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Also I think it's a fairly blatant rip off of the Ferrari Mythos, one of my all-time favorite concepts, a car we plan on doing a re-creation of at some point.
I have zero intention of paying the BIN price, I'm hoping it goes for
Something I want quite a bit, ever since seeing one at a show and being mesmerized by its body lines, and impressed with its powerful BMW M5 powertrain. It has a kit car vibe in pictures but has a lot personality in person.
So we ended up with 3" of snow over 1/2" of ice, and while they were able to get brine on the main road before all that started our driveway, which is 3/4 of a mile long, is solid white and likely won't be drivable for a couple days unless I get someone out here to clear it. Eh, I'm in no rush, I'd rather just stay home right now anyway. I don't have any BTC for sale right now, what I do have in my wallet (~34 coins) I want to keep for curiosity's sake.
Oh, and we're having an epic ice storm right now, really crazy stuff.
Yep, yep, but I sold my interests in it ~9 months ago when BTCs became so volatile (after all the thefts of coins) and it seemed like superscalar ASIC mining was about to start trending downward. I would have posted about it, but frankly no one seemed to be interested in the info back then. .
I don't deal with cryptocurrencies, they scare the poo out of me, just seems like a good way to wake up one morning and find that your net worth has been flushed down the crapper. Dabbling sounds okay, the same way that gambling in Vegas at the roulette wheel can be fun (I only play blackjack, poker, and baccarat), but I don't see it as a sound financial strategy and have never purchased any myself.
It's winter and we've had only a handful of days above freezing over the last few months, so like most of the cars that don't do well under those conditions, the Zonda is hibernating.Yeah that was part of the Dubai deal that fell through, I was just plain-old outbid for it, I'd say.
They're essentially Europe's premier brokerage for ultra-rare cars, real A-list, pedigreed stuff there, but they're too expensive for me. I refuse to pay someone what amounts to a 50-100% fee just to connect me to a seller and arrange transport.
I have to confess that I like looking at the Zonda. Seriously, there have been times when I'd eat lunch and look at it for an hour (same thing with the Miura). Speaking of the TZ3, look up the build process of it, it's a Viper in different body panels and a $150k interior. You can buy a 100% spot-on cosmetic re-creation of a Tipo 33 Stradale, with a 100% hydroformed aluminum body, for ~1/4 the cost of an original. That includes a period correct Alfa V8 drivetrain. I have...
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