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Gibsons become like children, even though they can be annoying and temperamental sometimes (like kids).
One spools up quickly for low end torque and the other hits its stride ~4k RPMs, but the transition is pretty seamless. You feel it but it doesn't startle you, like say the F40 or the 288GTO does. It's much more like a Koenigsegg, and in fact they're very similar.
Careful, you don't know where he's been!
Not too much weight, maybe 5 kilos, but my ears need it. "Two big turbos" comment wasn't entirely accurate, it's more like one small one the size of a bagel and one larger, nearly as big as a soccer ball. I'm not completely sure what they do with the old parts, but they likely (hopefully) use them for warranty repairs.
I don't think in terms of "End Game". Beyond a certain point, price isn't a clear indicator, in fact it's tends to muddy the waters, and new things are fun to try. Different flavors for different moods, and all that stuff. (OMFG! Obobs sighting!)
I don't usually go nuts over watches, but this one is amazing. It weighs almost nothing (some feathers weigh more than this thing) and I think it looks nice too. Definitely a daily wear for me.
Each band has a 12 y/o female lead, that's different. So my Porsche guy just comes in and works 3-4 days each week, doesn't say much. He'd done some work on the yellow Carrera GT, updating it to the Mirage spec (Gemballa kit) which, performance-wise, is just a carbon fiber exhaust system and a body kit (whoopty-do, at least we didn't pay very much for it and we left off the ugly wheel and light treatments). However, he also increased the stroke and upgraded to hotter...
Metal Monday night, from the mouths of babes.
My Mini OCD could be worse, these guys have 50 of the little buggers.
Orange, or maybe raspberry, either way I'd rather get a minotaur. For sure.
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