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just checking--thank you ,Sir
Question,for all you C5 owners i received the amp about a week or so I'd like to know,when charging the battery,and it completes the charging,does the red light stay on? ,or,is it supposed to turn to green. Mine stays a steady solid red?   Thanks, Mike
This argument has been going on,since the beginning of time,but,Who the hell knows,graphs don't lie Mike
+1 on the X3ii,I'm using that as well,and have it paired with the CayinC5 amp,and the Fiio E-12,as back up,getting great results.Just wish the Cayin,had a longer life battery,sees I'm always re-charging it. Mike
YES,a Big +1 on that, with desktop rig,you can almost hear the sound quality improveI gave it 250 hours,might be a little overkill,but the sound has improved,my ears are happy. Mine should be back on Friday,,listening to the Titan 1's now Mike
My P1's are en route back to my home,because of a filter issue.,but I agree with SamL,about the Sony A3's,{just listed mine FS-$239-}} Bought them for my wife,and although she liked them,and loved the SQ ,when we were listening to them ,on my desktop setup {Asgaard2 amp/GungnirMB dac},they were outstanding,..but,one day while on the subway,some woman came up to her and said",whats are those things,sticking out of your ears-they look like dinosaurs" ,...that was the last...
These earphones belonged to my daughter,and recently,she has upgraded to a CIEM.   They are in Mint condition,and work perfectly I do not have the original Vsonic tips,but,I am including some comply TX400 & T400 tips The tips that are on them currently,are also comply. I will throw in a small black carrying bag.   I accept PayPal,add 3.5% Shipping within the USA is free Any questions,please PM me.   All sales are final NO TRADES   Thanks, Mike
Mine are up for sale,if anyone is interested,,,wife no longer uses them   Mike
I was referring to the Cayin,but,I came very close to grabbing the JDS C5,it got great reviews.Also,I bought the Fiio E-12,which is also a great amp.,but ,the Cayin has a wider soundstage.. The battery on the Cayin,is beginning to get on my nerves,so,? Mike
OK,Just you know, Sometimes when I'm tip rolling ,I'm a bit rough,so,mine probably fell out ,then   Later Mike
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