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Something else... umm... wonderful (?!) that was "made" in the 80s. I'd better back off, she's getting annoyed. LOL!
Oh ****. Thanks billy, now I feel like I'm having an `80s After School Special flashback.
It was a very good book (the Singularity series), and TBH, I'd choose reading a great book over driving, any day. One issue is, it has a DCT, and if you've driven one Ferrari with a DCT, you've practically driven them all. Sad but true.
BTW, that was all sarcasm, I'm pretty excited about trying out the new California. This is a "loaner car" BTW, I'm not sure how long we can keep it, but we plan on driving the crap out of it until it needs to go back. Considering how much I've spent with them over the last 12 months, they should just give it to me.
Don't say that to the F12, that's a fearsome car to drive.
You said it, man. A**holes! Really though, I'd already had breakfast and was catching up on my reading, which I don't get to do enough of anymore. So it was a little annoying... and it's a Cali T, and that's barely even a Ferrari at all. Right?
Honestly, who delivers cars on a Sunday morning? "Could someone come over here and sign for this?" Gorgeous blue, though.
http://smile.amazon.com/Gemini-HSR-1000-Professional-Monitoring-Headphones/dp/B006Y2BI04 or the Gemini DJ HSR-1000 for $45 and add a MoovMic.
I think that was fixed when they dropped the "Miata" name.
the new MX-5 will weigh the same as the NA, very impressive
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