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My `phones for poorly-mastered music are the Koss ESP/950s, their signature covers a multitude of sins. (On the cheap, the Philips SHP9500s sound a good bit like the 950s.)I know, right? Like all I have to do is think about headphones all day. (I'm certain there are people here who actually do that.)
Didn't really think about it, I just bought what was available.
I'm not saying the Cypher cable should always be $50. I'm saying that for the relative few who bought the Sine before the Cypher was ever available (we early adopters who actually helped drive early sales *ahem*), there should be an option to buy one for $50. That's not a lot to ask. (Yeah, I'm cheap, what of it? )
It isn't typical distortion in the bass region, like what you hear with Grados, even under critical listening conditions it sounds like the sub-bass is naturally extended. It's a neat trick, because it doesn't sound artificial at all. So while the measurements may tell you "this is distortion" your senses are saying "there's more bass below 40Hz here".
Want something that will only go up in value and that you'll love driving every single time? Here ya go: http://www.autoblog.com/2016/04/08/effeffe-berlinetta-new-italian-1960s-gt Yeah, I've made inquiries and hope to get one. Because, well, look at it. Wow.
If you bought a Sine in the last couple months they should at least offer you a Cypher cable for $50-75.
People wondering about 800S vs LCD-4 really needs to watch this, what Tyll says about the LCD-4 is important.
Not to my ears, I find the Sine to be very neutral, but YMMV.
Better focus, but narrower.
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