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Must be.
Just took this mere seconds ago. Yes, they do indeed exist.
Because he's a really nice person, personally inspects every item sold, and works hard to make the Head-fi community better by giving each customer personal attention? I returned some defective cans to them (slightly loose input jack) and they swapped them out immediately, I'm not sure what more you could want.
Abarth is its own mini culture within the hobby of collector cars, all by itself (a lot like Mini and Ferrari), people often collect them to the exclusion of nearly everything else. What makes that one so interesting is that it's a Zagato Abarth, and I believe they only made a couple hundred of them. Still... this many days on ebay with no bids? That's a telling thing.
Well, I don't fit in the Fiat, and doubt I ever will, but worse than that (after studying past sales) the starting price is more than the market value, given its condition. Oh well.
#boner http://www.ebay.com/itm/371326280873?rmvSB=true I wish I could fit into one.
There are some real "gems" out there. I know a kook who has a 930 911 turbo w/ 800 miles on it. He doesn't drive the thing, he just goes out to his garage and buffs it once a week. It's likely the thing will won't start without a complete overhaul, now.
I sent the clerk a letter from my doc telling them I have RA & MS and can't sit for long periods of time without pain (pretty accurate), they never contacted me again.
Money isn't in and of itself power, but it is a powerful facilitator for gaining it (right up there with sex).Yeah billy, just tell them all how deficient they are, you'll be home by lunch.
Tramps and trucks are what make America great! Why do you hate this country?
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