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Hmm. I dont have quick time and it works fine for me.
Make sure you include an excerpt on what headphones you have experience with, what type of music you prefer, and what sound signature you prefer. This will give you more credibility than just saying headphones XYZ are awesome  with nothing to compare them too or knowing what music they are awesome with.   I also like to break things into categories and give a rating. I describe the category in my own words and rate it on a scale of 1-10. This gives the reader a numerical...
Sounds like the music path is off. Try going to the File menu and locate moved or missing files. Typically the graying out and moving to the next file signifies that the software doesnt find the music in the list.
Its in the works. I have a Samsung 840 Evo on the way.
NVIDIA 770GTX 12Gbs of DDR3 1600Mhz RAM Intel i7 4700MQ 2.4Ghz-3.4Ghz CPU 750Gb 720 RPM SATA3 300 16Mb Cache HD Win 7 x64 Pro Intel Dual Band AC7260 802.11 A/AC/B/G/N 2.4/5.0Ghz + Bluetooth WLAN card
 Im fully aware.  Im sure there are portable systems that are excellent. A cell phone however isnt one of them. Obviously these manufacturers make them with a primary goal, making phone calls and texting, over audio.
Could give the Shure SRH750DJ's a try. They are analytical like the SRH840's but have an emphasized low end.
The review I read was on the OS and hardware. It wasnt an audio test. Lets be honest. Who is using $4-$500+ headphones with a cell phone? Headphones in that price category deserve a dedicated home setup, not a portable setup.
 I read a comparison of the Xperia, SG4, and HTC1. the SG4 and HTC1 beat it out on everything except for camera quality.
With all the audio issues with the S4 looks like I wont be able to use my Gorilla Ears AT5's (25 ohms) and possibly other IEM"s that I have (Heir Audio 3.Ai and Aurisonics ASG2).
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