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They have such a pitch black, black background due to extremely low THD numbers and high damping factor, even compared to today's high-end dedicated HP amps*. The 3225PE, I have one, is even good with IEMs, a true rarity in vintage IAs and receivers. It's my go-to amp at work now, and I even prefer it over a Schiit Mjolnir, if that says anything. Incredible for something I paid Zodiac Gold > 3020a > LCD-X is about as close to sonic bliss as you can get in Head-Fi, short... them through BML and you'll get 2x ebay bucks too.
I'm not buying any cars here. Essentially, even though they have anything you'd want, WRT exotic and luxury cars, the markup is nearly 100%. It would have to be something I couldn't get elsewhere or felt I couldn't live without. The only thing I've found to be a value here are Cuban cigars.
At that time it was "just an old racecar", my how times change. I hate people like that, I worry that someone is going to damage a really valuable car if I leave it in a parking lot for a few minutes, so I often take someone with me just to guard it while I go in. Some people are just crazy and there's no telling what they'll do.It's a city designed by and for teenage boys, I don't think most Arabs around here have matured beyond that. So much of it is simple glamour,...
I saw 5 exotics while in Italy, which isn't too bad, really. There were more than that parked outside McDonald's today, including a 458 Speciale. The heat, OMFG!
Well, we're in Dubai. My wife stepped off the plane and said, "holy s***!", and rightfully so. It's striking, but HOT. Also, within 15 minutes you're hit with culture shock. I asked about our bags, the man blinked and replied, "they will be in your room, sir", then we were shuttled (past customs) to a VIP lounge (massive plasma screens showing soccer and Bloomberg financial news, open bar, and tables loaded with snacks), where we had a drink and they took our passports and...
$108k isn't at all bad for a decade worth of audio enjoyment, silly proles.
I love old Z cars, the fat-arsed 280ZX doesn't qualify. The 240Z, aka. 1st gen Fairlady, is almost perfect... especially with larger brakes, better dampers, a locking LSD, sticky tires, and RB26DETT/5-spd swap. Even with those mods, you're looking at ~$40k, all in, for something that will smoke all but the fastest new sports cars, and look much better doing it. Check this: That's a great price. Leaving...
I have to agree, still shocked me, though. It's that feeling of, "he was just here, WTF?"
It's largely American muscle, and that really isn't my cup of tea. The Shelby Super Snake would be cool, but I'm thinking that's going to go for 8 figures, being only 1 of 2 ever made. Yenko Camaros and the like don't do much for me, they aren't what I'm into. They'll bring a hefty profit though, B-J will make sure of that, no matter what they have to do. (I detest those guys.)
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