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This really could go in the IEM and Headphone sections as it pertains to both. However, I will only post it here.   What features do you look for when buying or trading headphones? And what features will turn you off of a purchase?   I know I am not a fan of over the ear cords on IEM's, inline mics/phone buttons, and for some reason I really dislike L shaped 3.5mm plugs.
And what types of music will you be listening to with these? What devices will you be listening from?
I would recommend the Shure SRH750DJ's. They have a nice low end and a balanced top end. They come in well under your $150 budget.  
Depends on what your looking for from a headphone. Your going to have to be more specific.
Most CIEM companies will give you instructions on how they need their molds done for the CIEM process.
If you traded for some that came from LendMeUrEars its possible you got shafted with a faulty product. There is a thread floating around about them right now and their warranty practices being shady.   The I3CS is a very clear IEM although not as clear as the Ety's. You have to remember the Ety's vs the I3CS are not after the same sound signature. The Ety's are meant to sound crystal clear and basically lack in everything else. They have no low end extension, where as the...
Every company started out never being heard of. The Janus Group, who owns Gorilla Ears, has been around for 10 years and has multiple patents. They have more claim to fame than alot of the CIEM companies that everyone mentions. Thats why I got a set. The finish on them is just as good or better than any CIEM Ive seen pictures for. Ive worked with the president of the company on a personal basis and he is very quick to respond and knowledgeable about the entire process.
Gorilla Ears is also US based. Out of North Carolina I believe. I have the AT5's and love them. Im working on a review now for them.   With a budget like that you can get the AT3's. 3 premium drivers, case, cleaning cloth and cleaning tool. Leaves you $50 for impressions and shipping and you can stay right around $700.
Here are my recommendations for what Ive heard and like. If a bracket is empty then I have no experience with any IEM's in that price range. I added a 7th bracket.       1st: FocalPrice CK700 2nd: JVC "Marshmallow" HAFX34B 3rd: Brainwavz R1 4th: Etymotic HF2 5th: Dunu Topsound IC3-S 6th: 7th: Gorilla Ears AT5 (CIEMS)
Congrats to all of the other winners.  
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