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You don't see a picture?
I may write a guide and publish it at some point, been thinking about it. Just another day at the garage? Not really. (Shown with alu HRE superlights, I also got a set of carbon fiber ultralights on R-compound Michelin Sport Cup+ rubber too, for track use.)
My helpful tip of the day. I get asked this from time to time so I thought I'd talk about it here. "I keep seeing all these 15-20 year-old supercars for under $50k and that seems like a really good deal. I mean, that's not much more than a new Camaro or Mustang. Which of these "budget" exotics should I consider buying?" Abridged answer: None of them "Why not?!?" Because after you factor in maintenance and repairs (older exotic cars break down a lot, especially if you...
Call Razordog and ask for his best price on "B" stocks, which are strangely a lot like the regular ones, from what I can tell. Do the same with the HE-560s and compare prices.Definitely can't agree with the HE-560s being more detailed, though they are more tuned towards treble presentation than the LCD-X. I think it's an illusion, many people will automatically choose the brighter headphone when comparing detail, but the reality is that even warmer sounding cans can be...
The LCD-X is better than the HE-560, more immersive and more detailed. Also the LCD-X feel more like a premium product (and they should). Going by MSRP, are they $600 better? For most folks, no. At the "best street price", $700 vs $1100? Geez.. personally, I'd go the extra $400 and get the Audeze.
Also I think it's a fairly blatant rip off of the Ferrari Mythos, one of my all-time favorite concepts, a car we plan on doing a re-creation of at some point.
I have zero intention of paying the BIN price, I'm hoping it goes for
Something I want quite a bit, ever since seeing one at a show and being mesmerized by its body lines, and impressed with its powerful BMW M5 powertrain. It has a kit car vibe in pictures but has a lot personality in person.
So we ended up with 3" of snow over 1/2" of ice, and while they were able to get brine on the main road before all that started our driveway, which is 3/4 of a mile long, is solid white and likely won't be drivable for a couple days unless I get someone out here to clear it. Eh, I'm in no rush, I'd rather just stay home right now anyway. I don't have any BTC for sale right now, what I do have in my wallet (~34 coins) I want to keep for curiosity's sake.
Oh, and we're having an epic ice storm right now, really crazy stuff.
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