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I don't deal with cryptocurrencies, they scare the poo out of me, just seems like a good way to wake up one morning and find that your net worth has been flushed down the crapper. Dabbling sounds okay, the same way that gambling in Vegas at the roulette wheel can be fun (I only play blackjack, poker, and baccarat), but I don't see it as a sound financial strategy and have never purchased any myself.
It's winter and we've had only a handful of days above freezing over the last few months, so like most of the cars that don't do well under those conditions, the Zonda is hibernating.Yeah that was part of the Dubai deal that fell through, I was just plain-old outbid for it, I'd say.
They're essentially Europe's premier brokerage for ultra-rare cars, real A-list, pedigreed stuff there, but they're too expensive for me. I refuse to pay someone what amounts to a 50-100% fee just to connect me to a seller and arrange transport.
I have to confess that I like looking at the Zonda. Seriously, there have been times when I'd eat lunch and look at it for an hour (same thing with the Miura). Speaking of the TZ3, look up the build process of it, it's a Viper in different body panels and a $150k interior. You can buy a 100% spot-on cosmetic re-creation of a Tipo 33 Stradale, with a 100% hydroformed aluminum body, for ~1/4 the cost of an original. That includes a period correct Alfa V8 drivetrain. I have...
You can find them privately for $3-4M, and that's not a bad price, all things considered. They're going to go a lot higher.
I'm comfuzzled, you complain about the 944 falling apart and praise the 914. Seriously? I do agree with you on the regular production 944, 100%, but there's so much left out of the Cup there's not much in it to come loose. (Also they were assembled by hand, unlike the standard car.)
Now you're talking about every Italian, British, and French car, ever. I'm quite glad that all of them have coin wells and neat storage compartments, because they're perfect for keeping all the knobs and trim pieces that fall off.
You're right, a Cup car (meaning it's setup from the factory specifically for road racing) is awful with parking lot cones... For real?
Who cares? Well, it beats a `94 Civic.I think people have forgotten how good the 944 was, particularly the later turbos. In those years, it won more awards than the 911.
We've been running an ad in local newspapers and magazines stating that we buy "newer and classic exotic cars", and out of the 500+ calls we've received we've netted 3 calls about actual exotics. No, your `96 Merc E-Class isn't exotic, and it sure isn't a classic, and neither is an `04 Corvette, or your uncle's `99 XK8, sorry. At first I didn't think this was either, but I changed my mind. It's an `88 944 Turbo Cup, in America. Crazy. It appears it was imported new into...
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