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Planars don't experience "burn-in", or at least I've never heard any that have (and I've owned a large number of planars). Dynamic headphones can, depending on the headphone, but it's subtle (nothing drastic), and it doesn't take very long. I set them to play some bass-heavy music overnight and that seems to be all any of them require. The largest differences I've encountered are with cans that have "biocellulose" drivers, and the "burn-in" hasn't always been 100%...
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To my ears, they're the most tonally balanced headphones I've ever heard. Combine that with their best-in-the-business resolution, razor sharp imaging, and huge soundstage... I can't recommend these enough, but they really are that good.
The tubes it ships with aren't particularly warm, it's one of the more neutral OTL amps I've heard. I don't care for the Lyr because I found it to be rather noisy and grainy, it's definitely an amp for difficult to drive `phones.
With me they did well enough with their offer that such a thing wasn't necessary.
Contact Razordog audio, they can work something out for you.
While I believe you are experiencing such an effect, and you should buy whatever makes you happy (that's always the case), there's no scientific evidence to support that silver (or silver-plated) cables change sound in any audible way. I see exotic cables as a type of jewelry for my gear, I think they look nice, and oftentimes they're more supple and/or functionally superior to OEM (more robust connectors, etc), but they don't enhance my listening experience. I really wish...
Yeah... right. Moving right along.
Good sub-$500 alternative? The Schiit Valhalla 2 does a great job with the HD800 (and the HD800S, too).
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