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Thinking of selling my cd3000 but they need some cosmetic work. Sound great though...
HD681 Superlux. 2nd purchase was the EVO version
I have the 681 and the EVO version. IMHO the originals sound more open, and the highs are fine with the right equipment, or a little eq. They have strangled the life out of the design with the EVO's. Sorry....I'll get me coat.....
I got some velour pads from ebay
I have just taken delivery of a pair of these, which are smoother than my older 681's.  I also have the DT770, which has a more natural feel.  I am still burning the evo's in but I am impressed so far. I have the white ones.  I find the comfort to be very good, if a little sweaty. The emit a strange grating sound if you move your head, but this is not serious.  The headband is more comfortable than the original, which tugs slightly.   I'll give further impressions after...
Just received my velour pads for my 681.  More comfortable now, but they sound brighter & a little thinner.  I am wondering why this would be?
I imagine a future where everyone will have their own aural "identity", where music can be beamed and picked up by individuals who pay for a subscription, no headphones required, just a small implant.
Hi   I'm just about to rewire my V7's. They've needed it for some time but now I've no choice as the right channel has gone down.  I may replace the whole cable, any recommendations, anyone?   I'm missing them already!   Andy
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