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Hope this helps..?I'm about 5 minutes from JFK airport,and,can take 4 people,with minimum amount  of gear,the trunk will be emptyPlease PM me ,if you need a ride Also,anyone bringing the Blue Hawaii amp,would like to try one out ,now that I have the stax 009's?? Mike
+1 on this recommendationI had more or less the same problem with my HD650,after ,I sold the 598's..I let them run 24/7 for 3 straight days,and after the 4-5 day ,I began to hear a nice improvement in SQ across the board....I eventually sold the 650 like an idiot..they are still considered an excellent headphone by many If still unsatisfied,find a retailing that accepts a return/refund ,within 30 days,and run an A/B comparison,with the Q701's vs HD598If you decide to...
Currently using a windows machine,,Is  there a program similar to the above for windows? Now I'm using  Jriver Media center 20 ..
Sofa,Any chance you have a link for the Denon Essential CD,s,or a link ,for all of their recordings.? ThanksMike
Miron/Sofa, Thanks for your replies-Good Info Yes,Manhattan cam be a great place to live & enjoy the arts,it has a feeling all its own.   "Mahler is certainly not easy listening because it is - special music. But rewarding. Well invested money for many hours of pleasure."   I have attempted to get my head wrapped around Mahler,on more than one occasion,but just can't seem to go it. I will get a few more recording and give it another try.   Don't know why,but I...
 +1 on BTG AudioThey have made many cables for me,but never for IEM'sOr try here: had many IC cables made here..excellent workmanship,excellent SQ..he will work with you, on price.. Mike
OK-Got it
although,I have been listening to classical music for many,many years,I am totally unfamiliar to Mahler,in particular,.."The Planets" Does anyone know of an high quality CD and any other high quality recordings,of Mahler,s work Thanks, Mike
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