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If I can land it for $70k, which is my target, then I'll get it for a long term or winter project that we can peck at over the next couple years. The Enzo was much worse than those pics suggest, while a lot of it was intact in the front, the the axles, suspension, sub-frame, and all the aluminum panels had to be scrapped. We put right at $400k into it in parts, and counting labor the whole cost was nearly $850k (incl the car itself), which is still a lot less than any...
In not-so-bad condition, ~$300k. Part of our NPO's mission is to salvage and restore totalled or neglected exotics, though, and this definitely fits the bill. It's not really about the money, it's about recovering such cars for posterity, and there's only ~420 of these left in the world.
Not bought it yet (I saw it on BaT), still mulling it over. I've gotten them to come down quite a bit I'm still waffling.
The Enzo was nearly that bad and we were able to bring it back to life, better (and faster) than new.
We have a new pseudo-democracy here, the mechanics have voting shares on new projects now (and can nominate new projects on their own). They each have 1 vote, and because I own the place, I have 2 (and I have veto power). This gets them involved in decisions and insures that they're heard (in the event that I go off the rails and bite off more than we can chew), even if I ultimately decide not to listen.
It's still being discussed, here at the garage I've so far heard: 2 yeses, 1 WTF, 1 no, and 1 "you're out of your godd@mned mind".
We will rebuild her, we will make her better, stronger, FASTER!!
The fact that there is no "truth"? My favorite quote of late, "Truth is for believers, facts are for people of reason."
On expensive items you have to look at negatives within their context, some buyers will be unhappy no matter what happens. If it's a relatively cheap thing, I generally don't even look, as long as they've been around for a while (>1000 sales). 98%? 99%? Whatever. Paypal will reimburse if what I receive is wrong or messed up.
My favorite sports car era.
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