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The best deals aren't at the auction, they're in the parking lot. I'm also meeting up with a guy selling a 997-based Ruf RT35, the last year of the 997s and specially tuned by Ruf to 750 bhp/650 ft-lbs (in the appropriate yellow). It's essentially a more hardcore GT2 RS, though unlike the Cup variant it's also street legal, with a custom Getrag 6-spd transaxle that can handle >750 ft-lbs. I've been wanting a 997 GT2 RS and this exceeds all my wishes.
I don't doubt it either, I do know they used double the amount of sound-deadening material in the Charger, which seems like a good thing, overall. All settled in Kissimmee for their car week/auctions, also going to be watching more of the Scottsdale auctions too. I can't tell you how awesome it is to get out of the sub-freezing temps for a while. Check the lots,...
Realistically, ~$70-75k, depending on markup. Helluva bargain.
I really like the Viper, latest gen, it's a great sports car with an uncompromising flavor all its own. I'm really glad to see sales are climbing and do plan on getting one at some point. My old GTS is stupidly fun to drive, even with its quirks. The Dodge I really want is the Charger Hellcat, it looks so unassuming for a 700+ HP monster. My local dealer is calling me as soon as they get one so I can check it out.
Nope, it's the new Viper GTC and you can, quite literally, customize it in any way you want with thousands of different options. You can even go to the factory and build your own engine (with the help of an engineer, of course) that then gets a special little plaque on the outside of it. And yes, old NSX >>>>> new NSX, by a mile.
I just take a small amount of the oil, a drop or two, rub it between my fingers, then start stretching the lip of the pad that stretches over the cup, gradually increasing the amount of force I use until the slack I've created seems about right. It really does make the material more pliable and easier to stretch. Then, wipe off the excess oil and start stretching the pad over the ear-side baffle. 1 set takes ~30 minutes for me to put on (usually I'm watching TV or...
Pre-stretching is the key, with just a small dab of mineral oil. I've not torn a pad yet.
I've done it with >a dozen sets of T50s, it just takes patience (a small dab of mineral oil doesn't hurt either). The secret is stretching them before trying to fit them on the headphones.
I'll just drop these right here: $20, great pads, available via Prime, what's not to love?
Depends on ebay bucks promotions, those add up.
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