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Hey, I forgot! I have a few sets of the SHP9500s, one is in pieces (RIP, I'll use the drivers for a different project), but that leaves two of these cool headphones left, and they're already modded (I like to be able to repeat a mod). So, since I only need one, I'm giving the other away! What do you guys need to do? Absolutely nothing. Later tonight I'm going back over the previous 50 pages, which should cover all the thread regulars, and randomly selecting a post (1-50,...
Okay, I've finished my tinkering, and even though I feel that I could extract more from them in one way or another, other areas start to suffer when I do. So, without more ado, the budget "flagship killer" is... the Philips SHP9500. They're that good? Yeah, they're that good. After listening for quite a while trying to figure out what these sound like, I figured it out, they're very similar to the Koss ESP/950s, only they have ~3dB more mid bass. The mids and highs are...
I think maybe they're just a bit too bass heavy for my personal taste, but it isn't loose or sloppy bass so it doesn't bother me very much. HD800s have great bass, but they're a little too hot in the upper treble for many people so they don't notice it.
I'm working on a new
Bought it with all the others, case and all, at a garage sale for $5.
The tape player works perfectly, they rebuilt it, replaced the belts and printed new gears, but it sounds like ass (tiny 4" speakers only 12" apart). Hey, it was '69. Needless to say, the engine sounds more musical than the stereo.
The 8-track player in the Miura now works! Best news I've heard all day. Time for...
I've seen one in videos but not in the flesh.
Skullcandy Navigators for $29
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