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The m9XX is less powerful (which only matters with a few hard-to-drive planars) yet much more refined, while at the same time more involving and detailed. In many/most ways I'd characterize it as a high-end amp in a little-bitty package.
He Never Died (2015) - 7/10 A strange one, and a depressing statement about immortality. A must-see if you like Henry Rollins
Call Brian @Razordog.
It's true. People spending 10s of 1000s of $$ on headphones, headphone amps, and DACs, for an extra 1-5% improvement, aren't the sanest of people. We are who we are, we don't need anyone on a forum reminding us all the time, we have spouses for that.
Yes, the m9xx does a good job with the HE560.
The best combo, pound for pound (in terms of value), is the 800S & S1 Mjolnir (still $500 on their site). There's not a better rig for $2200.
Like Mozart, Falco lived hard and died young.
My `phones for poorly-mastered music are the Koss ESP/950s, their signature covers a multitude of sins. (On the cheap, the Philips SHP9500s sound a good bit like the 950s.)I know, right? Like all I have to do is think about headphones all day. (I'm certain there are people here who actually do that.)
Didn't really think about it, I just bought what was available.
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