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I don't think even I like Star Wars enough for $300.
So is there no way to re-save it as DTS-HD then? Gotta use old Dolby AC3?
Mac or Windows 7, either works.
For just the audio? Anything a bit less wallet-rapey?
Yeah don't worry, the scene where the Emperor is torturing Luke is preceded and followed by the music and scenes from the Battle of Endor so it'll be pretty easy to hide the change. My main concern is what program I should use to convert a DTS-HD MA track and an AC3 track into multiple WAV files, do the editing, and then save them all together again as DTS-HD.
I usually have it on 11. I specifically got a system that goes to 11.
Okay so, I have a bit of an interesting proposal. I'm a major Star Wars nerd and I own both trilogies on DVD. I kind of want to get them on Blu-Ray, but some of the changes are utterly unbearable to consider. Specifically, when Vader yells "No. Noooooooo!" right as he saves Luke from the Emperor, instead of his normal, silent conflict. I feel it has more power this way. So here comes my proposal:   I plan to use MakeMKV to rip my Blu-Rays and Handbrake to encode them...
Yeah, the problem I have with SACD's is that there is virtually no way to rip them to FLAC, as well as no way to play them on my PC. I would prefer to be able to take my music collection where ever and listen to it unencumbered by my physical media, but that's just me.
Thanks Radioking59. It opens the DVD and sees a bunch of tracks but... they're either AC3(48kHz, 6 Channel) or DTS (48kHz, 6 Channel). I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I was lied to, and that I do not own a DVD-Audio disc, but rather a regular DVD with video and crappy, compressed audio tracks. I feel ripped off to the extreme.
Oh yeah, DVD-Audio Explorer. Refuses to open any of the IFO files. I select "Open" and search the DVD-A disc, and the only files that DVD-Audio Explorer wants to work with are IFO files. There are three in the VIDEO_TS folder, and opening them does nothing.
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