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If you are on a budget,see here: good place to start Mike
FS-The above Bought from Ted Allen,a few months ago. This is the copper version ,and I have a silver version-same cable I accept PayPal,please add 3&1/2 % ,or,use the gift option USA shipping is FREE   Please note,if you buy both the silver & the copper cables,the price will be-----$99.00   Any questions,please PM me.   Thanks, Mike
For Sale-The above  Mint condition,used,maybe 25 hours put on them.   Paypal is accepted,add 3 &1/2%,or,use gift option Shipping is to USA & Canada..USA shipping is FREE.   Please PM me for more details,& info. I have another Copper cable,same specs-if you buy both,they are $99.00 TOGETHER     Thanks, Mike
So,being that we are approaching the end of the first quarter {end of April} ,is there anywhere we can get a bit more info on the actual specs,of the Yiggy. Or are we all,being kept in Limbo,until the release date?   Mike
FS -the above. Purchased, from Currawong ,about 7 months ago One of the best interconnects ,I've ever owned,perfectly clear & smooth. This cable retails new new for $447.00   Paypal is accepted,please add 3 &1/2% USA shipping only-FREE No Trades   Please PM me,for further info     Thanks, Mike
For Sale--The above,it is Like New condition. I used this cable for maybe...2 hours..I ended up having a cable made,so this Cardas has been sitting in my closet The sound quality,is outstanding,and the buils quality is excellent It came with a 1/4 plug,but I also have the 1/8  plug,which just snaps on to the 1/4. It also come with the Cardas" Cerification of Authenticity" card. Please note--this cable will fit on ALL HD Sennheiser headphones.   I accept...
I,m using the Modi/Vali,with my Hd600,and a few other headphones as well.I would call the SQ-neutral,not overly warm,with good detail,clarity. Mike.
FS-The above,mint condition,made in USA. Comes with a cloth bag,see pictures It is an outstanding cable with excellent clarity,and detail. I purchased this from Currawong,about 6 months ago Any questions,please PM me.   Reason for selling-trying to raise cash for the Yggdrasil.   Thanks, Mike
Bought this unit from another head-fier It is in perfect working order,and in Mint condition. Paypal accepted Shipping in the USA Only-FREE No Overseas shipping Paypal fees on the buyer. No Trades Only buyers with a Head-fi history,& feedback will be accepted. Reason for selling...need to raise cash,for the YGGDRASIL.   Any questions,please PM me.   Many Thanks, Mike
"I'm not at all a over-hyped product lover but more a bang for buck guy,"   Schiit   For the best bang, for your buck..Schiit Never been disappointed after years of using their products   GL, Mike
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