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There's a disparity between price guides, NADA says $12k and the Haggerty guide says $8,500 (the dealer had it listed at $11,500 but hadn't been able to move it for months), so we split the difference. Cosmetically it's a peach, easily an 8/10, but mechanically it does have a few niggles, such as; a leaky rear seal (barely leaks), weak clutch, and a sticky thermostat, but that's par for any manual over 20 years old. Someone's already put a decent amount of money into it....
Okay, fine, enjoy. I simply know that with 8GB of RAM I can't run Chrome with 15-20 tabs open and Adobe PS at the same time without a good deal of page swapping going on, and even with a SSD the slowdown is noticeable. My point is I refuse to buy such an obviously limited machine off the bat, at the very least it should come with 16GB on-board (it doesn't take any more room on the PCB), if there's no way to expand it. This is clearly a case where the accountants are...
I overpaid a little, book value is $8500 and I paid an even 10k, but you just don't see unmolested Z32 turbos in this condition anymore (this one has 98k miles on it) due to the fact you could tune turbo output with a basic OBD1 scanner, a PC, and a flathead screwdriver. `91 is especially attractive because it's the lightest year, due to not having very much in the way of safety equipment, powered seats, etc..
It's a `91, and it is very clean.
Oh, I forgot, what would I buy for 10Gs? Yep, a `91 TT Z. Soak it in. In fact, I did buy it, just today. I ran down to the lot where it was, bought it, and brought it back in time for the competition. I'm not officially involved, but I want to see how it competes with $7k in upgrades.
Did you know that Wilson Audio engineers will come out to your house and design a custom subwoofer setup? The room (man cave) is 42'x28'x12' and they said they can fully pressurize it.
Right now, but not being able to upgrade beyond that limits the lifespan of the notebook, severely. Who knows what demands new software will have 18 months from now?
Notebooks with only 8GB on non-upgradeable RAM are a bad idea.
If you don't rebuild/upgrade the top half of the engine, that's going to happen, but that's part of what he has planned, as well as replacing the seals while he's at it. Last I saw he was pricing a forged crankshaft, con rods, and racing cams. We never bolt on a forced induction system and call it a day, and if people don't like it (some have griped), there are numerous other shops around who can accommodate them. (Then they often come to us after it explodes.)Yeah, it...
We had a G37 in the shop not too long ago, with twin-turbos and >500whp. I think that's what the guy has in mind because he mentioned how much he'd like to have one as his own DD. I've found out the GT buyer already has a leg up, it's already outfitted with a Procharger, so this could be a lot closer than I first thought because he can put more money in other areas, like big Wilwood brakes and a better suspension. As for the C5, I think he's found one but it "has issues".
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