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I've not found a single thing they don't excel beautifully with. They're truly amazing `phones, the best of the breed, as it were. For flavoring I use different amps, but they are the baseline for the best dynamic headphone experience you can buy today.
Why? The K7XX were $200 and are great gaming headphones with a huge soundstage and excellent imaging. Get a Modmic for $50 and you're set.
*waves* 800s are okay, I still have mine, but the 800S is so much more tonally balanced while maintaining the 800's signature clarity.60%? Oh my. No, we don't agree. But then, I don't care as much about the quality of the gunfire, I'm more concerned about the accuracy of enemy positioning. At any rate, use what you like.
IMO, the K7XX/Q701 are ~98% as good for that, but I can see your reasoning. Stick a Modmic on them and go.
Yeah, I'm really starting to wonder what these guys are on about, there have been a lot of off-the-wall from new members lately.
Agreed, 100%
Because the SR-009s are that good, objectively speaking. There's a reason why they're #1 with reviewers and in measurements, it's a level of craftsmanship and material quality that no one else in the world has reached (except Sennheiser with the new Orpheus). £3000? Ouch. That's nuts. Today I was quoted $3000 on PriceJapan. For a short while they were all the way down to $2650. At that point I bought a 2nd set and put them away..
Umm. That's what I'm saying, people need to decline. Those aren't $3-5k headphones, and much like Tyll is doing by stripping certain high-end cans off the WoF, because they don't deserve to be there, it's time for head-fi enthusiasts (aka. "The Marketplace") to say "this has gotten out of hand".
The 800S is a "big boy", it's simply priced at what high-end cans should cost, instead of 2-3x over. I look at `phones like the LCD-4, Abyss, and HEK and shake my head. The exception is the SR-009, with current exchange rates it's about spot-on @$3000. Is the HEK as good for the same $$ as the Stax? No. Is the LCD-4 and Abyss as good for $1000 and $1500 more? Not even close. (IMO, none of the 3 are as good as the 800S.) Point? People need to stop buying those overpriced... store numbers for that title are bad and it appears it isn't an isolated occurrence. No amount of media hype in the world can make up for terrible editorial decisions, and treating the real Thor with such disrespect made most of his established fans jump ship.
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