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Billy, maybe you should check out the Xuelin IHIFI770C, for $100 it can't be beat, apparently.
Great pics, looks like it was a lot of fun.
I received a PM asking if I was going to turbocharge the new Viper. No. But, we are going to add N2O to see what that's like. Eleanor has a Speedtech 100-300hp dual-stage system that's pretty fun (make sure you're pointing in the direction you want to go) and we're going to try the same on it.
It started with the 12C, but the gen1 Vanquish soon followed. I still love that car, it's a big brute a thing, no finesse at all, and it doesn't make any excuses for it. I'm fairly comfortable with RHD already, it takes less time to grow accustomed to shifting on the left than you'd think, the main problem is road placement. With really wide cars you can go right over the center line and not notice it (very dangerous, of course).
I'm pretty sure 12.3mm is the thickest point of the Zenbook.
Done deal, found my AM V8 Vantage (in Scotland), it's an `83 w/ factory 580 X-Pack and a Cosworth 6.3L (for 450bhp) w/ Capristo stainless exhaust. Passed PPI w/ flying colors (94/100) and is heading to the States. May convert it to LHD, I'm not sure yet (likely not). It's a driver too, w/ 95k miles on it, so it's been "loved".
Think he was talking about drinking gin while driving to the north pole, which was perfectly legal because there's such thing as DWI on the arctic tundra (no roads).
Sky is trying to grab Clarkson, May, and Hammond, have been for a while now, beyond that I can't really say.
That's what they said today, there's no Top Gear (at least not with them) without Jezza, they won't do it.They don't need BBC, it's a sad joke of an institution anyway.That's essentially it. I have it on authority they've already been swamped with offers today, most for a lot more money, offering more creative freedom. Series 22 (the latest) has been the best for them, as a creative team, in a long time, and it just shows they have a good deal more life left in them.
Doesn't matter, we weren't making a row over his non-usage of the N-word, that was the BBC. And yes, he is Top Gear, without him you have what they make in other parts of the world, which is crap. He'd be wildly successful here, where he's essentially treated like a rock star.
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