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All of the questions with an Other category are broke. When you enter something for other it still tells you its a required field.  
Headphones that benefit most from an amp have a high impedance and low sensitivity. The SR80i's are the opposite. They have a low impedance and a high sensitivity.  
Grados default connector is 3.5mm and they come with a 6.3mm adapter.
For a headphone to be driven by a source like that your need to look at 2 things. Low ohm load and a high sensitivity. Those things will determine how easy a set of headphones is to drive with your iPod. From there you just need to know what sound signature your looking for.  
Ill second MP3 tag.  
Odd that it requires a premium account.  
Picking up a pair for Christmas if all else fails. I have no room on my desk for anything else, but I still want a pair. Ill get rid of my printer or something.
Shure SRH750DJ $110 from authorized internet dealer brand new.
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