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Yep, because I had them before the graphs came online, the week they were launched.
To me they would be solid cans if it weren't for that ringing ~6kHz, I simply couldn't live with it. $400 is a great deal on them, though, especially if you don't mind using a little EQ.
The irony is, it was designed for people who can't afford a 4-wheel car and its insurance, or lost their license due to DWI (it's classified as a cycle in the UK). Well, that's just bloody brilliant, lets take all the worst, most inexperienced drivers and put them all in the most unstable/dangerous cars! WTF could possibly go wrong?!
Sure, run on down and get that sucker, billy! Actually, It's probably a real handful to drive, they've not done any real setup on the suspension, and I doubt it could even come close to passing a CA emissions test. What shocked me was that it's an alu body (mostly) kit, and that alone is over $60k, minus doors, hood, and windshield, and the handmade leather interior... I wince thinking about how much that must have run. I was convinced the car was going to run close to...
Oh, and, "Mine, mine, o' mine." I was like, "That's it? The reserve actually came off!? What the ******?!?" I actually said that over the phone. You can't even come close to building that car for that price, and that's not counting the F&F tie-in (one of 3 used in filming).
Probably broken down. They do seem to be quite... "delicate" compared to other exotics. It could be my imagination, but our Countach appears to break nearly every time we've taken it out and Murcielagos have a poor rep as well.
That's hilarious! The games these guys play are unreal. I've not pulled the trigger because I don't really think it's worth $90k, they're definitely fishing for a stupid whale. The Hammer sedans are quite a bit more common, a few thousand were made, but I think only 300 or so made it to the US (and most are autos w/ a live axle).
So they'll take $92,000 (asking 90k euros) for the Hammer, if I handle all transfers, documentation, and transportation myself. Basically someone shows up, buys the car, and leaves. That's not terrible.
Hey Billy, I had a Wild Boar burger at the Square One Brewery in St Louis recently, no beef in it, all boar. Absolutely one of my all time favorites.
Their reasoning? There's only 12 Hammer coupes with a stick.
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