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you just need to ask the right person, i asked Jude 
they did bring on last cjs, but didn't display it, they might this time
if you could measure the RHA MA750i against their factory graph, that will be great
everything is negotiable
there isn't many years lol, just one
you need to put it into the head gear section too, part of the deal
flexibility wise will be L1, but on technical spec might be mojo
I have the mojo, but I think they both can co-exist well together. Mojo sounds slightly brighter and more detailed, but the RHA mids are unbeatable at it's price point, and the amount of flexibility you can get with the L! is something worth thinking about
finalizing my review with the L1 http://www.head-fi.org/products/rha-dacamp-l1/reviews/17789   now I'm gonna enjoy it at most without any writings to interfer, now BYE!
second portion of my review, the CL750 vs the MA750i http://www.head-fi.org/products/rha-cl750/reviews/17777
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