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Adios a_rec, your self righteous crap, laced with passive aggressive insinuations and insults, won't be missed by me.
"Maybe" is a concession? Not really.
Given the volume of their advertisers, and how prolific they are in audio, that number is average representation.
They're aware of the idea, the owners of this site don't want to go that route. This isn't a democracy, it never has been, beating this very dead horse won't change that. Why? The mob is fickle, one month they love you and want to fund your hopes and dreams, the next they're focused on something else. It's the reason why pure democracy is such a bad idea. Want to drum up financial support for a film? Sure. An ongoing series? No. It's about consistency and steady revenues,...
Great cans and value, there.
When you're that age, you don't mind if you get herpes.
I wouldn't go that far.
MY spin? You're the one stating that Head-Fi owes you for simply participating in a community.If simply being sociable and helpful requires that you receive some type of remuneration, beyond the enjoyment of the community itself, then you're in the wrong place. From a financial standpoint, I can never hope to make back the opportunity cost in time that I've put into, neither could Muppetface, warrenpchi, billybob, and a host of others. Warren is one of the most...
I did, it sounds like sour grapes. The fact is, as evidenced by the 100s of 1000s of amateur hobbyists around here, the vast majority simply do it because they love personal audio and talking about it with others. You aren't entitled to anything more than the wealth of information and community here, and that only by the grace of the people who have devoted their lives to making this site work. If you've made any money selling samples, or even if you've kept the items to...
The fix for that is to get a vasectomy and marry a (much) younger woman.
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