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That's hardly helpful.
Oh yeah, we took it right out and it's a beast. I was wrong about the engine power, it's much closer to 380 combined. It's not the first twin I've flown, I have my ME class rating, but it's the best one by a mile. It has the Garmin G1000 Glass Cockpit with Synthetic Vision for weather, heading, terrain, 1m GPS, full autopilot, and 3Mb broadband connectivity and yes, 802.11n wifi and BT. You really can surf online and stream Pandora audio while flying. Want more displays?...
Good day. Airport mechanic: "Come down to the airport." Me: "Why?" "You'll want to check out this plane." "I'm busy." "Not that busy." "I have a plane." "Not like this." *grumble* "Okay." [drive down to airport] "So, what's the big... holy ****." I really liked my DA40, it's great, but this is in a whole `nother league. (those winglets and that retractable gear... HNNGG!) It's a 2012 Diamond DA42-VI Twin Star, but with every option that was available, including all...
FedEx man brought me new stuff yesterday. SJ-200 Standard Studio .
Not far off the mark at all, if you want something done in Italy always make sure to include a fat envelope, it makes everything go more smoothly. People complain that Ferrari and Alfa won't sell them parts, they just aren't asking properly.
True, right there. They won't, they don't want me to camp outside their office for a week until they get it right, which I said I would do. Today I got to speak with Ken Lingenfelter for a little while, what a really cool guy. Although he has that unfortunate C4-C6 `vette fixation, we have very similar tastes. He has a couple project cars that he's getting rid of and we may just take them, they're flood damage vehicles that they haven't gotten around to restoring.
WTF is it with these small Euro car companies? Pagani: "We are letting you know that we are able to upgrade your slower manual gearbox for a new automated paddle system for a minimal charge. We are sure you will be happy with the improved performance." Me: "No. Do not replace the manual gearbox, I do not want to exchange it for a newer unit. I want the original in the car." Pagani: "I have talked with our service director and he said we can do the upgrade for no...
It's all about the big wooden steering wheel. (and the smell of the vintage Italian leather) A question I get a lot of times, "why don't you own a new GT-R, they so fast!" 1. unless you're drag racing, they aren't as fast as you've been led to believe 2. they're boring to drive 3. no soul to be found Something went horribly wrong in the transition from R34 to the R35, and it comes down to too many computers and driver aids.
I don't like Hip-hop, but the box is nice. Now that would be funny, only one person can have the album, but they never open the case.
There will BE only one, only one copy of that album will ever be made. "The music will only ever have one incarnation. It will not be made available digitally or in any other existing mass format. After touring the album at festivals, museums, exhibition spaces and galleries for the public as a one off experience, it will be sold exclusively to one buyer."
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