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So, what cars being auctioned this week here in Pebble have caught your attention? I'm mostly going to be hitting up Mecum and R&S, though I am stopping my the Gooding pre auction to look at a few cars that I may never get a chance to see again, like the `66 Ferrari 365 "Tre Posti".
Already up and about to head off to Monterey for Concours festivities. It's just me this time, all by my lonesome.
I stranded a woman nearly 500 miles from home for doing something similar, swearing at me and calling me names. It took care of the problem and she never talked to me again.
I've been on the verge of tears since I heard about it. Farewell, Robin.
I just can't believe Robin Williams is dead, and it's an apparent suicide, no less. I'm stunned/heartbroken.
Okay, the question was "how does the E18 compare to the blue-blooded A&K DAPs"? There's really no contest, taking value into consideration, there aren't too many reasons to choose the high-end players over an E18+phone combo. Do they sound better? Slightly, but unless you're doing a direct A>B comparison you won't be able to tell (the TI1798 is a quality chip). Are they better designed and built? Yeah, they feel nicer in the hand and have a higher aesthetic appeal, due to...
I don't have any garage queens, all the cars are driven (if not by me, then someone in the garage) regularly. Collecting them is for preservation, so future generations can appreciate and enjoy them. That's why I don't just collect exotics, but also great examples of "drivers' cars" of all marques and values (I have 6 Corvairs, seriously). I get just as excited over a mint RX-7 FD or *Z32 TT as I do over a new Ferrari (probably more, because they were the "hero" cars of my...
Yeah, that skirting on the F50s? That's not carbon fiber, it's plastic and it does pit when abused. Sure, he can get it replaced, using daddy's money, but it'll never be original again. I'll hoon a car with the best of them, drift an F1 around a circuit, chew up a set of $1500 Michelins, but there's a time and place for everything, and an owner with common sense knows that.
He doesn't own them his dad does (and his dad ends up having to pay for the repairs), he's just a spoiled rich kid who likes to abuse his father's cars.
I believe I'd need to see a demo to fully appreciate it.
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