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I'm guessing in the $18-20M ballpark, according to recent sales. It's doubled in value in 8 months.
RM auctions has an interesting auction lineup for Monterey, but there's one thing that really caught my eye, the Reventón. There were 3 of them in particular that are very unusual, and the one up for sale is one of them. See what makes it special? I've been a good boy lately, saving my nickles, might have enough in the piggy bank for that.
I'm feeling a good bit better now, more or less I'd unplugged from the interwebs and ignored everything that wasn't absolutely crucial (like family and a few basic money decisions) and relaxed. It was nice. I guess I hadn't realized how much pressure I apply to myself with all my projects and interests and that's something I'm in the process of changing. The 16 hour days have to stop and get cranked down to 8 hour days like "normal" people (the doctor's term, whatever that...
Don't have any, SLI has matured quite a bit (and I use a 750TI as a dedicated Physx processor).
No, just pointing it out for anyone who may be interested. It was one heck of a bargain.
Really liking my SLI 980 TIs, almost went with the Fury X but AMD's drivers always end up disappointing me at some point.and custom lengths, for those with huge, tiny, or irregular size cases.
I have one of these, probably the best Minis ever built, and the price is right (especially when you consider the $15k worth of solid performance mods on it). http://www.ebay.com/itm/111704704989?rmvSB=true
That's relative. I feel better than I did 2 weeks ago but horrible compared to 3 months ago.
I'll catch up on the thread shortly (this is the first day in 3 weeks that I haven't been running a fever and vomiting every hour, no I'm not joking). In the mean time... Look at it. Just look at it... I'm not a huge fan of Aston V8s, but I'm making an exception here.
New Posts  All Forums: