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You can email Shure the name of the company selling them and they will verify.  
Does that include the cost of the audiologist?   Id look at the Gorilla Ears AT3 for $649.
Also check out Gorilla Ears. I have their top tier AT5's and love them. They have tons of offerings from a 1 driver CIEM all the way up to a 5 driver and bass configurations.
All of the questions with an Other category are broke. When you enter something for other it still tells you its a required field.  
Headphones that benefit most from an amp have a high impedance and low sensitivity. The SR80i's are the opposite. They have a low impedance and a high sensitivity.  
Grados default connector is 3.5mm and they come with a 6.3mm adapter.
For a headphone to be driven by a source like that your need to look at 2 things. Low ohm load and a high sensitivity. Those things will determine how easy a set of headphones is to drive with your iPod. From there you just need to know what sound signature your looking for.  
Ill second MP3 tag.  
Odd that it requires a premium account.  
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