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Re:TeradakHere is another reply from Michael at Teradak,on a few questions I asked him-thought you guys might want to know " there a trial period,after I get delivery  ==> Sorry we don't have such option because the shipping fee is not cheap.   The  DHL/UPS/Fedex shipping fee to USA is  $115 USD.    From US to China, the shipping fee will more expensive.   2.Does the dac,carry a warranty??  ==> We may offer 1 month warranty for the refurbished chips and 1 year warranty...
I got a reply from Michael at I am interested in the Transdac as well.. The PCM63-P goes to 24/48    "The USB module uses SA9023 USB chip that can output maximum 96k/24 bit.  But the PCM63 only can accept maximum 48k/24 bits."     All ,a little confusing...?? Price is $506.00 + shipping...??? If you want XLR,add $25.00 Comes with both Toslink & Coax.   I asked for response..still waiting   If anyone,has additional info,please let us...
Can you supply us with a link??
Maybe there will be more usage with the AD5791..??????? ,which could be a very good thing/????
Not sure if its fact or fiction..,I heard that Audio-GD bought all the PCM1704 chips they could get their hands on..??So,you are probably right.
Yes,I know thatMy question is why specially ,the PCM63..they're other excellent chips as wellWhen I had the Theta Basic III,I had the PCM 1702,and the SQ was outstanding..Maybe,as you say,it had something to do with the implementation? I have a Sonic Frontiers Transdac coming in ,with the same chip..pcm1702If it gives me 1/2 the sq of the Theta,I'll be a happy camper Mike
Why must it be ..a PCM63 chip???
And on that note..Waiting on my Yiggy,now,its sometime in July...??In the meantime..I just grabbed a Sonics Frontier TransdacHas anyone ,ever used one.??Any opinions,input,suggestions,would be greatly appreciatedNot much info on this dac?? Tnx,Mike
FS-One pair of the above.. Never used,bought directly from Straight Mint condition.   Paypal is accepted,please add 3.5% Shipping within the USA-FREE.   Any questions,Please PM me   Many Thanks, Mike
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