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Bend them, it helps.
People are sick of superheroes? WTF?? Well, stop watching them, I guess. When you eventually get ready to watch more, the films will be waiting for you. Win > win. What bugs me, and the large bulk of reviewers, is the pacing (comic fans are pissed over the liberties taken, but the worst of them won't be satisfied with anything). They desperately tried to shove the contents of 3 movies into 1, I presume to try and play catch-up with the MCU. That's dumb, because it's a...
Is it imprinted after the "HD800"? Got mine a little over a week ago, no S. Must have gotten one of the last sets without it. Yay!
It's strange, but I quite like the old Mjolnir over the Mjolnir 2 for the HD800 & 800S. Oh well, either is fantastic, but $500 for the first is a steal, IMO.
IMO, their amps punch way above their weight in terms of value, compared to the competition. Mjolnir could be an endgame amp for just about anyone (unless you're into OTC setups), it outperforms most $2,000 rivals.
The Mjolnir is much better than the hdva600, tbh.
It's more time for your brain to adjust to the sound. Also, not to be a conspiracist, but that would be well over a month of normal listening for regular people, and beyond the 30 day return policy most retailers allow.
On a computer EQing is okay, but I don't always use my PC or Mac as a source. In fact, a good deal of the time I go from turntable > preamp > amp > headphones. The whole audio world isn't DACs and FLACs.
I love these, I have both the original and the second release, but seriously guys, do you think you could have used some LEDs for the front panel that aren't as bright as a flashlight? In a dim room they're incredibly annoying, they're like a nightlights.
Yeah, I think people are reading more into that than what he actually said. He's right, the 800 in stock form, un-EQ'd, is "unpalatable", a lot of times. It may be great for analyzing music, but it's not so great at helping the listener actually enjoy it.
New Posts  All Forums: