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Batman v Superman: 3/10 Bleh. It's overhyped garbage. As bad as Fant4stic? No, but small pox isn't as bad as ebola, either. Wait and see it on Netflix, if you must.
Of course not, the 800 sounds bad without the right amp, but the 800S is actually okay out of an iPad.
The 800S is easy to drive and so is the 800, the problem with the stock 800 is that they're difficult to enjoy unless you have the right source+amp combo. That 6kHz spike is bad news. That's not the case with the 800S, it's good with nearly anything (even my iPad, I tried it) and scales up with better gear, all the way through the roof. IMO, they're the best non-electrostats in the world, full stop. Add a really nice balanced amp to them and they sing like no others.I'm...
I was told Cypher wasn't available until mid-April, they haven't even started shipping any yet.
Yep, works great.
The only things the Sine has going against it are; - Its smaller soundstage (because of its smaller drivers) - some will find it to be a little less comfortable, due to it being an on-ear Otherwise, it's an engaging, smoothly seductive headphone with beautiful aesthetics. Likely the best on-ears I've ever heard and one of the best
Enhanced. The driver itself is of a slightly different design.Correct. People have seriously been misreading his review.
Yep, mine is like that too. Totally normal.
Listening to the Sine. Oh my... they're velvety smooth, lush, and very "stat-like". THD numbers on these must be absurdly low. One of the first things that came to mind is, these + the HD800S would be an amazing 2 headphone combo, they seem very complementary.
That was started as a tactic to get people to keep audio gear longer, past its return window. I know, because I was a salesman in an audio store when the scheme first hatched, and was ordered to tell people the same thing, myself, despite my manager knowing it was hogwash. I'm not saying that's what Mr Speakers is doing, most don't know the origin of it, but now the burn-in myth is so prevalent, it's permeated the entire hobby (to the point even some fairly large...
New Posts  All Forums: