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i use fiio with mojo as car audio, makes my blaupunkt shine
i can say almost everything was made for each other when mojo is on 1 side
there is but with limited availability in global scale, some places just couldn't buy it conveniently, or get taxed like hell wants your soul
why not use a powered by usb hub ?
I never had such scenarios or heard of it, i just use any charger that i can find and charge as it is, htc or asus or any device, I charge with the sam charger and measures fine, maybe it's that particular charger having problems
there is the oppo vooc charger which delivers 9v 2a for their vooc charging
get a 8gb card just for firmware flashing, that's what I did, and it's less than $10, I don't even care about the brand, got a knock off Kingston 8gb which is obviously a fake brand card, but functions when it needs to
I haven't used comply for a long time now, wonder if they have improved?
I've not been a fan of high res audio myself, couldn't determine much exponential difference
depending on your dap, it might work. for first gen fiio x players, it could, but for my x5ii it wont, it needs trrs to mono
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