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This will be one hell of a thread,fantastic,and all of us will learn a lot,from a great tech leader
Hi Bruce,   Interested in your Fiio x3ii. I already have the X-1,but I'd like to know,is there a major difference in sound quality?..and, Is it faster? Is that in the Titanium finish???   Thanks, Mike
I already own the Fii0 X1,and I am very happy with it. My main IEM's are the Sennheiser IE800 ,& the Vsonic GR-07,Dunu Titan's-1.,& the ATH R-70x headphone.   Can someone suggest ,a few other options, for an upgrade? I' do NOT need DSD,.   What I am looking for is the highest sound quality,I can get,with a portable unit.,size is not really an issue either,if its around the same size as the X-1 Price limit ,will be $500.00 90% of my files are AIFF,so,need a lot of...
For Sale-The above; This is NOT,the bass edition NO TRADES.. For a good review,go here:   http://www.head-fi.org/products/vsonic-gr07/reviews/11525   Comes with all accessories that are available from Vsonic Reason for selling.....-upgraded to the Sennheiser IE-800 So,I don't need these,any more   I accept paypal Shipping is to the USA & Canada. Please PM me for shipping rates   Price is firm Buyer must have a good profile,and history with  Head-fi.   Any...
Up for sale ,the above dac It is in perfect working order,and I never used it,it was purchased as a back up dac for my Parasound 1500 dac There are a few light marks on the top,from the previous owner This dac was built around 1995,and gives  a warm,beautiful SQ,typical of the dacs of that era. Comes with a Burr-Brown PCM-67 chip.   Shipping is to USA & Canada Only. Local pickups are welcome,I am 5 minutes from JFK airport. I accept Paypal,add 3.5%   Please PM...
VNM, Thanks for your reply,good info.   I seem to be getting used to wearing them straightdown,so,its not the end of the world. They are a tremendous sounding earphone,and I can't help but think that they do resemble my old HD800,,,tremendous detail through out the sound spectrum
I just my IE800,a week ago-have been wearing them straight down,so,I called Sennheiser,they told me that they should be worn straight down,which I hate.,something to do about the cable,which does look a little flimsy. Are you having any kind of issue wearing them around the ear??Mike
Question, Was having a major issue with the Titan-1's and wearing them straight down,after I switched my tips to the comply's..> Anyone else wearing the titan's reversed?..overear..?...right earplug on the left--,,left ear ,..on the right side??   Mike
Comes with all accessories ,supplied by Heir Audio,Including Hard Case They are in good condition, with a wide assortment of tips. A beautiful sounding iem,with strong detail,, .and Heir build quality,see here,for more details:Reason for selling..I've decided to get the Sennheiser IE-800,this IEM,has a sound signature which I prefer.   .http://www.heiraudio.com/article_178.html.   PayPal ,please add 3.5% Shipping is Free within the USA Local pickup is advised, I am...
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