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PM sent??
Thanks Amish,   Yes,I've been tube rolling for many years now,and I have a fine collection of tubes,including the Orange Globe,and I just found out from SeeSax,that the dac on the paraZD,is also similar to the older Parasound dac,I used years ago{probably with a few updates?} I am a Mullard,Amperex,Brimar freak,,so,I have my work cut out for me-LOL...90% of my tubes are matched pairs,that I used on my Stax amp.   If any guys on this thread need tubes,chances are ,I...
Question,regarding tubes?? I have a Ember amp ,that will be delivered next week,and will be using it with the dac portion of a Parasound ZD V.2,and my HD600's.   I e-mailed Jeremy about using this tube,..Brimar 13D3 12AU7,and he replied,he was not familiar with this tube.   Are there any other Ember owners,who are using this tube?,if so,are there any issues/problems?. Any help,replies would be greatly appreciated.   I apologize for the thread...
Where are the cosmetic damages? Need more pics.,that are clear.   Thanks, Mike
F'S-The Above earphone . Got these about 3-4 weeks ago,comes with all accessories,tips,supplied by Mee Audio. They are in perfect working condition,and are broken in.,with about 100 hours.   I accept PayPal,please add 3.5% Shipping/Insurance is within the USA,= $10.00.     If you have any questions,please PM me Here is the link,to technical data and info ,Pics,,,,these are Mee Audio Flagship earphones.   http://www.meeaudio.com/pinnacle   All Sales Are...
FS The Above I got this about 6 months ago,& its in mint condition,with maybe???,125 hours on it. Reason for selling,is,I'm trimming down all my audio gear,because the wife & I are moving to our condo in Bangkok Thailand   I accept PayPal,please add 3.5% Shipping/insurance within the USA is $15.00   Any questions,Please PM me.   Thanks, Mike
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