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I,m thinking a setting up a portable headphone system,I started to read this forum,and I'd like to get the general consensus  on which Fiio/or other? amp, I should get,to attach to my i-phone? I will be using the HD600's .   Any & all recommendation would be appreciated.   Many thanks, Mike
Wanted-The above cable,must be in MINT Condition   Please PM me,if available   Thanks Mike
Got  4-5 out of the 5 I ordered,which came all in one day,knows,The first one I picked out to test,was:Alexis  Cole>"A Kiss In The Dark"I like it,a lot,especially,A Kiss In The Dark,,Limousine Blues,Chicago,That Toddlin Town,Nobody knows when your down & out. When I get the new amp,going to review all of CD's,and give you my impressions on all of them---...>>>>-,Many ThanksMike
I will icebear.., I,m waiting on a new amp,a KGST,which should be coming in,around mid-December unless there are more delays Am I correct in assuming,that not all Chesky cd are binaural???? Shockdoc-thanks for your reply,I to am into acoustic guitar,I studied/played it, for about 12 years,when I was younger.. Tnx,Mike
Icebear, Thanks for your input Gimmicky-are you saying that all chesky cd'ies are "gimmicky?,or just the ones you ordered. The "Kiss in the Dark",is en route,along with a few others ,Guess I will find out ,soon enough   Mike
R-, Thanks for the recommendations I'll pick out,one or two,and order them   TNX Mike
No,I,m not into Fusion Jazz,but I,m open to try it I listen to mostly classical,Jazz,70,s rock,Movie Sound Tracks,especially Hans Zimmer If you can,I,d appreciate any suggestions,you can make.   Mike
R_, Excellent reply I might be in trouble then,I just ordered 5 cd,which I picked from the Chesky website,but ordered them from Amazon. One cd was..$.01 ? All 5 cd,s were from artists I,ve never heard of,but are in a genre,I prefer,..Jazz Many Thanks, Mike
Are there any head-fiers familiar with the above recordings? Can anyone recommend some of the newer recordings ,and how much better,do they sound ,compared to a "standard" recordings/cg,s Any help will be greatly appreciated,and any recommendations for specific cd,s are welcome,as well.   Thanks, Mike
Can you post some pics?? Thanks, Mike
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