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Pristine condition bass cans up for sale or trade!   House of Marley Exodus - Purchased New on eBay in November 2011. Only 6 hours. I wish these would fit my enormous head but they're too tight to enjoy. I know about Tyll's mod but haven't done it because I thought someone else could wear them comfortably without puncturing anything. These are really beautiful headphones and would make a great addition for someone who wants a little style with their portable music....
Hmmm, I'm no DJ but those look pretty neat. Know the impedance on them?
Hi there, do the Jays come with all the accessories?
If you have a smaller head you can try the AKG K81. They sound amazing with dubstep (didn't try them with much else) Sadly they were very small for my head, I think I'm a size 7 3/8 for reference. And for portability you can contact someone like Mad Max, and have them short cabled. All this will end up costing less than either of the two V-Modas.
Alright, thanks for the help
These look great. How long is the cable and how does it terminate?
Are these still available? if so can you post a picture of the inside of the cups?
    Yeah that's pretty much what I was going for pigmode. Rambo is the iconic guy's movie for violence alone but I would always enjoy a well developed plot over rapid fire machine guns. The deeper the story line goes the more it'll feel like a thriller but i think a great guy movie could find a balance between communitcation and blowing things up.       By the way, Payback anyone? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0120784/
    One of my favorites LizardKing. I think it's one of those movies that goes for all generations today.
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