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Well I had a problem with my original iGrado's, seems after 5 years they developed a short around the phono plug and were putting out sound only to one side. I figured these were $60 so I guess they could be considered "disposable". But I decided I would contact Grado to see if they would fix these as I had them nicely modded for myself. The people at Grado were great, I had to send in a repair form along with a check for $18 and the iGrado's themselves. They had...
I know I'm bumping an old thread but I just went through this exact situation with my iGrado's. I sent them in to Grado for repairs, shipped back to me today and I am impressed. I had thought that these were kind of in the "disposable" spectrum of headphones, nothing could be further from the truth, kudos to Grado, with service like this short of destroying them I feel supremely confident that I will have these for a very long time.
I bought a PS3 from Craig and I couldn't have been any more pleased. It arrived very fast and was packed with all of the extra care needed for a device like this. The item was exactly as he described, I would definately recommend Craig to anyone as he is a trusted and top notch seller in my book.
I just bought a pair, after listening to them in the store I liked what I heard initially but listening at home I find that I don't like the bass from them, not the most boomy but too much for my taste's. Supremely comfortable on the head but I will be returning them.
Quote: Originally Posted by BrookR1 Better than the SR-60s. Agreed. I eneded up destroyong my 1st. pair while getting "mod crazy" with them. I promptly bought a new pair and have tamed down my mods for them,, still my favorite portable I have owned so far.
Quote: Originally Posted by SONGsanmanwah LOL Now enjoy the sound! Thanks BrookR1 and XXXstatic for awesome mod! Been away for a while, how have you liked the sound?
If your sale for the 325's falls through I would take them.
I thought Grado was just another color of Playdough............
iGrado's they stay put very well for me and I can here whats going on around me.
Quote: Originally Posted by huhwhat KSC75 vs PX100 vs MDR-V6 vs ? I'd throw the iGrado in that group as well. I have owned all of them but the PX100 and right now the iGrado is my favorite. I didn't like the clips on the KSC's all that much and the V6's are too heavy to be a portable for at least myself. The iGrado gets bashed on its looks but I have grown to love the look and will continue to wear them with pride besides they are much more...
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