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I should also say that was using AppleLossless files and the volume near MAX to what the Headphones could take whilst still being composed (which the way i'd set the gain screws up @' 2.40'  the volume knob on the amp was at 12 o clock.
Just done my first charge and run them down whilst running in my new headphones Audio-Technica-ATH-M50S, iPod classic 160gb, GQ 24 LOD cable using some Duracells supreme 2650mAh  i managed to get 205 hours / 8.5 days which i thought was amazing.
Ive just received mine about a week ago and would like to know what kind of set up headphones / batteries used / life your getting from the PA2V2 ? thx
Well ive just had delivered today a pair of Audio-Technica ATH-M50s and am waiting on a PA2V2 Amp which should arrive any day now, upgrading from my Fiio E 5 and Grado's SR 80i i just wanted to know how and where you use your set up as i dont see many people around walking with BIG headphones on their head.
I'm looking for a portable amp that i can use and carry around with me with my ipod classic 160gb used with a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple Fi 10 earphones also a pair of Grado's SR 80i, im currently using a Fiio e5 but am looking to upgrade with a budget of around £100. Most of the music will be ripped into Apple Lossless and MP3 320kbps. Any advice appreciated, thx
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