages of this thread what is this threads opinion on the sound quality compared to the LG G5 with B&O DAC as id really love to know ?
Peter how would you say the Cambridge Audio DACMagic Plus compares to the LG G5 with DAC module because reading through this thread weeks ago many who own the Dragonfly  which is normally rated #1 in class virtually everyone says its now even close the DAC module easily beats it what do you think ?
Ive not seen that case before for the DAC good find, but for me in not usually a fan of that type of case because i find its a pain to keep opening the cover to get to the screen and if it has a fall the cover normally flips open leaving the screen exposed, any other cases for the DAC you managed to find ? as these are the only other ones i could...
What case did you pick up mate ?
   Loving my G5 with HiFi DAC module mind you dont know how thats gonna work when the Zerolemon Extended battery comes out.
Anyone know how this is gonna sound/compare to the LG G5 with DAC module ?
Well upon further research looking at the usual TPU Gel cases for the LG G5 with DAC module i discovered this one its certainly the best of the bunch im gonna have to order it:
I see its £5.80 which ive never spent on an app to date but if its noticeably the best regarding sound quality id be stupid not to get it really.
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