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Came across a good deal on a used NuWave DAC so that's the route I've taken.  I'll play the waiting game for the DirectStream to come down in price in a year or two, as it inevitably will.  That will also give plenty of time to see if it is the panacea for digital files after all.  Thanks for all the insight .
Wow, no responses yet.  I'm surprised.  My decision has gotten a little foggier with the upcoming release of the PS Audio DirectStream upgrade for my PWD.  Now I'm rethinking moving my headphone set up in order to upgrade to the DirectStream in stead of purchasing another new DAC.
I am contemplating relocating my headphone rig away from my listening room and into the main living room of my house.  I listen through my headphones primarily at night or early morning when the wife is sleeping and am thinking it would be nice to have it more conveniently located.  This will, however, necessitate purchasing an additional DAC (darn shame) and I covet experienced ears opinions’ regarding the DACs I’m considering.   I am considering three DACs, and yes I...
Sounds good sleepwalker.  I am actually doing pretty much just that by using a QNAP 469 Pro NAS in a RAID10 configuration and a PS Audio PWD Mk. II with Bridge.  All of them are wired through Trendnet TPL-402e 500mbs Powerline LAN adapters since my house didn't come wired with CATx.  I'm using eLyric on an old netbook as my music manager and my iPad/Pod to control it.  Before I went with the powerline adapters, my wifi wasn't working well (slow, dropouts, etc.), even with...
I agree with DaveBSC.  The Auraliti is essentially a dedicated media computer (running Linux) that allows an external drive with the stored media to serve the files to a DAC via USB.  With all other functions removed, it is simply an optimized music server.  At just under $800, plus the cost of an external drive, it is about as cheap as a MacMini or PC that must be optimized.  It does require some sort of controller, such as a tablet with a third party app to view and...
Thanks for the reply. $500 is no deal breaker at all, I was just interested in the sonic qualities of the two. If the NAD is really superior it's a no brainier. If not I'll stick with the W4S. Thanks again and look forward to hearing more impressions of the M51!
Obzilla, How is the comparo between the M51 and the DAC-2 coming? I'm thinking about those two so I"d like to hear your thoughts since you have them both.
    Ok, thanks for the info, keep us posted about the compatibility with the MacMini over HDMI.
    What do you mean by Apple core audio?   This is concerning to me because that is exactly how I was thinking about using it.  Glad I haven't pulled the trigger just yet.  Perhaps the HDMI is only for video associated audio but that would be disappointing.   Is the MacMini even capable of outputting 24/192 via HDMI?
What about the sound quality of using Apple TV streaming from my iMac then connecting it, via Toslink  or HDMI, to an external DAC.  I could then avoid the expense of an additional server and be able to afford a better DAC.  I know Apple TV can handle FLAC, ALAC, AIFF and WAV files but I'm not sure at what bitrate through Toslink.  The HDMI  is maxes at the 174 I beleive.  Any thoughts or experience in regard to sound quality?   Thanks.
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