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I made 20' cables and used them for a over 6 months.
Ive built tons of custom RCA cables. Mostly for car audio applications with Neutrik ends. Cat5E cables work fine in a car audio environment were there is almost always more interference with signal than in a home application.
The 2 things that will be recommended most are the Magni/Modi combo for $200 or the Fiio combo.
Im willing to bet on DRM restrictions. What if you download the same music onto another PC and try sharing them out? Same result?
Dispute the charges. Im sure you didnt pay with cash.
Possibly a DRM issue with Amazon?
Ive never used AudioGrail, but it appears to be a MediaMonkey, MusicBee alternative. Today its being given away for free.
 You can get good DDR3 RAM with 2x8Gb sticks for about $125. If your after gaming RAM with the best timings its upwards of $180-$200 for same quantity. You should be happy you dont have a high end gaming laptop. RAM for my laptop costs around $160 for some 2x8Gb sticks of  GSkill RIP Jaw with crappy 9-9-9-28 timings. Here is a list of the qualities available: High Quality MP3will play in any MP3 player. encoded with LAME at V0, fully tagged. FLAC LoselessCD quality - will not play in itunes or many other popular media players. FLAC Hi Definitionbetter-than-CD-quality 24bit 96kHZ audio - will not play in itunes or many other popular media players. M4A Apple LoselessCD quality - will play in itunes. High Def WAVE 24/96better-than-CD-quality 24bit 96kHz...
I never buy games at full price. As a computer gamer I will buy from GOG, Steam, Origin, etc. when they are on sale. I love the Battlefield series and had 1500+ hours into BF2, but I will never drop $60 on the new BF4.
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