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  No. I use them for all different genres. Everything from Beach Boys to Metallica and Norah Jones to Usher. They do great on all of them. From what I read when I bought my pair these were a combination of the analytical side and clarity of the SRH840s with the bass from the SRH440's.
Another resurrection. Im thinking about the Vapor 4 case on my 4S but not sure about being able to fit my AT5's which have a standard Westone type cable. Anyone have any other recommendations?  
Their are several people here who have ASG2's on the way, myself included from their giveaway. They arent being shipped until NAMM is over. I plan on doing a review for mine as I have done in the past. Ive heard great things about AS, but have yet to hear a set personally.
Ive only got 1 pair of over ear headphones. From all the ones I have had in my possession:   Gorilla Ears CIEM AT5, Shure SRH750DJ, Grado SR80i, , VMODA Crossfade Custom LP, Dunu I3C-S, Brainwavz R1, FocalPrice CK700, JVC "Marshmallow" HAFX34B   Not sure where my ASG 2's will fit in. Im guessing beteween the AT5's and 750DJ's.
Nice price. Just sold mine for this about a week ago.
This really could go in the IEM and Headphone sections as it pertains to both. However, I will only post it here.   What features do you look for when buying or trading headphones? And what features will turn you off of a purchase?   I know I am not a fan of over the ear cords on IEM's, inline mics/phone buttons, and for some reason I really dislike L shaped 3.5mm plugs.
And what types of music will you be listening to with these? What devices will you be listening from?
I would recommend the Shure SRH750DJ's. They have a nice low end and a balanced top end. They come in well under your $150 budget.  
Depends on what your looking for from a headphone. Your going to have to be more specific.
Most CIEM companies will give you instructions on how they need their molds done for the CIEM process.
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