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Not true at all. If you file a claim you have to provide supporting evidence. Paypal will award someone a winner for lack of a better term. If the buyer won the claim at that point he would be required to ship it back and provide shipping/tracking details to Paypal and he would get his money back.
For the short time I had mine I used a Fiio E11.  
35.4Gb's, 6,734 files . Most of it is 320KBPS or greater.
Could also check into some of the lower lines of Gorilla Ears AT or GX series.  
Still reviewing them. Im not going to listen to these for a week and do a review on a set of custom headphones.
To toss another one into the mix you could consider the Shure SRH750DJ's. They fold up nicely and have good isolation for public places. I carry mine to university campus with me all the time.   You can get them online on eBay from an authorized retailer for $110 shipped brand new.  
Ran into a little snag. I managed to get the buffer in VSTHost down to 630 samples. However on TV shows about every 5 minutes or so sound will drop out for 10-15 seconds and come back. Anyone experience this issue in the past? Google is a great help with VAC/VSTHost.  
I enjoyed my VMODA's. You will read alot of negative reviews about them, but most of the gripes came with the MSRP price tag. For that price Id jump on them.   Here is a link to my review:  
I really like my Shure SRH750DJ's. I was between them and the 840's, but read good things on the 750's. You can get them on eBay from an authorized Shure retailer with a full warranty for $110 shipped brand new.  
When I had my customs made my Audiologist couldnt make impressions because of a blockage. She couldnt get the wax out. She had me use a product called Debrox. It softens up the wax and bubbles to push it out. 3 treatments of that and my ear was spotless.
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