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Hi Guys,   Are there any tube rollers out there,that have tried this Chinese tube,or have any experience with them? Your thoughts would be much appreciated-here's the link:   http://tubeman.com/item586.htm   Many Thanks, Mike
Sorry guys,with the new amp/parasound 1500 dac,looks like I'm at end-game... Listening sessions ,now last 10-12 hours,only end,when my bride turns of the electricity to the apartment This hobby ,has taken on a new meaning for me...I buy music now,instead of gear.--thank you Birgir !!!     With the 009's,and some tube rolling,I'm getting spectacular SQ The amp takes 2-6CG7 tubes..and 2-12AX7's. Birgir delivered them with 2-RCA 6CG7's ,and 2-JJ ECC83's   AS of...
I need some clarification on tube quality..   I am using an amp ,built by,Spritzer,which takes 4 tubes..2 6CG7 ,and 2 12AX7's..I use Mullards,Amperex,RCA,GE,Lorenz,Siemens.   I was buying from a seller,that claims,most tubes built after 1950,have declined in quality. Can any tube rollers out there,verify this   For the last 3 years,I have used,many,many tubes,from all manufacturers,and have never heard any difference in sq,and have never had a tube go faulty on...
Brother,what the hell ,did I buy them for..?? OK
Bought this Dac,about 2 months ago,it is in "Like New" Condition-see here,for more info,& pics:   https://emotiva.com/products/electronics/dacs/stealth-dc-1   Please keep in mind,the warranty is 5 years,and IS-transferable.   Price is Firm!!! Anyone,bidding on this item-must have some sort of history with Head-fi-if you have zero feedback,or,zero selling history-do not bother contacting me.           I put  about 3-4 weeks of use, on it,..,the reason I'm...
I have for sale,the above------SOLD   My error was ,I ordered 2 of these ,was going to give one pair to my son for his birthday...I,will keep one pair..   This pair is Brand New.   I accept paypal,please add 3&1/2% Shipping is within the USA only.   Local pickup is also available,I am located 5 minutes from JFK airport   PM me,with any questions   Many Thanks, Mike
Thank You,Sir
Can anyone direct me to a seller of the above tubes,someone that sells quads ,or matched pairs Any help/links,will be appreciated.   Thanks Mike
Not to side track the topic ...but..a note to say thanks to Birgir>   Last Monday Birgir,shipped out my Dual Differential amp-I received it on Thursday--talk about fast shipping from Iceland,very nice..it landed in JFK in less than 48 hours I'm using it with a Parasound 1500 dac,and the Stax 009's.   Birgir,want to say ,,,many thanks for all your help with my setup Since,I started in this hobby,I've never achieved the sound quality,of what I'm getting now,your amp is...
Please PM Me,If you have one,most be MINT   Thanks, Mike
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