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I have a quick amendment. I have since aquired a set of AuriSonic ASG2.0's and the Heir Audio 3.Ai's. Comparisons are below:   Heir Audio 3.Ai   Alicia Keys – No One: The base is pronounced in this song, yet everything maintains clarity. Stone Sour – Through Glass: The 3.Ai’s were the most clear on this excerpt over any of the other headphones. While it had the most clarity it lacked in low end. Usher – Scream: Midbass is the shining point of this...
My review:
Company Name: Hisound Audio Company Website: Headphone Model: PAA1 Pro Headphone Style (Open, Closed, On-Ear, Over-Ear, IEM, CIEM): Earbud Frequency Range: 17-22Khz Impedance: 32 Ohm       Sensitivity: 105db Isolation: Not Listed Material: Plastic/metal Warranty: 1 year Price: $49.00 Describing Sound: Definitions:...
Did you look at the previous data posted where no matter the cable the noise and jitter was identical when measured?
  And everything else in your system remained 100% identical?
  You just described 5 other scenarios that need to be perfect to hear any difference in a USB cable. With that in mind prove it was the USB cable or something else that was changed. I call placebo without an statistcal and measurable proof that a USB cable did infact change the wave forms or reduce distortion in any way.
Absolutely not. A USB cable is a USB cable. There are standards for a reason. As long as it is compliant with standards you will be fine.
Sweet. You had a good experience. The OP didnt. This post is irrelevant and doesnt negate the fact that they dropped the ball twice so far on this order.
Wish this would have been up before the PAA1 Pro's.
Got mine today. And listened quickly as I was walking out to meet my dad to help move and these sound great initially. Full review to come in the next weeks.  
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