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So our Super MIDI (mid-mounted Mini) is going forward. The main change? Instead of the Toyota V6 we're going to use a TVR-sourced, bored & stroked 215 ci Rover V8 (all alu, `natch) w/ hemi Cosworth heads, good for ~370bhp, with a TVR/Lotus TA, to keep it all British (more or less). Lucas FI? AHAHAHA!! No, don't be daft.
At 95-97 it works like a champ, but I can tell the amp is straining and they're pushing it hard to keep up, so the bottom-end suffers slightly. It's entirely enjoyable, though.However, using them all the time on it could maybe shorten its life, it gets really warm. Usually I power them with a Master 9 or ECBA, they're much better suited to cope with the beast.
The only cans I have that go >90 are my HE-6s.
Yeah, being weird is what makes it cool, if they screw with that there's no reason to buy one. So I finally got an E/90 energizer (it's really an amp) for my ESP/950, I saw one on ebay for cheap so thought "why not?" Anyhow, after much listening between it, a Woo WEE (hooked to an Accuphase E-560), an SRD-7 (with same amp), and my SRM-717, I can say with certainty that... I can't tell much difference at all. Seriously, whatever differences that exist could very well be...
http://www.techtimes.com/articles/134344/20160218/renault-alpine-vision-concept-breaks-cover-ahead-of-geneva-motor-show-reviving-the-alpine-sports-car.htm Looks okay, but it'll never be sold in the USA.
Works like a charm, but small corrections in the size make big changes (obviously). To get the upper bass off the lower mids, cover 40% of the port on each side.
I pulled out the foam/felt pad and have started port tuning (using blu tak), with great success.
Sonic Electronix has them, contact Sedric via PM and he can hook you up. http://www.head-fi.org/t/761701/hottest-sonic-electronix-deals-and-promotions
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16826138187 Philips SHL3300 DJ - $15
If you want a faster way to break in Beyer velour pads, put them in a laundry pouch or similar and run them through the washing machine (warm water), then let them air dry. It speeds up the process.
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