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Geez, why are you using Slick as an avatar? lolBTW, there are a couple good deals in the used area of that Amazon listing. There was a pair of HE-400s in "Very Good" condition for only $199.
I don't use anything but Intel SSDs, other brands simply have too many bugs and issues. Their firmware, compatibility, and NAND quality is unmatched in the industry.
"Where there's a whip, there's a way!"
All the time.
Okay, one small bit of info, would it change your estimates if you found out that salt water ("brackish") rose above the exhaust and heads?
I really want to try a pair of EVGA Titan Blacks in SLI, my rig went 295X (it's very quick) w/ an LG 34" 21:9 monitor-beast while on vacation, and I was told they'd actually be slower at my native res. Well, I looked it up and it's true, according to benchmarks. So tell me, when did Nvidia slip behind AMD?
What frequency do they use? Is it encrypted? I can't imagine they'd last too long in the real world, given how tiny the batteries have to be. Here's a challenge. Guess how much the total bill to repair the F12berlinetta is (the one that sat in >half a meter of water for 5 days), let's see who gets closest without going over. While the cat's away the mice will play, I was expecting that they would have slacked off completely while I was gone, but I think they may...
I looked at my media array earlier, a little over 11TB of content now.
Does this include that "special" folder?
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