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I'm still waiting for responses from users on their cable, while I'm using an spc cable from headphonelounge
wow you're posts are epic lengthy lol, hope you can get it soon, I have used RM110 for the postage, which is around 33 USD roughly
after searching the net for a long time, i finally found the maker of the current cable I'm using with the C6IEM and sounding best among all my other cables, its an SPC from ted allen of headphonelounge
on my part, the silver really gives it the bang it needs
everybody has that same opinion generally,and so another cable is way to gobtw CL tweeted me new custom cables coming soon
Be prepare to face the headband of doom
But I do feel that the original stock cable is sounding worse than the one I bought from btg audioworks sunriseanyways, anyone fully experimented and can recommend an either mixed cable or a pure silver of a specific brand?
I cannot decide between getting silver cable or copper or mixtures of both
depends where you are, me from Malaysia and @jelt2359 i suppose from Singapore
i suppose from my magni modi, the c6iem indicates a vocal centric heavy mid bass IEM, the rest have to wait till i get familiar with it
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