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Quit recommending XP. Its been obsolete for years and in 3 weeks is no longer supported. If its going to have a network connection absolute bare minimum is Windows 7.
Desktop. They are expandable, cheaper to build, if hardware goes bad easier to fix. Literally the only thing a laptop offers that a desktop does not is portability. If you need to move it laptop, otherwise desktop.
His point was a desktop you always have the option to upgrade down the road if you see fit. With a laptop you are stuck with the hardware you order. What happens when he gets a new DAC that doesnt have USB but optical only? SOL unless he has a desktop that he can swap cards in.
I made 20' cables and used them for a over 6 months.
Ive built tons of custom RCA cables. Mostly for car audio applications with Neutrik ends. Cat5E cables work fine in a car audio environment were there is almost always more interference with signal than in a home application.
The 2 things that will be recommended most are the Magni/Modi combo for $200 or the Fiio combo.
Im willing to bet on DRM restrictions. What if you download the same music onto another PC and try sharing them out? Same result?
Dispute the charges. Im sure you didnt pay with cash.
Possibly a DRM issue with Amazon?
Ive never used AudioGrail, but it appears to be a MediaMonkey, MusicBee alternative. Today its being given away for free.  http://www.giveawayoftheday.com/audiograil-7-2/
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