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Some of the really cheap Monoprice cables have some pretty hinky connectors, I've bought several from them that were either too tight or fell apart in my hands.
Pretty much, what billy said. It's the Jalpa forerunner, but they only made a handful of them and even fewer are still around. V8 Lambos are going to come around in a major way once more mainstream collectors take an interest, conservatively I estimate a 3x jump in value over the next decade.
No idea who the seller was, beyond a name, I only got a chance to say hello to him before he bolted. Hah. I did get it to roll-start, it has a weak battery, which means it probably has a bad alternator, and one cylinder isn't firing. Par for the course, I guess. Now going to go look at an `87 V8 Vantage a guy has for sale.
It had been totaled and then restored, doesn't start, not original color, not original spec (a US car converted to European spec). All that together scares away investors, if it ran and hadn't been wrecked it probably would have been around 70-80k. More than likely it was a money pit that the owner didn't want to deal with anymore.
Nope, 930 Flachbau cabrio, 330bhp Euro-spec, with salvage title (but straight chassis), wouldn't start, for whatever reason, $26k. Steal of the auction, IMO.
I love Sundays at a car auction, you can smell the seller desperation in the air. Yeah, I'll give you $26k for your 930 slantnose.
I wouldn't pay more than $25k for the 600, they made ~1.3M of them. It was priced high simply because of the recent Fiat craze in the US, they'll settle down again.I listened to those DT1350s for quite a while and there was definitely something funky going on in the treble ~6 kHz, it was simply missing. I looked at Tyll's measurements and it's in those, a kind of "suck out" in that region. He said it's due to ear>pad seal, I don't know.The F355 isn't ugly, it was just the...
Rare in the US, a 66 Fiat 600. Neither of us got it though, reserve was too high.
I'm a bad person. I love it when a person I'm bidding against whips their head around, spots me bidding against them, and gives me the most hateful looks imaginable, their face turning purple. Extra points if it's a young hipster and they get so angry they actually tear up their bid number and storm out of the auction hall. That made my day, I'll actually bid beyond what I wanted to pay just to see what they'll do.
^^^ Good deal, that's a nice price. Well guys, if you wanted a great deal on an ugly Ferrari, you missed it.
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