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Item(s) for Sale:   Rooted Samsung Galaxy S4 32Gb Blackmist on Verizon Phone will come with all original accessories including headphones and charger. Phone will also come with a black Elago G7 slimfit case and the Spigen Neo Hybrid case with Graphite trim ring.   Item(s) Description/Condition:   Phone is in great condition, has been in a case most of its life. The battery cover does have some blemishes on it from debris being caught between the case and the...
$350 shipped
Has anyone received the ambassadors email yet?
Interested. Some of my reviews can be found here:
The Antlion was going to be my first recommendation. I just got one and its very well built. It fits on my Shure 750DJ"s very well. If the HE-500s are similar in size you should be ok.   You can see my pictures here:
Willing to trade for a Schiit Modi + some cash on your end or other headphones.
I went the modmic road and attached them to the Shure SRH750DJ's I have that I love. They never get used anyway as the ASG2's are more portable but now I have a reason.   I was able to sneak the modmic cable through the coiled cable on the Shure's and use the cable management clips Antlion sent to bundle everything into 1 cord.      
New to the club. Just got the Wyrd, Modi, and Vali for my home setup.
Looking for a 6-10" USB cable for my Schiit Wyrd to Modi. Any recommendations? Would also like something that comes in a 2-3' flavor as well to go from the PC to the Wyrd. Budget is a concern. Not looking to spend $50 on USB cables.
Looking for a mint condition Schiit Wyrd with all original accessories, paper work, and box. PP is ready. I will require pics with a username/date regardless of feedback.
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