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Anyone tried these?
Looking for some replacement cables for my Aurisonics ASG2.0's. Any recommendations? I dont want to spend more than $100.
$650 shipped today!
Updated to Windows 10 Pro v1607 Build 14393.10. Easier to go back than get Win10 for free.
It can have it if you want it to. I just didnt install it because Lenovo's driver support for Windows 10 is pretty trash right now. Had alot of wireless issues with it.
Willing to sell for $250 shipped for all 3 items, plus associated power adapters and RCA's.
Make me an offer. Needs to go. Bought a puppy and need to recoup some costs.
Item(s) for Sale: Lenovo Thinkpad W550S Model: 20E2001BUS Item(s) Description/Condition: Laptop is in great condition. No wear on the mouse, trackpoint, or buttons. Under warranty until 9/26/2018   The screen was broken and I have replaced it with a Samsung matte LED 1920x1080 screen. Has a few surface scratches on the lid, but otherwise in very good condition.   Will have a factory install of Windows 8.1 64 bit Pro   Will make an awesome music...
Microsoft has a product called SyncToy. Its free. It can handle 1 to 1 syncs (NAS to extHDD) or 2 way syncs (NAS to extHDD and extHDD to NAS). I have used this for a similar process in the past making sure the music folder on my PC was current on my NAS as well.
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