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CALs are still $48 @Amazon. Pretty sure they're being clearanced, so don't let them get away. They're a good addition to any head-fier's collection.
I'm entirely at a loss over what would need modification on these.
They're wrong, but that's not unusual for them. They're warm but not "thick".
I've not found a single thing they don't excel beautifully with. They're truly amazing `phones, the best of the breed, as it were. For flavoring I use different amps, but they are the baseline for the best dynamic headphone experience you can buy today.
Why? The K7XX were $200 and are great gaming headphones with a huge soundstage and excellent imaging. Get a Modmic for $50 and you're set.
*waves* 800s are okay, I still have mine, but the 800S is so much more tonally balanced while maintaining the 800's signature clarity.60%? Oh my. No, we don't agree. But then, I don't care as much about the quality of the gunfire, I'm more concerned about the accuracy of enemy positioning. At any rate, use what you like.
IMO, the K7XX/Q701 are ~98% as good for that, but I can see your reasoning. Stick a Modmic on them and go.
Yeah, I'm really starting to wonder what these guys are on about, there have been a lot of off-the-wall from new members lately.
Agreed, 100%
Because the SR-009s are that good, objectively speaking. There's a reason why they're #1 with reviewers and in measurements, it's a level of craftsmanship and material quality that no one else in the world has reached (except Sennheiser with the new Orpheus). £3000? Ouch. That's nuts. Today I was quoted $3000 on PriceJapan. For a short while they were all the way down to $2650. At that point I bought a 2nd set and put them away..
New Posts  All Forums: