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this BaX is totally out of this world alien technology, it feels so right in all aspect matching with the C6iem, and that comfort and thinness 
I'm using their USB cable and man are they classy and sturdy
guess I'm not in it then
i think you won't hear from them so soon, once they have the list they will either first post it or pm us
ah man, FedEx really can't find a shop in a shopping complex?! My BaX has been with them at local branch for 4 days and they cant find a simple shop at the 2nd floor of a complex right beside an escalator, well, thats sad
avenged sevenfold system of a down vinyl chinese artist jay chou
oh yeah the time has come!
ah~ the spinfit, i haven't tried any but the swivel flexibility is a plus
I've used some generic tips and they fit
since the C6iem isnt listed in the head gear, i took the liberty to copy and paste it in, come lets populate the list a bit
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