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It isn't mine, at least not yet. We were doing the restoration for someone but it's gone beyond what he wanted to spend. His original target was 250-270k total but frankly he paid too much for it to begin with and we didn't know the extent of the electrical and mechanical issues. Everything had to be stripped, large portions of the upholstery had to be replaced (saddle stains badly) and almost the whole cockpit is wrapped in the same leather. The worst however was them...
Okay, the tally is in, after a few small revisions for labor rate (adding in the actual time spent, not what my guys fudged to try and "ease the pain"), and the F12 total bill comes to $193,225.61. So it has a street value of, say, $355k in current trim, and the price paid was $120k. That's over $313k in it, with a potential of $35k in profit to sell it, if you can find anyone who will to pay that for a salvaged car. The reality is, breaking even will probably be tricky...
Geez, why are you using Slick as an avatar? lolBTW, there are a couple good deals in the used area of that Amazon listing. There was a pair of HE-400s in "Very Good" condition for only $199.
I don't use anything but Intel SSDs, other brands simply have too many bugs and issues. Their firmware, compatibility, and NAND quality is unmatched in the industry.
"Where there's a whip, there's a way!"
All the time.
Okay, one small bit of info, would it change your estimates if you found out that salt water ("brackish") rose above the exhaust and heads?
I really want to try a pair of EVGA Titan Blacks in SLI, my rig went 295X (it's very quick) w/ an LG 34" 21:9 monitor-beast while on vacation, and I was told they'd actually be slower at my native res. Well, I looked it up and it's true, according to benchmarks. So tell me, when did Nvidia slip behind AMD?
What frequency do they use? Is it encrypted? I can't imagine they'd last too long in the real world, given how tiny the batteries have to be. Here's a challenge. Guess how much the total bill to repair the F12berlinetta is (the one that sat in >half a meter of water for 5 days), let's see who gets closest without going over. While the cat's away the mice will play, I was expecting that they would have slacked off completely while I was gone, but I think they may...
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