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I'll give it a shot. Im from Northern Ireland.
Guys, I don't know what the frig has happened. But these things have just unloaded tonight. Bass is full-on now and the overall volume is so much higher. Really surprised.   Still going to work with different buds and maybe moulds to get a better fit.    Thank you all for you help guys.
No I don't think I picked up on this. Im going to play along with a seal issue for now. With burn-in, the IE8's, seem to be improving every day, but I could just be trying to convince myself. I've tried all the standard buds that came with the IE8, most of them are kack but some of them fit nice and comfy, and I do notice subtle changes in bass when I play about with them a bit.    I've ordered some Radian's custom moulded earplugs that i'll modify into a basic IEM...
"Here we go again", I know that's what your all thinking, but go easy on me, it's my first post here =D   Right, so I bought a set of IE8i's off ebay just after Christmas (£189.99 advertised as 100% Genuine Brand New etc), and after reading through most of the info here already, specifically SolidVictory's thread on Fake IE8 comparison's, i'm convinced that these are NOT fakes.   What i've been using until now were a basic set of Philips worth about £40 or...
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