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Ok I lied to myself and got ath cks55 instead of the xb50. So far a lot of bass mids and highs seem recessed. Doesnt sound only like the apple earbuds
I cant talk about the other headphones but the sol republic tracks are nice. Has a very punchy bass. Mids and highs are ok. I usually equalize the mids and highs to be a bit higher. The reason I got the master tracks was because of the discount and the style. If you can get the senheiser momentum is try getting that instead. I don't think the master track is worth 200. 150 at most and 100 is a steal.
You know what the cable seems a bit flimsy and there is no mic control but i am gonna go ahead and try them.    edit:   Received the cks55 and as of now the mids and highs sound pretty recessed. I might need burn them in some more. What I find interesting is that the new apple earbuds sounds so much clearer. I like the open sound stage it has while not killing of the bass. The bass is not punchy but it has sub bass. 
@ thickT   Crap I am one of the most indecisive person ever. Hey thickT, i was wondering if you ever tried the ath cks55. They look nice and are said to have a lot of bass. Both the xb50 and the cks55 are at the price of 40. To me it comes down to these two. Like I said above I like a lot of bass but if the cks55 had better mids and highs and a bit less bass I might get the cks55. What do you think> 
Yea think im gonna go with the sonys but the fxd do look very nice visually.
Thx for the help but how good is the bass. I like a lot a bass can sacrifice a little in the high frequency. I feel like its easier to equalize the high end rather than the low end. Dang since they only sell the fkd lines in japan it takes 2-3 weeks. Such a long wait
Can anyone help me out? I'm debating on getting the sony mdr xb50 or the ha fxd70 or 60. So far I like the sound signature of the mdr xb700. Took out the fabric from the xb700 and they seem to open up a bit. Also with the xb700 I have the high end frequency 8-16k on the equalizer set to +6 db, 1k-4k to +3 db and everything else flat.
has anyone tried the jvc ha fxd 60 or 70? If not has anyone heard how they sound. Theres a thread about them but i cant find the review within the thread.
If you compare it to other hifi headphone it is terrible but you got to remember these headphones are made for the average consumer who likes bass and ok mids and highs. Like the guy above I don't think the average consumer will care. I personally bought them for the style. I Wear them mostly outside for its comfort and style. The sound isn't that bad either. The highs can be much better but I'm pretty sensitive to high frequency so I usually like a more smoother and...
Yea the size of the driver usually does give you more bass but not always. It depends on many factors one such as the housing of the driver. With a bad enclosure the bass will sound terrible. Think im gonna stick to buying the xb50 but gonna wait a bit to see if the price will go down to 30. ath cks55 looks so nice but im afraid of the cord breaking on me. They seem a bit flimsy to me.
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