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It's more time for your brain to adjust to the sound. Also, not to be a conspiracist, but that would be well over a month of normal listening for regular people, and beyond the 30 day return policy most retailers allow.
On a computer EQing is okay, but I don't always use my PC or Mac as a source. In fact, a good deal of the time I go from turntable > preamp > amp > headphones. The whole audio world isn't DACs and FLACs.
I love these, I have both the original and the second release, but seriously guys, do you think you could have used some LEDs for the front panel that aren't as bright as a flashlight? In a dim room they're incredibly annoying, they're like a nightlights.
Yeah, I think people are reading more into that than what he actually said. He's right, the 800 in stock form, un-EQ'd, is "unpalatable", a lot of times. It may be great for analyzing music, but it's not so great at helping the listener actually enjoy it.
Something is very wrong, I don't even need that much to drive my HE560s. Something must be off with your source level.
Move on to what, precisely? We're discussing the headphone. I honestly don't understand some of you people.
Until you change the emphasis around... and read further. Fact is, as Tyll said, if you don't mind modding and EQing, the HD800 still has plenty of appeal. However, I heartily agree with his decision to knock the old HD800 off the WoF, and for the very same reason:I've modded the crap out of my 800s, and even run EQ with them (when possible, I can't do that with my turntable) and while they're technically amazing I've never loved them, that's not true with the 800S. I can...
What "break-in" that does exist is very minor (95% of it is your brain adjusting), and I've only ever heard it with dynamic headphones, not planars. Essentially, if you don't like a set of cans before they "settle in", you won't like them after, either.
Batman v Superman: 3/10 Bleh. It's overhyped garbage. As bad as Fant4stic? No, but small pox isn't as bad as ebola, either. Wait and see it on Netflix, if you must.
Of course not, the 800 sounds bad without the right amp, but the 800S is actually okay out of an iPad.
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