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Thank You,Sir, Have a good weekend   Mike
For Sale -The above.., I bought these about 90 days ago,brand new.,from Audio-Advisor. They come with the original box,cable, and are in perfect working order. I will ship to USA only. Please PM ME for shipping  rates,and any other details/questions.. No Overseas shipping,No Trades Here is further info from,the, Parasounds website:   http://www.parasound.com/zdac-v2.php# These give out a beautiful neutral to neutral slightly warm sound quality. They are...
Purchased 9-15-2016,as a gift for my son.. He has put on maybe 25 hours on them, he feels they are too tight ,and cannot wear them for long hours. Now i am selling them. i accept paypal,please add 3.5 %   Please PM me,for shipping information,and any questions. Shipping is within the USA only NO OVERSEAS Shipping NO TRADES   Price is firm...       Thanks, Mike
As I only use my Elears at my desktop,what I've done,is to roll up the cable,secure it by using the 2 ties that came with it,leave about 3-4 ' open ,,connect it ,and your could to go.The first few days,I was rolling over it constantly with my desktop chair,tripping over it with my right foot,and a few other super dumb things. No ,I'm good to goWould be nice ,if Focal offered a 6' cable to use with these though. I wonder,if I upgrade to the Utopia,will I have the same...
Congratulations... As you've only had them about 12 hours,did you actually do a comparison with a silver cable?If so,what were the major differences in SQ,I am also,thinking of getting a silver cable for mine,I have put on 100-150 hours on mine,so far.,and,yesThe cable length,is a joke,but,I read somewhere,that's length,is preferred in Europe---LOL,very strange? Mike
Bunny,I have a DAC-19 coming in on Wednesday,if you have time,can you elaborate a bit more on its SQ?..warm,neutral,bright?Does it happened to have,that  semi-vintage sound,similar to what you'd hear on a 80's,or 90's dac?A few years ago,I owned a vintage Theta dac ,that use ed the same dac chips thats in the dac-19,so,I'm very anxious to hear thats SQ again.,Any thoughts would be appreciated, Thanks,Mike
good luck
What did you pay for it?
A few night ago,I took my Cayin C5,and the Fiio x3,and sat out o the patio ,thinking I was for a big disappointment,but to my surprise ,it was excellent.Had a few beer,listened to my portable rig ,and really enjoyed the SQ.One issue,I made the mistake of leaving the bass boost ON ,,not a good idea,with this combo,the bass,was way too strong,some may like that...I don't..This is definitely a portable rig,I would not take on the subway,bus,or into Times Square on a Saturday...
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