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Compliant in Europe is one thing, compliant in the US is another, they get touchy about that here. It does meet specs and is certified, so it's all okay. Now if we can meet on a price.
We're still a little off on a price and they haven't been able to tell me whether it's square with EPA standards, so I'm waiting to get some form of confirmation on that.
Well, they rebuilt the upper half of the engine and stuck a pair of turbos on to it, then added larger ceramic brakes, wider wheels and tires, and improved the aero. Their engine tune is pretty conservative actually, the updated powerplant should easily handle >800bhp. This car was a factory demo (one of 2) and been around the block for a while, cycled through any car show they could enter and likely used and abused by almost every auto journalist in the world (44k kms on...
... double post
Used Mercs, provided they haven't been abused, are a great buy. I've been looking at an SLS AMG Black, but I found a Brabus SLS 700 Carbon (it's basically their SLS 700 but with more carbon fiber parts and 100lbs lighter) for the same amount of money..
Speaking of expensive Mercs, a while back we bought a couple of those "bargain" AMGs, an `06 V8 S55 ($120k MSRP, $19,500 paid) and an `06 V12 SL65 ($194k MSRP, $38k paid), the S55 bought by our office manager and the SL65 for the collection. The S55 needed a couple sensors and the alternator replaced (we knew that at time of purchase) and the SL65 needed a new motor for the convertible hardtop (we did not know when it when it was bought), and of course both were tuned up...
According to the engineer in that thread who analyzed the samples, the accusations that they used EQ are baseless. Again I'll reiterate, the differences are tiny and anyone boasting otherwise is doing just that.
WTH is that, 320k MP3 vs FLAC? The variations are tiny. Could get 5/5 with HD800+Antelope Gold, 4/5 with HE-560+ECBA, and only 2/5 with desktop speakers (Maggie Minis).
Well the guy is a grocery store manager, so any car in 7 digits is out of the question. I told him the only new car that he could buy right now and not take an immediate hit on would be an Alfa 4C (if he can find one) and he did seem to like that idea a lot. I have noticed the dealer markup on those is ~15-25%, so caveat emptor. You mentioned the 8C and I'm looking at a wholesale list, these are cars that (for the most part) aren't factory fresh, have been regular...
Guy at New Year's party: "So what cars are good investments?" Me: "Well, top tier Ferrari 328s and Testarossas are going to keep climbing well, so will low mileage Diablos, 993 911s, 3rd gen RX7 turbos, and V8 Lotus Esprits." Guy: "No, I mean new cars." Me: "HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"
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