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Lately,after 50 years of listening to classical,of all types,even some opera,I have started to really enjoy movie music. One composer,I highly recommend is: Hans Zimmer -he has written the music for many of today's popular movie scores. Good luck in your journey..
Absolutely beautiful shot ,Currawong. Nicely done.   A few shots of Thailand,my wife & I took,when we bought our condo in Bangkok:   Mike
The above....> Must be in Mint condition.   If available,Please PM me   Thanks, Mike
Miko, I'm sorry for this bad transaction...   Am I correct in assuming his user name was/is Mr. Benjamin..? If not,why don't you post his name,so,others can avoid him,or has the administrator already taken care of that..?
I recently sold my Havana Dac,and the following tubes are for sale.:   Matched pair ..Western Electric-JW-2C51-6126 =$129.00   Nos NB Matched Pair Bendix 2C51 5670 396A Tubes-..$189.00 ,in original Bendix boxes.   1- Brent Jesse Western Electric 1956 2C51 Jan = $80.00   1-.Bendix 6385/TE-21 Dated 11-64,..$89.00..Original Box-SOLD   1- Bendix Jan CEA-2C51..................$89.00..    Matched Pair Ericson LM 5670/2C51/396A D-Getter-Made in Sweden,Original...
Got delivery of  2 cables ,..the pure copper,and the Litz pure silver These are XLR interconnect cables,for my Stax 009 setup. I've owned a few silver cables over the years,but this,is a real standout ,excellent build quality,sensation SQ,much improved from the copper/silver interconnect I was using. I doubt,there is a cable out there,that can better Ted's Litz-it brings the 009's to another level of pure detailed sound..   The copper cable ,is no slouch either,good...
I am selling the above Dac.I've had it 7 weeks.After putting on about 100 hours,I've decided to go with a Solid State DacIt is almost brand new,and was used in a smoke free environment,with no pets.Please see this link,for exact details & specs:,and PICS I accept paypal...please add 3.5%Shipping is $25.00 within the USA.Overseas rates,please PM Me..I would prefer a local pickup,or,if necessary,I will meet the buyer half way,if they live...
PM sent
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