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No, but Enzo would have sold his own mum for $5, I believe they had/have different motivations. I'm not ignoring the 365 GTC/4 comments. Personally I kinda like the GTC/4 more than the GTB (aka. the Daytona), visibility is a bit better, it's lighter, subsequently handles better, and has the same engine (even though Ferrari claimed it was different by publishing a lower horsepower rating, a common Ferrari trick used during that time), so it's generally faster as well....
Sure, as long as the replica maker leaves off the badges and they sell it non-integrated. Also, most exotic car manufacturers, with the exception of Ferrari (shocking ), see it as flattering when others make replicas of their long-since-discontinued models. If it was a P1 or 650S they'd probably grab their pitchforks, though, and with good reason. Speaking of which, Ferrari even went as far as to try and sue that builder in New Zealand who is producing 100% accurate...
That's my main issue with it, panel gaps. However, I don't think that's an issue with the kit as much as it is with the integration. When I first got the Zonda there were 1/4-3/8" panel gaps (yeah, in a $1M car), but after we stripped everything from the tub and put it back together, those gaps were less than half as small. That tells me 2 things; one, the tub really was warped and was forcing the panels apart (which is what led to Pagani replacing it entirely), and two,...
All carbon fiber F1 replica kits (CF/kevlar composite monocoque, not tube framed) are now available for 120k, includes interior (sans seats) just add drivetrain, they recommend a flat-6 or SB V8. I think it looks pretty decent. Any fakery you can see here? (other than the wheels, which are kind of obvious)
I got 2.44s with the 918 and I've never experienced a launch that fast before (still not as fast as the CCXR in the 1/4 mile), it was almost physically painful. Motor Trend claims they got 2.1s but I'm a little skeptical, that time is leaps ahead of anyone else.
It's the lesser of 2 evils, they could be writing actual laws instead of this fluff.
It's a souped up 650S for 5x the money, if you corner Chris Harris he'll say the same. There's a real problem with sharing the same engine package across your entire range, and no amount of electric motors will fix that. Plus the sound its little turbo V8 makes is... "eh".
Oh, and if you want a solid, tastefully modded (low chrome) Mustang FB but the prices are scaring the bejeezus out of you, this one has all the requisite goodies (great suspension work) and will likely go for under $40k.
BTW, the number of people trying to flip their McLaren P1s is staggering. On my broker sale sheet I see; 4 LaFerraris, 6 918s, and 38 P1s. HAHAHAHA!!
After the introductory price they're going to be @$800.
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