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Happy new year to all here, may the odds be ever in your favor!
If the Yen keeps dropping you should be able to get the TH900 for
Only like 2 in the USA, unfortunately (neither is for sale), and I don't feel like running the blockade for it (essentially sneaking it in then applying for a Show and Display waiver, both expensive and risky). Maybe I will when they hit the 25 year mark. One thing I've considered is buying several cars like that while they're lower in price, storing them in a garage in the UK, then shipping them here once they reach the age where the ban no longer affects them.
Shens, no one "waits for an oil change at the Ferrari dealership". They come get the car, service it, then bring it back, or you can opt to have it serviced in your own garage, if you prefer (if you have one).
O.M.Gerd, don't buy those Denons, they're a truly wretched, distorted, muddy-sounding mess. They aren't with a tenner, IMO.
Oh, well this is horribly late. Well, since I missed Christmas... Happy Boxing day to all!
It's a fake, a Chinese knock-off (read the reviews in the listing complaining about the quality), and those you can buy all day off ebay for $1.50.
There is, for about 30 seconds.
Yeah, unless the pads are taller they won't help, just adding the extra space with a solid material is what does the trick (along with the felt). At some point I'm going to do a much more comprehensive mod that's not for the faint of heart but it'll have to wait for a while.
I used to modify speakers back in the day, building subs and playing around with enclosure and port tuning. But with headphones it all started with the damned T50RP, I mutilated a few sets until I finally came up with a set of mods that suited me. Then using that experience I try various methods I've learned on other headphones; if they sound boomy I add some damping, if the mids are honky I add more space between the driver and the ear, if treble is too bright add some...
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