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To my ears, they're the most tonally balanced headphones I've ever heard. Combine that with their best-in-the-business resolution, razor sharp imaging, and huge soundstage... I can't recommend these enough, but they really are that good.
The tubes it ships with aren't particularly warm, it's one of the more neutral OTL amps I've heard. I don't care for the Lyr because I found it to be rather noisy and grainy, it's definitely an amp for difficult to drive `phones.
With me they did well enough with their offer that such a thing wasn't necessary.
Contact Razordog audio, they can work something out for you.
While I believe you are experiencing such an effect, and you should buy whatever makes you happy (that's always the case), there's no scientific evidence to support that silver (or silver-plated) cables change sound in any audible way. I see exotic cables as a type of jewelry for my gear, I think they look nice, and oftentimes they're more supple and/or functionally superior to OEM (more robust connectors, etc), but they don't enhance my listening experience. I really wish...
Yeah... right. Moving right along.
Good sub-$500 alternative? The Schiit Valhalla 2 does a great job with the HD800 (and the HD800S, too).
Agreed, the balanced cable that comes with the HD800S is particularly nice. Great build quality with a premium feel, seems like it'll be quite durable.
Friend, I'm not putting down the m9XX, mine are great (both of them, one at work and the other at home), it's simply not perfect with all headphones I've tried, though that list is very short. The old HD800 and the 1st gen T1 simply aren't a good match with it, especially not the HD800 (which is at its best with a high-quality balanced tube amp, like the Balancing Act). The 800S is a different matter altogether, it actually synergizes with the m9XX, which was surprising...
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