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Thanks for the book. I knew I was leaving something out. I updated the OP with music types.   Any idea what the difference is between the HE-400 and 400S? Appears the 400S is the newer model.
Looking for a set of open back headphones to use at work. I get alot of phone calls and need to be able to hear the outside world. Looking for something at or under $200. Willing to buy used. They will be used with a Schiit Wyrd, Magni, Vali stack.   I had a set of Grado SR80i's and really liked them. I regret getting rid of them.   So far I am looking at sets of Sen HD558, 598's, HiFiMan HE400 or 400S, Grado SR125e with aftermarket cups. Any others I should...
 Ive seen/worked with alot of companies that just pick a model and "give" them to 3 or so people for reviews. The ones I have worked with normally pick something in the middle of the road in their line of offerings.
   Also waiting. Its been over 3 weeks since I sent a shipping address and havent had a PM in return
Thats Well I hope its nice out this weekend as I am out of town.
Has anyone received their review unit yet?
Thanks for the opportunity. LucasCL PM has been sent.
   See above on the same page.
I have a set of Aurisonics ASG2.'s. Ive had them for just over 2 years. They are still going strong, but the stock cable is starting to break. The stress areas on the Y are starting to peel away and the cable is very green (its a clear cable). I want to replace them, but dont want to spend a ton of money.   They appear to be a standard 2 prong IEM cable. Looking for something I can maybe get in a different color. I realize the green isnt a big deal, but its ugly. It...
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