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 Would it be better to go with the Raspberry Pi B+ and the HifiBerry DAC+? Also one of the requirements is Pandora One. Does Volumio/Rune support Pandora One?
 I have already purchased the AKG K612Pro's from recommendation on this thread.
Im thinking this amp:   http://www.parts-express.com/dayton-audio-apa100-class-ab-stereo-amplifier-60-wpc--300-590#lblSimilarProduct   Just need something capable of streaming to it.
Anyone have a guess? I see them for around $300-$350 in the FS section, but none are this close to SN 1.
Just bought the Razer Ouroboros to go with my Blackwidow Chroma keyboard.
Anyone out there?
 We didnt want to buy a PC dedicated to this. Streaming devices are typically around $100-$200 vs a decent PC around $600.
I work for an IT company and the suite we are in used to be a health club. When the health club vacated the suite they left behind their in ceiling speakers. We want to make use of them and stream music for the office.   We have a 75Mb connection.   We know we need an amp or receiver based on impedence with low power output. The tough part is finding the device to stream the music. The owner wants something that can use Spotify, Pandora, or other streaming services to...
I have a pair of Aurisonics ASG 2.0's. They are clear with clear cables. Everything is 100% functional. There is greening of the cables like normal as I have had them since the release of the ASG 2.0 model. I have serial number 2 of them ever made. I have all accessories and the case along with the product card and serial number card. What are they worth?
Anyone?   Picture attached.  
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