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I have a mint condition silver Sabre Audio DA8 thats about 6 months old. It sits on my desk in my office and I use it maybe 2-3 days per week for about 8 hours each.   How much is this component worth in used condition? I tried looking through classifieds here for sold values, but couldnt find any from recent. 
Id rather stick to Con US.
Im assuming this is on Windows? Do you happen to have Malware Bytes Antimalware installed? It is known to cause an issue with audio similar to what you are describing.
The only thing I have seen is Virtual Audio Cables with an EQ.
Lets get these gone. Have some appliances to buy.
I have a set of Heir Audio 3.ai that I have used exclusively at work with my Yulong DA8. If they were not in use they were in their case.   They will be shipped in their original hard case with the silicone tips that they normally come with. They are about 1 year old and have about 100 hours on them as I am usually on site at various clients. They are in like new condition.   Only reason for selling is I have a set of Aurisonics ASG2 and Gorilla Ears AT5 CIEM's so...
I would go with different RAM. Id pick from Mushkin, G. Skill, Corsair, or Kingston.
RAM being cheap is relevant since you brought cost savings into the equation.  Last time I checked any decent antivirus/malware program doesnt provide kernel patches for a MS owned OS. The fact of the matter is your trying to pidgeon hole this guy into buying already obsolete hardware and OS when in fact he shouldnt even be considering it.
Maybe short term. Windows XP Ram allocation is atrocious. XP after about 6 months use is so bogged down its useless due to logic in code and thats a proven fact. Have you ever tried to use an XP install thats more than a few months old? Its extremely slow. As a network engineer no way I would use XP on a media machine. XP is a huge security threat starting April 1st. If its going to have an internet connection I wouldnt touch it. RAM is also cheap. You can get 8Gbs (2x4Gb...
Quit recommending XP. Its been obsolete for years and in 3 weeks is no longer supported. If its going to have a network connection absolute bare minimum is Windows 7.
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