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More like an AH
Hi Thisisvv,   Can you post any pics..&, What cable comes with it??   Thanks, Mike
I,m new to the 02 +ODAC,please excuse the newbie question. I just received the above amp/dac,used,and to the best of my knowledge,the gain setting is set to...2.5x-and-6x I,ve been reading ths thread from page1,and I would like to know,is a lower number in the gain setting equate to better quality sound? Is there any way,I could send my dac/amp back  to JDSLabs,and have them lower the gain setting say to 1x,or,2x? Does it pay to do this? MY headphones are the...
     I think Schiit 's IC's are 3" longTry them
Excellent way of putting it,Ali-Pacha
Thank God,finally,someone who appreciates good cables.After I bought my Stax setup,and dropped $3200.00 on my 009's,I went looking for a good pair of luck has it,I found a pair od the B/S forum,being sold by Currawong,and they were $1000.00,after thinking about it,I e-mailed Currawong and asked him a few tech questions,concerning the IC's,and all he said was,I,m not telling you anything,UNTIL YOU LISTEN TO THEM FOR 24HOURS,so,I bought them.My wife has been...
I just joined this thread,Bought the HD600 & a used pair of modded Hd580,and the 02 +ODAC,I,vie been waiting for my new Stax amp{KGST} to be built. I have to tell you ,I extremely impressed with the non-stax sound quality,but sometimes I miss the tremendous detailThe new/used pair of HD 580,s are fantastic. Every time my builder tells me,"It,s going to be another 4 week delay"--I answer.."OK,no problem,just buzz me ,when its down"--LOL
Excuse my being so late,in to 600 family & thid thread I just got the 02 +ODAC,and the SQ is outstanding,got it used on the B/S forum for $170.00I highly recommend it Mike
I,m new to the 600,and I was using the PA2V2 for the last 2 weeks or so..I ddid the job of driving the 66's pretty wellAfter,screening threw the buy & sell forum,I grabbed a JDS 02 + ODAC for $180.00,got it yesterday,and it is a night & day difference,very clean,detail neutral SQI love it.As I am new to HD600,and new to this thread,please excuse my being late -I want to read up from the beginning. Mike
+1,on thatHowever,I just got delivery of the 02 + ODAC yesterday,and I was totally blown away.The SQ is outstanding.See this: Mike
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