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LCD-3 in good condition, sent in around February to get checked/new sound graph with a chris himself silver ray cable viablue splitter, double helix 1/4inch plug (red). Asking sold$ shipped CONUS (DOES NOT HAVE FAZOR) Sennheiser IE800 in good condition, ~50hours total after purchase from a user who had very few hours on it. Originally purchased from Music Direct from this ad http://www.head-fi.org/t/696124/sennheiser-ie800-price-dropped asking 500$ shipped...
For sale is: Audeze LCD-2r2- I'm the second owner, original owner had ~25hours on it, was purchased in 2012. I've put on about 100 hours since, still in very good condition. This is the rev2.2 however, it does not have the plastic angled connectors (has the wood ones). Comes with the wooden box, a moon audio silver dragon cable (5ft) terminated with a 1/4inch furutech plug or a chris himself silver cable for SOLD, but, cables still available though!  Hifiman HE-6 -  In...
Hey all, I was wondering what the use of socket savers are for... I thought they made replacing tubes easier, but the connection between the tube and socket saver is tighter than the socket saver to the lyr. Maybe I just made up the use of socket savers  completely in my head... anyone have any ideas?   Thanks.
Get new tubes! they make a world of difference (at least switching out from the stock ones)
Looking for the V-Moda M-100's. Also looking for the LCD-3's and have a pair of HE-6's that I could trade with. Let me know if you have a pair for sale and what condition they are in. Thanks for looking!
Looking for Trends TA-10.2SE Let me know if you've got one for sale! Thanks
Hey all, Looking for e88cc/e188cc/pcc88 tubes for the Schiit Lyr Especially amperex/lorenz/telefunken/siemens. Let me know what you have and how much Thanks!
Would you say that the HE-500 sounds better than the HE-6 on the Lyr?
  For reference, I'll sum my very limited experience with LCD's I was able to listen to the LCD2/LCD3/HD800 for about five minutes each, about 5 months ago on some amp, that I think was somewhat fancy but wasn't able to get the name of at the time. From that time, I found that the LCD2 was much darker/thicker than the HD series, and the LCD3 was a less dark and thick, but still very smooth and "natural" sounding. (this is just for comparison for my impressions). The...
I would agree with the d7k's, or LCD2/3. I think the HE-6's and HD800 are too similar. I feel like the HE-6 is a tad warmer/smoother, and the hd800 a tad less bassy/better mids
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