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 If you have an offer make one.
 I loved my G700S, but Ive had 2 of them and both USB charge ports on the front died within 6 months.
Pics uploaded.   As you can see I still have all original boxes as well.
What do you consider the biggest developments in personal/portable audio in the past 5-10 years and why? The biggest development I think is the smart phone. There is a much wider selection and companies competing on a more global scale. So there is an increased race to 0 for features, while still maintaining reliability and battery life. What role do you think audiophile communities, such as Head-Fi, have in the current portable audio market? I think...
This looks very nice.
I have a mint condition Schiit Wyrd, Modi, and Vali. All gen 1, no USB. Looking to trade for an all in one solution as these 3 dont get enough time. Dont have enough room on my desk.   I do have all the power adapters, original boxes, and a set of PYST cables. Can also toss in a mint condition Fiio E11   Would prefer the trade to have optical audio. Maybe something like the Aune X1S in black.
Count me in. Ive done reviews for Edifier in the past. Links to reviews:   Interested in the G3 and M815
 Agreed. Im finding out the hard way how ****ty Razer products are. Razer Blackwidow Chroma keyboard went in for RMA just under the 1 year mark. Got super lucky. Left half of the keys stick on a flat surface. Ive also had my Ouroboros since October. Got it for my birthday. Left and right click buttons already squeak. The synapse software is completely garbage. It prevents your PC from turning off the screen properly and hibernating properly. I have also had 2 Logitech...
Having used Rune and Volumio, Rune is the better option. They are both built on MPD. We use it in our office to stream audio over the overhead speakers. We use the HiFiBerry Dac+ with a Pi2 and a Class 10 MicroSD card. Works great for what it is. I did spend quite a bit more on a nice Dayton 200wrms amp for our speakers than the Schiit pictured here.
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