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Hi all. So lately I've been noticing a strange intermittent noise on the left side of my headphones when I'm using my Modi 2 Uber + Valhalla 2 setup. I've tested it with more than one headphone to make sure it's not them. I'm also not getting it when I use my FiiO E10K. So I'm pretty sure I've isolated it to my tube amp or dac. Basically, when I'm not listening to anything, or when the music is very quiet, I occasionally get a weird burst of quiet white noise in the left...
You never listed a price range. But the FiiO E10k will properly amp most mid to mid-high end headphones fine, and even does okay with true audiophile headphones. But it's $75.
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So my best bet is to just wait for that one?
So Hifimdiy uses the same DAC chip as the ODAC, but cheaper than finding a O2/ODAC combo? I would preferably like to keep it in as few boxes or devices as possible...
No, no, I absolutely am not getting any more headphones. I have way too many. I just want a solid-state, neutral source and amp. I already have the relatively flat HD 600.
So my setup is currently using using the Schiit Modi 2 Uber and a Schiit Valhalla 2 for my beyerdynamic T1s, DT 770 Pro, and soon, E-MU Ebony. But I also have the Sennheiser HD 600 as a reference set. They're my "I want things analytical" headphones. But tube amps tend to color the sound and make things a bit warm, don't they? I'm kind of looking for a dac/amp combo that would make my the exact sound recorded be the exact sound played. Neutral, analytical, sterile, boring...
I gamed with the Sennheiser HD 598 for 3 years, and it's definitely got an open and clear sound that really brings the atmosphere in. I was also using a Xonar Essence STX, so there was probably some good surround-to-stereo processing going on too. But the HD 598 will disappoint you if you're expecting loud, boomy explosions. There's not a lot of bass impact.
Thanks everyone! I went with the E-MU Ebony and got in on the drop. :) I'm super excited to try them out, but I'm most likely not going to get them before Christmas.
 Well for $20 I could upgrade to the Ebony or Rosewood E-MU cups, which I hear are also great.
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