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I use the modmic with my Shure SRH750DJ"s and its a great mic. I use a Razer Blackwidow chroma and nobody can hear it in the back ground.
My pads for my Shure SRH750DJ's are cracking. I know which part number I need for the factory pleather pads. I prefer the pads on my AKG K612Pro's with the velour. Are there any velour pads that will fit the Shure's? Will the SRH1440 or SRH1840 pads interchangeable?
Here are some great reviews.
 Well it depends. the E5 has so many more options it depends on whats enabled. With SBX off its fairly neutral. With it on there is a low end emphasis.
I have the E5 and its definitely under priced for the features you get. I prefer it to my Schiit Magni/Modi stack and my Fiio E11, but Im not roaming much with audio so I dont really use it.
I am planning to pick up my conceal carry permit. My equipment used to be at my desk in my office, but I am not there very much so it doesnt make sense to keep it. I am thinking about throwing my stuff up for sale as a package deal. It would be a good starter package into the hobby.   Everything is in mint condition   1. Schiit Wyrd, Modi, and Vali (All Gen 1) with all USB/RCA's required to plug and play. I have the original box for all of these 2. Aurisonics ASG 2.0....
I was recommended the AKG K612Pro's over the X2's and love them.
Got my H850 Review up here:
Lets drop it to $140.
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