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Nope. I really don't want to sell it anyway, there aren't many around that are in this kind of condition.
Yes, it was written by my attorney.
So I took a week off and essentially unplugged from the internet, it was nice. Apparently I'm also rather dense. You think I'd learn, right? Guy comes into the garage >3 months ago wanting some upgrades to his E46 M3 cabrio (looks practically new,
Are you overclocking?
Where I would tip my hat to the K7XX over the HE560 is breadth and depth of soundstage, otherwise the 560s are just that little bit better than them in every other way.
It's my all-time favorite album, so I've listened to it at least a couple 1000 times. It was just so much more with those `phones (and most other e-stats), it's an extremely well-mixed album for good cans.
The first time I heard Lateralus on my SR-009s was a type of spiritual experience, very powerful.
Something else... umm... wonderful (?!) that was "made" in the 80s. I'd better back off, she's getting annoyed. LOL!
Oh ****. Thanks billy, now I feel like I'm having an `80s After School Special flashback.
It was a very good book (the Singularity series), and TBH, I'd choose reading a great book over driving, any day. One issue is, it has a DCT, and if you've driven one Ferrari with a DCT, you've practically driven them all. Sad but true.
New Posts  All Forums: