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Yeah, that skirting on the F50s? That's not carbon fiber, it's plastic and it does pit when abused. Sure, he can get it replaced, using daddy's money, but it'll never be original again. I'll hoon a car with the best of them, drift an F1 around a circuit, chew up a set of $1500 Michelins, but there's a time and place for everything, and an owner with common sense knows that.
He doesn't own them his dad does (and his dad ends up having to pay for the repairs), he's just a spoiled rich kid who likes to abuse his father's cars.
I believe I'd need to see a demo to fully appreciate it.
it took about 10 minutes, it had already been prepped in N Carolina. One thing, I'm all for tipping the delivery guys, it's worth it to get deliveries in one piece, but to not even get acknowledgement after you pass the them several hundred bucks (for only a couple hours work, and something they're already being paid for)... well, that just ain't right. That was yesterday, BTW, I've already put 250 miles on it. Oh no, the value is dropping! hehehe
Maybe this one? (not even yet off the truck)
It's quite a pleasant surprise and I've grown to really like this little thing. It's robust, versatile, and sounds fantastic. Plus, the best part is I can use my favorite Android music app (Neutron), instead of relying on the often crappy ones integrated into most DAPs.
Ayup, I'm using it like that at work right now. You just flip a little toggle over to PC and it works as a desktop amp/DAC running on USB power (while charging the battery, if needed). If you need to charge the battery faster you can even plug in a second micro USB connection (either from the PC or a wall wart), there are 2 on the bottom of the unit, and it'll charge in half the time (while still being usable as a desktop DAC/amp). It's pretty darned flexible.
The cheap (or cheaper) option is the FiiO E18. I really like the muscle this little thing has on tap, plus it's very quiet and doesn't distort towards warm or bright, even on High gain (it has a Low/High toggle), it just gives what it gets. So much in audio is individual perception, I don't believe most of the crap that reviewers say, and it isn't because they're trying to mislead, it's just normal expectation getting in the way of perception. IOW, the most unreliable part...
Wait, WAIT! I'm checking out things with portable DACs and amps and have found out some neat things, and one smoking-hot value (an inexpensive portable DAC/amp that will properly drive a modded T50 and just about everything else I've thrown at it)..
He looks good for 51, even after 35 years of sex, drugs, and rock & roll. Strangely, I've ran into Bret four times in my life; two times at fund raisers, once at a car auction, and once in an airport. It's just a weird thing. No, he's really not that "down to Earth" but seemed like a nice guy anyway.
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