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I vote for Shure SRH750 DJ's. Cheaper than the ATH50's and better low end while still maintaining clarity elsewhere. These can be had for $110 from authorized Shure dealers on eBay.
Sounds like he is going Laptop onboard audio > AK120 > Optical out to HT receiver > headphones.
When you order I would also request that they put the additional RAM under the keyboard. There are 2 slots under the removable back and 2 under the keyboard. To install RAM under the keyboard you have to send the laptop in. If you have them install both slots under the keyboard it leaves the other 2 slots free for upgrade on your own.
 The bigfoot Networks Killer card has built in QoS (Quality of Service) capabilities so it optimizes network traffic for games, or skype, team speak, ventrillo, or what ever you want to take priority. Any basic wireless router can do this. I went with the Dual Band AC7260 in my Sager. It offers the new AC protocol which is in theory gigabit wireless speeds. To take advantage of the AC protocol you have to have a wireless router that supports AC. Are you sure that laptop...
Teamspeak I think has options to select the input recording device. It doesnt default to the Windows Default.
My suggestions: 1. You should skip the Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless card. It doesnt do anything special that you cant do from your router. Also pretty much useless if you have a decent internet connection.2. Skip the HD as the main drive. Go straight for a 120 or 256Gb SSD. Load times in game are much much faster. Also have you used Windows 8? If not I would strongly suggest Win7 64 bit.
These 2 programs are extremely similar in looks and functionality. Does anyone have experience with both, prefer one over the other?   Looking for feedback. I currently use MediaMonkey, but may make the switch if others have good experiences.
The only things I would consider upgrading are the thermal paste and copper cooling. Any of the other hardware you could upgrade yourself down the road if you wanted to. Highly doubt you will recognize any difference in the screen. The screen's on these Sagers are very nice. I have an 8235 because I didnt like the backlight keypad design. Its a tank. I upgraded my RAM myself, upgraded to a SSD myself and used a hard drive bay and placed it where the CD drive was for extra...
Ive ordered through XoticPC multiple times over the past few years. They offer military discounts, free shipping, cash discounts. The Sager does have a 17" variant that should off the features your after and still come in under $1600.
A single 770GTX is better than 2 755's in SLI mode. Look into the Sager NP8235 or if you want backlit keyboard the NP8265. Up to 32Gbs of RAM, 770GTX. They are very nice all around. I just picked up an NP8235. I plan on using it for BF3 and 4. The Sagers also have the option for a main SSD drive and 2 mSATA drives for a RAID configuration as well. In mine I ended up using a Samsung 840 Evo 120Gb SSD for the main drive and bought a CD drive HD caddy and took out the disc...
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