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Hi xkon,Sorry for the long delayYes,they are outstanding,I,m using them with the Modi/Vali combo,also,they are one of the most comfortable headphones I,ve owned,,which is a must for me.I also picked up a pair of AD900x,from amazon-new,theses are also fantastic..,got a great deal on Amazon-$96.00 {new,from Japan} , I did have to open up a Amazon credit card,{the last thing I need}. Mike
So your wing system,flew away,& then you took a shower--ok got itNo problem,rules are made to be broken>!!
Sometimes Amazon is great,after getting an already low price,Amazon took off an additional $40.00 Looks  like the headphones Gods were with me that day-Tnx,   Mike
Hmmm,I could be mistaken then On the paper work /warranty,it says 38ohm Anyway,I only paid $96.00 but had to open up an Amazon credit card,..{last thing,I need} They do sound excellent,and damn ,are they comfortable,& it doesn,t look like I need the Monkey Mod on the ear pads They came in from Osaka,Japan,3 day shipping,brand new.   Many Thanks for your reply.   Mike
Sorry,if this has already been posted,but I just got delivery of the 38ohm version of these headphones,when I wanted the 600 ohm. Can any member,who has experience,in,Both versions,comment on any differences,in SQ. I,m finding this version,which I,ve only been listening to for about 3 hours,is oustanding..just cannot push the volumes level past 9 O,clock-LOL   Many Thanks, Mike
Just got the above headphone,unfortunately,I ordered the 38ohm version,instead, of the 600ohm version.  Can you one tell me ,if there is a difference,between the 38ohm,& the 600ohm ,in SQ? I,m not complaining ,,the bass is outstanding,and the comfort level is also excellent.   Volumes levels really cannot be pushed past 9 o,clock..   Any help,comments will be appreciated.   Tnx, Mike
+1,on this,unless your going into a Stax system.I owned the HD800 for almost 2 years,and I loved it...also,one of the most comfortable headphones made Good Luck,Mike
I  would like to know,for those who have both of the above headphones,the major likes,dislikes,of these two headphones. Recently,I bought the DT880,s,and am using them with a Schiit modi/vali setup. The AD900x are coming in ,in about a week. What is your opinions,personnel likes,dislikes,and what genre of music,to you prefer on both?   Any help will be greatly appreciated ,Thanks, Mike
I,m using the Schiit..modi/Vali combo,and I find it --Outstanding!!!I'm using this  headphones,DT880 {600ohm}I do have a pair of AD900x  ,coming in ,in about 1 week You might want to look in the buy/sell forum,I got a few great  deals including, the Vali amp,there,and dozens of other goodies as well Mike
Might want to go in the buy/sell forum and look for the JDS 02/ODAC combo-it drives my Beyerdynamic ad 880 600ohm with ease,and my HD580,s,;HD600 0hm.   Also,I would look into the Schiit modi/vali combo,which I also use,might be slightly over your $200.00 mark,though ,tremendous SQ,a bit more detailed then the 02 combo   Nice gift Omega,good luck with your search   Mike
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