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So they'll take $92,000 (asking 90k euros) for the Hammer, if I handle all transfers, documentation, and transportation myself. Basically someone shows up, buys the car, and leaves. That's not terrible.
Hey Billy, I had a Wild Boar burger at the Square One Brewery in St Louis recently, no beef in it, all boar. Absolutely one of my all time favorites.
Their reasoning? There's only 12 Hammer coupes with a stick.
they want 90,000 Euros... I don't think my counter offer will be well received.
Fuuuuuu... I sent off a request for info, we'll see....
I've put 1500 miles on it, maybe more. I don't really think about mileage with very limited release cars, because no matter how much I drive them they'll continue to appreciate in value, so long as I don't smash it to bits. But then, how many times has Mr Bean trashed his Mac F1? 3, 4 times? Plus he's put 100k miles on it. But, I guarantee if he were to offer it up tomorrow it would still fetch over $10M.It's a kit, not a real McCoy. I had a shot at a real Dauer but the...
and just about as reliable! hahaha
A day off! Woohoo! Speaking of Singer, they recently asked if I could make my car available for a review/press event, and well, it sounds really selfish of me but I don't think I want to. I can count on one hand the number of people who have permission to drive my cars, and there are a few that have even tighter restrictions than that, aside from simply moving them from one nearby space to another. Partly that's due to insurance, but a lot of it is that I simply don't...
Hey, I think 20-22 MPG is pretty damned awesome, that's way above my average (which is ~14).
Tell the wife it's for commuting to work, you were looking for a car for that anyway, weren't you? I'll bet it would get decent mileage.
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