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Im leaning to the AKG K612Pros as I like the looks and have wanted to try some AKG stuff. How does the 612 stack up against the HE400S? I havent been able to find anything on this comparison.
So far it seems like almost everyone prefers the K612Pro in this price range.
627 pages is a little much to read.
Looking for open back headphones along the lines of AKG K612Pro, HifI HE-400S, Grado SR225E, etc. Trying to keep it under $200, but will spend for the right set of phones. I want only unmodded, mint condition equipment.
How does the Beyer DT880 stack up with the rest?
 Ok why? How do they stack up against what has already been mentioned?
Whats the difference between the AKG K612 and 612Pro? Ive always wanted to try some AKG's out.
Wish I had the cash on hand to snag these, I have been wanting a pair. If you change your mind on trades let me know.
Thanks for the book. I knew I was leaving something out. I updated the OP with music types.   Any idea what the difference is between the HE-400 and 400S? Appears the 400S is the newer model.
Looking for a set of open back headphones to use at work. I get alot of phone calls and need to be able to hear the outside world. Looking for something at or under $200. Willing to buy used. They will be used with a Schiit Wyrd, Magni, Vali stack.   I had a set of Grado SR80i's and really liked them. I regret getting rid of them.   So far I am looking at sets of Sen HD558, 598's, HiFiMan HE400 or 400S, Grado SR125e with aftermarket cups. Any others I should...
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