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Enhanced. The driver itself is of a slightly different design.Correct. People have seriously been misreading his review.
Yep, mine is like that too. Totally normal.
Listening to the Sine. Oh my... they're velvety smooth, lush, and very "stat-like". THD numbers on these must be absurdly low. One of the first things that came to mind is, these + the HD800S would be an amazing 2 headphone combo, they seem very complementary.
That was started as a tactic to get people to keep audio gear longer, past its return window. I know, because I was a salesman in an audio store when the scheme first hatched, and was ordered to tell people the same thing, myself, despite my manager knowing it was hogwash. I'm not saying that's what Mr Speakers is doing, most don't know the origin of it, but now the burn-in myth is so prevalent, it's permeated the entire hobby (to the point even some fairly large...
Planars don't experience "burn-in", or at least I've never heard any that have (and I've owned a large number of planars). Dynamic headphones can, depending on the headphone, but it's subtle (nothing drastic), and it doesn't take very long. I set them to play some bass-heavy music overnight and that seems to be all any of them require. The largest differences I've encountered are with cans that have "biocellulose" drivers, and the "burn-in" hasn't always been 100%...
PM incoming
To my ears, they're the most tonally balanced headphones I've ever heard. Combine that with their best-in-the-business resolution, razor sharp imaging, and huge soundstage... I can't recommend these enough, but they really are that good.
The tubes it ships with aren't particularly warm, it's one of the more neutral OTL amps I've heard. I don't care for the Lyr because I found it to be rather noisy and grainy, it's definitely an amp for difficult to drive `phones.
With me they did well enough with their offer that such a thing wasn't necessary.
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