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and we passed that ~3B people ago.
Yep. I love supporting charities, it's one of my favorite things in the whole world. My wife and I give away more money to them than we spend on ourselves (it's true). However, it's almost always "at home", meaning the USA, because the further away the money goes the less chance there is that it will be used to do what you signed up for it to do. When I found out that a major charity, one of the largest in the world, was bribing the dictator of a country to allow them to...
Yes, I get those PMs fairly on the regular. The problems in Africa aren't financial as much as they are political. If it were just a matter of money and raw resources most of it would have been solved a while ago (same goes for severe poverty anywhere else in the world). Every dictator and demagogue in the world is out to soak any relief that could be given, making it impossible to address the real problems that exist. Because they are the real problem.
From the complaints dept:Good question! I could be wrong about this, it wouldn't be the first time, but it's my opinion that, no matter how expensive it may be, no one in Africa is hungry enough to eat a car.Have a great day,MM
Why choose when you can have both for $10k?
I buy Michelins in bulk (not really, but we do get huge discounts now). We use as many as some dealers sell in a year. When I have to use Pirellis I die a little bit inside.
There's a disparity between price guides, NADA says $12k and the Haggerty guide says $8,500 (the dealer had it listed at $11,500 but hadn't been able to move it for months), so we split the difference. Cosmetically it's a peach, easily an 8/10, but mechanically it does have a few niggles, such as; a leaky rear seal (barely leaks), weak clutch, and a sticky thermostat, but that's par for any manual over 20 years old. Someone's already put a decent amount of money into it....
Okay, fine, enjoy. I simply know that with 8GB of RAM I can't run Chrome with 15-20 tabs open and Adobe PS at the same time without a good deal of page swapping going on, and even with a SSD the slowdown is noticeable. My point is I refuse to buy such an obviously limited machine off the bat, at the very least it should come with 16GB on-board (it doesn't take any more room on the PCB), if there's no way to expand it. This is clearly a case where the accountants are...
I overpaid a little, book value is $8500 and I paid an even 10k, but you just don't see unmolested Z32 turbos in this condition anymore (this one has 98k miles on it) due to the fact you could tune turbo output with a basic OBD1 scanner, a PC, and a flathead screwdriver. `91 is especially attractive because it's the lightest year, due to not having very much in the way of safety equipment, powered seats, etc..
It's a `91, and it is very clean.
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