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 Located in MI per my profile. And second you have no right to come in here and even drop that S bomb. Gift option lowers the fees I pay and lowers the cost the purchaser pays. Without gift to get my asking price I would have to charge almost another $30 on top of the asking price. If the buyer wants to pay an extra $30 for piece of mind I dont care, its up to them. Id rather save them the money. I also have a personal policy to insure everything and not spend a dime from...
Up top for the weekend.
Up top for the weekend.
I have a mint condition Yulong Audio DA8 that Is up for trades. I have the original box and power cable.   Its been used for 5-6 months maybe 2-3 days per week. Its been used in the office at my desk as a Network Engineer. I listen to it for ~6-7 hours 2-3 times per week if Im in the office. The last 3 or 4 months it has been sitting on my desk collecting dust.   What Im looking for:   1. Looking to downgrade. Id prefer to sell as a straight cash sale, but will...
I have a mint condition silver Sabre Audio DA8 thats about 6 months old. It sits on my desk in my office and I use it maybe 2-3 days per week for about 8 hours each.   How much is this component worth in used condition? I tried looking through classifieds here for sold values, but couldnt find any from recent. 
Id rather stick to Con US.
Im assuming this is on Windows? Do you happen to have Malware Bytes Antimalware installed? It is known to cause an issue with audio similar to what you are describing.
The only thing I have seen is Virtual Audio Cables with an EQ.
Lets get these gone. Have some appliances to buy.
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