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Wow,looks super clean...good price too.. I highly recommend Seesax,he's one of the best on head-fi...   Mike
well,mine took 3 days,that's to NYCI imagine you'll have it in 2days Penon is super fast with delivery,the best service also., Mike
Looks like I'm getting paranoid in my old age-LOLHave a good weekend. Mike
what's off topic??,we are only complimenting Penon,on his quick shipping,not the other issue,which I started by, mistake{I think it's all settled now??}Mike
Question, for the head-fi experts: I'm going to order the C6,and will be using it with a Fiio X-3ii playerI will not be using any apple connections.Currently ,I am using the C5,and the X-3,and my sound quality is excellent...better than my desktop SQ. Is the upgrade worth it?,will the Wolfson 8741,bring a major change?? Any input/suggestions ,will be appreciated. Thanks,Mike
yeah,with mine too..& I didn't request quick deliveryI ordered mine on the 7th,it arrived on the 10thI think Penon is using some super sonic jets ,for their delivery?? Mike
OK,I thought ,he was referring to FiltersTNX Lurk
Going to keep us all in suspense?? Mike
OK, Enjoy the evening   Mike
What is the ..LZ-A74?? Mike
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