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Never in the existence of speakers has to little power damaged speakers. The damage comes from heat that is either caused by clipping or providing to much power.   Also never boost frequencies as it introduces clipping. You  ALWAYS cut frequencies to get the desired sound.
1, Please   answer this question at the thread: I am from USA   ( your country name)   " I promise to review the PAA- 1 PRO and post it at Headfi and our local forum".   Email sent  
Looking for recommendations on BT headphones around $100. For now looking for suggestions for IEM's and over ear.
Email sent. Left reviews for the Etymotic HF2's and the Grado Labs SR80i's.  
Gorilla Ears, also a US CIEM company.
Perhaps some of you may find this information helpful when looking into Gorilla Ears.  
Surprised there isnt more interest in these since there was a few threads about them, but no information.   Here are some HD shots.            
PM me pics and details.
---------------------------------------------------------------- Head-Fi account: whitedragon551   Review reference: I own my own blog where I have been doing numerous headphone reviews for companies such as VMODA, Grado, Brainwavz, Gorilla Ears, and Aurisonics.   Equipment: Really open to anything. I own Shure SRH750DJ's, Gorilla Ears AT5, Dunu I3CS, Brainwavz, Aurisonics ASG2.0's. Fiio E11 with...
  Your welcome. In my experience with audio (headphones and car audio) you get what you pay for 9 times out of 10. There is that 10% chance that you find a diamond in the rough. This is one of those cases where the price tag is warranted.
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