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Gorilla Ears AT-2B or AT-3B. The B denotes a bass version. The 3B is about $100 out of your price range, but may be worth looking into if you can stretch your budget a little.
You can check out the Gorilla Ears AT3's. They come in at $649. After impressions and shipping your sitting somewhere very close to $700.
Gorilla Ears AT5's  
  You can never under power a speaker and blow it from underpowering it alone. If you set your gains, EQ's, etc. right and listen to it at the proper level its impossible to damage a speaker from underpowering. Its a fact of all speaker designs.   Clipping is caused by more than just user error. It can be inherent in the music (thanks to todays crappy artists), improper gain settings, improper EQ settings, bass boost just to name a few.
Never in the existence of speakers has to little power damaged speakers. The damage comes from heat that is either caused by clipping or providing to much power.   Also never boost frequencies as it introduces clipping. You  ALWAYS cut frequencies to get the desired sound.
1, Please   answer this question at the thread: I am from USA   ( your country name)   " I promise to review the PAA- 1 PRO and post it at Headfi and our local forum".   Email sent  
Looking for recommendations on BT headphones around $100. For now looking for suggestions for IEM's and over ear.
Email sent. Left reviews for the Etymotic HF2's and the Grado Labs SR80i's.  
Gorilla Ears, also a US CIEM company.
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