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nvm thx mack fix it 
did you figure out to fix it i am having the same problem
bump I did some research and the vsonic vsd 3s and the shure se215 looks promising. Should I wait for the new sennheisers or go for these? Really need some help.
Hey guys I watch curious if there is any headphones in the $50 range or higher that is recommended for me. I was looking at the new cx model from sennheiser but they're not out yet. Should I wait or look for something else. I recent bought the ath cks55 which I thought was ok. It sounded a bit to muddy for me. I am looking for something that has sub bass but sound open with clear mids and highs. I know I'm asking for a lot. I thought the new apple earpods give that nice...
I like bass but for some reason the cks55 sound so muddy. Bass is way to over powered. I wanted something that sounded a bit more open like the apple earbuds. If the the treble and mids were more foward and clearer the cks55 woulf of been so much better. For now I am a bit dissapointed
Ok I lied to myself and got ath cks55 instead of the xb50. So far a lot of bass mids and highs seem recessed. Doesnt sound only like the apple earbuds
I cant talk about the other headphones but the sol republic tracks are nice. Has a very punchy bass. Mids and highs are ok. I usually equalize the mids and highs to be a bit higher. The reason I got the master tracks was because of the discount and the style. If you can get the senheiser momentum is try getting that instead. I don't think the master track is worth 200. 150 at most and 100 is a steal.
You know what the cable seems a bit flimsy and there is no mic control but i am gonna go ahead and try them.    edit:   Received the cks55 and as of now the mids and highs sound pretty recessed. I might need burn them in some more. What I find interesting is that the new apple earbuds sounds so much clearer. I like the open sound stage it has while not killing of the bass. The bass is not punchy but it has sub bass. 
@ thickT   Crap I am one of the most indecisive person ever. Hey thickT, i was wondering if you ever tried the ath cks55. They look nice and are said to have a lot of bass. Both the xb50 and the cks55 are at the price of 40. To me it comes down to these two. Like I said above I like a lot of bass but if the cks55 had better mids and highs and a bit less bass I might get the cks55. What do you think> 
Yea think im gonna go with the sonys but the fxd do look very nice visually.
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