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Just been extremely busy, too many irons in the fire, as it were.
Way to spoil the fun, billy!
"Hey Parker, I've got a great idea, lets go visit the spider farm!"
For those who love the Fiat 500 experience, it's probably going to be the kitty's titties (much like the Tributo Ferrari edition). I think it's an interesting and fun little car, but I think of it more as a toy and wouldn't have one as my only car, not when the Fiesta ST is so much better (and more affordable).
There are double blind tests that show cables improving sound, but only with regards to length. If a cable is too long for its gauge, it'll adversely affect SQ. Otherwise, no*.(*There are cables with active networks built into them that can alter SQ, but it's usually in a negative way. Avoid those.)
Of course it's an April fool, are you guys mental?! Some of my cars are like kids to me now.
I'm so disillusioned and bored with cars now, it's way too much hassle and expense than it's worth. I'm seriously thinking about selling them all off and giving the money to charity.
So much for their road cars, it was a good run while it lasted.
Lots of angryness... Here, look at this, maybe it'll make ya'll feel better. Yep, the Supra is officially back. I hear tell that the production car will be >95% like the prototype above.
It's my head mechanic's ex-wife, who lives next door, trying to make it seem like some type of community action group. Which is funny, since no one else in the area has ever complained. She has called the police several times however, though never said anything to us directly about the supposed "unbelievable noise". However, they told her that since we aren't in the city, and the county has no ordinance against loud noise during the day, she could go pound sand. I'm just...
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