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i used to think that mobile phone will suffice as a DAP / Phone / All the World in One, until I split out and got the DX90, my perception changed, so, for me BTS or not, I'm not gonna music out of my mobile anymore
i got mine before there was GST, and no, i wasn't taxed on it at all
i don't know what to observe between sharp filter and slow filter, just tried and couldn't observe anything
well, the second part of the annoyance is the chinese characters not showing up, its showing square blocks even when i change encoding to simplified chinese, well, Mango is still my "to go" option, but I'm keeping the RB as backup
if only they can work on the navigations, it's quite a headache to move around in the menus
i tried the RB version, and somehow I just couldnt get used to it, and prefer Mango in comparison, seems Mango is easier to navigate , RB seems complicated to the eye
it doesn't matter as long it's a complete product, some phones don't get updates that often and i don't see people nagging the phone not usable because of no updates
windowsx post got removed, served him right
each has its own standpoint, and each has its standout,so its not uo for debate
it's not about the brand, it's all about the file system and speed
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