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Ive seen numerous reviews and threads on using a hearing aid dehumidifier for your CIEM's. Are there any that are commonly used in the headfi arena? Is there 1 type that will prolong the headphone life over another? There are a few types such as electric, cans with desiccant lining, etc.
Why not the Shure SRH750DJ? Ive read the 840 and the 750DJ are very similar with the 750DJ having a little more emphasis on the low end. Ive owned mine for quite some time and toss them in my backpack at college all the time and they dont creak and there are no fractures.  
I have up for sale a mint condition pair of Grado SR80i. These came directly from Grado to me instead of an unauthorized internet dealer.   They have only been used maybe a total of 4-5 hours tops. Never left the house and always used at my desk.   Pads were washed with dish soft to soften them up. Comes warranty paper work, and 3.5mm to 6.3mm (1/4") adapter. Can ship with Pizza Box in a large flat rate for $5 more.   Asking $85 shipped/OBO.   I have...
Reading > You.   I deal with this stuff on a regular basis for a community Im a moderator of. That said community just so happens to be a place to buy, sell, trade car audio gear online.   You file the claim. Paypal will request you send it back if you havent. You provide Paypal with the tracking and delivery confirmation. Its that simple. Never send an item back without filing a claim first because then you are screwed.
Ok long story short I have a VAC (Virtual Audio Cable) and VSTHost setup on my laptop to bypass the default Windows sound driver and Realtek HD software.   The problem: If I am watching a video via VLC, music via Foobar2000, Netflix, or playing a game on Facebook the audio will get static and stutter if I open another browser window. Ive been trying to figure out how to get rid of this issue before I do a headphone review to eliminate any false information.   The...
Toss the Shure SRH750DJ into the mix at $110 on eBay.
Not true at all. If you file a claim you have to provide supporting evidence. Paypal will award someone a winner for lack of a better term. If the buyer won the claim at that point he would be required to ship it back and provide shipping/tracking details to Paypal and he would get his money back.
For the short time I had mine I used a Fiio E11.  
35.4Gb's, 6,734 files . Most of it is 320KBPS or greater.
Could also check into some of the lower lines of Gorilla Ears AT or GX series.  
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