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If you bought a Sine in the last couple months they should at least offer you a Cypher cable for $50-75.
People wondering about 800S vs LCD-4 really needs to watch this, what Tyll says about the LCD-4 is important.
Not to my ears, I find the Sine to be very neutral, but YMMV.
Better focus, but narrower.
The HD650s are quite veiled in comparison.
I means, based on measurements, they're just about the most neutral closed cans you can buy. Shocking given they're small-ish on-ears. Those THD numbers are great.
Holy fudge nuts.
CALs are still $48 @Amazon. Pretty sure they're being clearanced, so don't let them get away. They're a good addition to any head-fier's collection.
I'm entirely at a loss over what would need modification on these.
They're wrong, but that's not unusual for them. They're warm but not "thick".
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