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I'm comfuzzled, you complain about the 944 falling apart and praise the 914. Seriously? I do agree with you on the regular production 944, 100%, but there's so much left out of the Cup there's not much in it to come loose. (Also they were assembled by hand, unlike the standard car.)
Now you're talking about every Italian, British, and French car, ever. I'm quite glad that all of them have coin wells and neat storage compartments, because they're perfect for keeping all the knobs and trim pieces that fall off.
You're right, a Cup car (meaning it's setup from the factory specifically for road racing) is awful with parking lot cones... For real?
Who cares? Well, it beats a `94 Civic.I think people have forgotten how good the 944 was, particularly the later turbos. In those years, it won more awards than the 911.
We've been running an ad in local newspapers and magazines stating that we buy "newer and classic exotic cars", and out of the 500+ calls we've received we've netted 3 calls about actual exotics. No, your `96 Merc E-Class isn't exotic, and it sure isn't a classic, and neither is an `04 Corvette, or your uncle's `99 XK8, sorry. At first I didn't think this was either, but I changed my mind. It's an `88 944 Turbo Cup, in America. Crazy. It appears it was imported new into...
Works fine, used the service many times, though shipping times quoted are a little... optimistic. It IS a service, not a seller, and you have to remember that. If you have an issue after you get the thing you bought, pricejapan won't help you, so pay attention to who the actual retailer is and make sure they have a good reputation and you can communicate with them..
After a month of tinkering I finally got my WC Haswell-E stable @5GHz, huzzah! Now turning it back down to 4.2Ghz, the amount of heat it was putting out under load was insane, even with a huge 60x420mm rad.
No idea, but I found out what happened to the new Lola T70 relaunch: That's not the worst way to spend $300k.
This "kit" is essentially a 430 or 458 chassis with swapped body panels, roof, and exhaust. It's more complicated than that, but that's what it's designed to fit. My mechanic said we could also cannibalize a Noble M600 but he's purposely not being helpful.
Yeah, an Integrale Evo 2. I don't have a Stratos, just the alu body for one, and I'm wanting to figure out a way to build it without using an F430 or 458 as a donor.
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