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I did ask him why he didn't just transplant in a SB V8 and he said he wanted to keep it "all Mazda", but with all those bolt-ons and mods, doesn't that kill the "all Mazda" argument anyway? Still, that crazy amount of boost was pretty fun, I have to admit.
Well, head, singular, of course. I'm half asleep.
Lessee, if I remember what he did. The engine was bored and stroked to 2.2L, has Mazda Racing heads and cams, stronger forged aluminum crank, pistons, and conrods, solid motor mounts, larger Garrett ceramic turbo, dual twin-phase intercoolers, ceramic header w/ 3" exhaust (no cat or muffler), Mazda Racing 3.55 diff, custom all-alu one piece driveshaft, braced and stiffened out the wazoo, big Wilwood brakes, Koni pro street shocks, then topped off with 18" Enkei wheels and...
Drove a 350hp Mazdaspeed MX5 today, pucker factor = 8/10.
Good news! The 300ZX has great compression on all cylinders and when we pulled the valve covers it looked absolutely pristine, turns out the power loss was due to a couple of funky plugs or plug wires, not sure which. We're just going to replace the rear seal and clutch, rebuild the differential, dial up the HP output, and call it a day. Edit: When you're flogging the 918 it gets ~8 MPG, which is about the same as the Carrera GT at full tilt (7 MPG), but they don't talk...
and we passed that ~3B people ago.
Yep. I love supporting charities, it's one of my favorite things in the whole world. My wife and I give away more money to them than we spend on ourselves (it's true). However, it's almost always "at home", meaning the USA, because the further away the money goes the less chance there is that it will be used to do what you signed up for it to do. When I found out that a major charity, one of the largest in the world, was bribing the dictator of a country to allow them to...
Yes, I get those PMs fairly on the regular. The problems in Africa aren't financial as much as they are political. If it were just a matter of money and raw resources most of it would have been solved a while ago (same goes for severe poverty anywhere else in the world). Every dictator and demagogue in the world is out to soak any relief that could be given, making it impossible to address the real problems that exist. Because they are the real problem.
From the complaints dept:Good question! I could be wrong about this, it wouldn't be the first time, but it's my opinion that, no matter how expensive it may be, no one in Africa is hungry enough to eat a car.Have a great day,MM
Why choose when you can have both for $10k? http://sandiego.craigslist.org/nsd/cto/4987640349.html
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