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comparing HE400i with my trust old Q701, this is my first day with the HE400i, and dang~ it's a big contrast compared to Q701
119 GB only
i dunno about M8, but on Find 7, i turn off Dirac and MaxxSound, and it sounds a lot better, using USB Audio Player Pro
has anyone tried a balanced output on the Q? is there significant difference compared to other headphones that changed to this output? i mean from 3.5 to balanced
i'm still reading away and waiting for someone to justify it's use with Magni, at a weather that is Malaysia based, hot, humid, rain, cloudy, these are the only possible weathers around   i might find myself a demo unit in couple weeks, but then 3 days is a bit short to try :(
i get mine from Ted Allen
hey, It's me again, and after testing around first round, i believe you get the idea of my info and details, hope for a 2nd chance / round @Joe Bloggs
only had a brief listen to IM50, and the pin inside the IEM left side broke, shiish, talk about durability
  current setup i just bought recently, Magni + PYST + Modi + IFI IUSB connected by Forza's USB cable
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