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   See above on the same page.
I have a set of Aurisonics ASG2.'s. Ive had them for just over 2 years. They are still going strong, but the stock cable is starting to break. The stress areas on the Y are starting to peel away and the cable is very green (its a clear cable). I want to replace them, but dont want to spend a ton of money.   They appear to be a standard 2 prong IEM cable. Looking for something I can maybe get in a different color. I realize the green isnt a big deal, but its ugly. It...
Which product(s) you would like to review (you may rank the products if more than one): Im interested in the Aurvana In-Ear3 Plus IEM's and the E5 Amp Head-Fi username: Location (City/Country): Grand Rapids, MI Do you own any similar products? If yes, which: I currently own Aurisonics ASG2, Thinksound MS01, but have used Heir Audio 3.Ai and Gorilla Ears AT5's in past. As far as portable amps I still own a Fiio E11. Link(s) to a previous review(s): All of my reviews are on...
Have you tried this:   http://science.opposingviews.com/keep-usb-active-macintosh-sleep-mode-10704.html
If thats the case then why does it only affect the left ear piece? I highly doubt the sensitivity on the left ear piece is 23db more sensitive than the right ear piece.
I have a Vali, Modi, Wyrd stack at work and Ive noticed the Vali seems to have a background buzzing noise. Only in the left ear. I have tried powering everything off and back on with no change. I used a set of Aurisonics ASG2's and swapped cables to the ear pieces and the noise stayed in the left ear. Its not the same ting sound you get from the tubes warming up, its more of a buzz when volume is set to high. Any ideas what it could be and how to get rid of it?
 Sleep is not virtually the same state as off. Sleep is a low power mode similar to hibernate. USB selective suspend is a power setting that can be enabled or disabled that is effected by this sleep state. I could see the PC keeping the USB port off with selective suspend. Once something is removed and readded it is then recognizing something again and coming out of the sleep state. As a Network Engineer I have also seen some crazy things with Hibernate mode. I would...
Try something like this:   http://www.newegg.com/global/uk/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4YU2B19392&cm_re=powered_usb_hub-_-0J2-0031-00001-_-Product
Try a USB powered hub to power the DAC. Its a common issue with the Schiit Modi, thats why the Schiit Wyrd exists.
 Without a measuring tape on me they appear to be right around 3.5-4".
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