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I love ebay description for that one, it's hilarious!
Oh, I've neglected to mention how much fun my guys are having getting that group of classic Lambos I bought back into shape. Parts? What parts? There aren't any available for those damned things. In a lot of ways, in the vintage parts channel, it's like those models never even existed. It's bats*** crazy.
I guess "cheap" is relative, I just don't like wasting money. I guess that's a more accurate way of saying it. That aside, $2800 for the SR-009 is the deal of the year, in terms of pure sound quality in head-fi.
I'm usually a pretty cheap SOB, but I actually just ordered another SR-009 as a spare, at those prices. They're my favorite cans (by far) so might as well.
Yeah, I'd just been talking about VW with someone else, I meant to say BMW. Oops.
We're writing them a letter telling them to eat a big s*** sandwich, since it's our car and I'm not even using the OEM computers or modifying existing firmware. I have lawyers too, and I guarantee mine are much more vicious and calculating. Two, we're almost 100% sure the factory infotainment system has a cellular module, to call for emergency service, should your champagne ever get > 4C or something like that, but it also sends streams of info about the car's status and...
So, we got a C&D from VW Group regarding alleged tinkering with the Rolls' firmware, not sure how they found out, but that's a different matter. The thing is, we're not even using the factory ECUs, they're sitting in a box on a shelf, so it's really none of their business.
You need to apply, man. You only live once, might as well love the place you work for!
`bout the same, but you can negotiate with Mecum to get a better rate (say, 5 rather than 8%), unlike ebay.
Yup. Brian's good people and deserves Head-Fi's support. (Unless you all just want to deal solely with big, faceless companies that don't give a rat's rear about you, that is.)
New Posts  All Forums: